How to Run Your First Walmart Ads Without Wasting Money

Walmart is the second largest e-commerce business behind Amazon. There are several thousands of different products available for purchase. From food to clothing, Walmart is a platform where you’ll be able to find what you need. When we look into Walmart ads, it’s important to be strategic and to stand out among all of the thousands of other products that can be found on the website. 

We’ve put together the ultimate guide for you to follow in order to invest in your advertising wisely without wasting any money along the way. Let’s take a closer look! 

Why Advertise on Walmart? 

Before even deciding to advertise on Walmart, you first need to understand the benefits it will have for you as an advertiser and your brand. Take a look at these top ways Walmart can help your brand thrive as well as create the exposure and engagement you deserve.

  • Directly pinpoint a target market 
  • Measure the effectiveness of the media (this will help you pivot) 
  • Produce influential ad messaging 
  • Look into which ads are more prosperous and why 

All of these methods will help you learn how your brand and campaigns are performing as an advertiser. This will either show true yielded benefits or ways you can pivot your brand for even better engagement down the line.   

These Are the Ad Options

Aside from the varying reasons to take part in the platform, it’s important to know what ads will be available to use for your Walmart ad campaigns. Take a look at the following ad types and see how they could possibly be a good fit for your advertisements. Each ad option might work differently for the type of campaigns you have in mind. 

Sponsored Products: They are also known as performance ads. These are utilized to give the promoted products the right visibility they need to thrive on Walmart Marketplace. Sponsored products will surface when relevant search terms attached to the product are used. 

This type of advertisement is used for the following benefits: 

  • To increase conversions 
  • Maximize advertising spending 
  • Test new product releases 

All of the three benefits are great for just about any brand gaining exposure overall or for a specific product. 

Native Banner Ads: Sellers will have the ability to partner with the Walmart Media Group. They’ll be able to raise awareness about the brand through a relevant marketplace. While this specific ad option can’t be purchased through the self-serve platform, those who choose this type can find their brand at the top of the category pages. You have the ability to promote the brand along with the other products featured and associated with it. 

Catapult Ads: These are similar to Walmart’s product display ads. Like the name, the products within this category will be pushed to the top of the list of relevant products. Catapult ads will not rely on keywords to determine where they’ll appear on the platform. 

Catapult ads are most often used to increase market share against competing brands. 

Site Search Feature Ads: Walmart’s search ads are Walmart’s exclusive form of advertising. Advertisers have the unique opportunity to promote products through related product pages. Customers will then have the ability to use needed filters to narrow down the selected item search. 

Learn the Advertising Recipe   

For any advertising platform, it’s vital to learn the advertising recipe. Follow along to learn these essential Walmart steps to advertising to ensure that your money won’t be wasted. You can even use these steps for other platforms and find similar success. 

  1. Find out what campaign goals you want to achieve with the Walmart advertising campaign. This will paint a better picture of the overall campaign. 
  2. Determine the right campaign type and ad options that will help you reach your goals.
  3. Then select the right variety of products to advertise to your chosen target market. 
  4. Make sure to place the right bids to help maximize all chosen product exposure. 

After following all of the above steps, your advertising campaign will officially be set up for success.  

Our Final Thoughts

No advertiser wants to report back to the brand they represent and say they’ve lost invested money over gaining more back in return. By following the necessary steps and tips listed above, advertising on Walmart will run much more successfully than if you were to head onto the self-serve platform blind.

Let us know how you plan on advertising for your brand on the platform as well as the necessary steps you took that are needed to reach your target audience.