Walmart Search Advertising 101

By providing a self-serve advertising platform for brands and agencies, Walmart is now able to cater to the advertising and marketing groups as well as the B2C customer. is a top-rated e-commerce platform that’s been able to rival Amazon, so we except Walmart’s search advertising campaigns to follow suit. Why? This is because Walmart is a company that has learned to marry innovation and the needs of the modern consumer together. 

By providing a self-serve advertising platform for brands and agencies, Walmart is now able to cater to the advertising and marketing groups as well as the B2C customer. Talk about a duo business. 

However, with Walmart’s advertising platform, there are quite a few key pieces of information that need to be communicated for optimizing your Walmart advertising campaigns. We’ll look into the different search advertising platforms and create more of a report on what each one offers. 

Shall we get started? 

Why Use Walmart Search Advertising? 

There are over 16 million searches made on every day. With that being said, that’s millions of virtual foot traffic that advertisers want to get their products front and center. 

Not only that, but a reported 4,500 customers have been known to visit the website just about every minute. They’re constantly looking for the newest and greatest products, and so advertisers are making themselves readily available to create sponsored campaigns for them. 

Walmart Sponsored Products

Sponsored products are able to help customers to discover new products relating to their existing searches. These sponsored products are native, cost-per-click ads that drive customers to look at the site and make a purchase.

As a result, these ads are able to appear in prominent, high traffic placements in the following three ways. 

Sponsored Product Carousel: These can be found on search, browse, category, and product pages. 

In Grid Search Results: In-grid can be found in slots 3, 5, 6, or 12 on search, browse, and category pages. 

Buy Box:  These can be found under the buy box on product detail pages. 

All of these have the ability to appear based on Walmart’s algorithm. They will be shown based upon the product’s relevancy and cost-per-click (CPC) bid price. In order to actually determine the relevancy, the algorithm will look at qualities such as product title and description, click frequency, and product category. 

There are Automatic and Manual Campaigns 

Thankfully, there are two different campaign methods that advertisers are able to choose from. While the following two are quite different, they both offer unique features that will prove beneficial to different advertising strategies.  


Automatic campaigns are actually the easiest to bid on Walmart. They offer easy setup, high-traffic placements, and higher impression volume. They also make sure there is no keyword management. 

All an advertiser has to do is enter the product information and then the Walmart algorithm will take off. For a brand that might be newer to advertising, this will be beneficial to them when it comes to product launches and for brands interested in expanding their reach beyond the existing customer base.   

This campaign also offers maximum exposure. 


On the manual side of things, advertisers have the ability to personally select their keywords in order to bid what they want and match types. Advertisers also have the capability to sift through Walmart’s Keyword Analytics in order to eliminate low-performing keywords from the campaigns. 

When a brand knows what direction they want to take with the campaign, then this is the best avenue to take as it gives them the freedom to choose. 

This campaign is able to offer maximum control. 

These are the Benefits of Using Sponsored Products 

Walmart not only offers sponsored products as part of their ad placement offerings, but they’ve recently made alterations to make it even more efficient for those that use it. The following are a few ways they’ve been able to enhance the process. 

More efficiency: There is no longer ad group level budgeting. Advertisers now have the option to set a single campaign-level budget. This new offering is now much easier for advertisers to manage when running campaigns.  

More flexibility: Now with new improvements, advertisers may now have the ability to choose a total campaign budget, a daily budget, or both. Also, all current campaigns will then be automatically set to have a total budget and daily budget. Cheers for the new updates! 

More control: Didn’t use the entire budget? Not to worry! If the campaign’s entire daily budget is not spent on any given day, then that unused budget rolls over to the following day. They also cap the daily ad spend so it doesn’t exceed twice the daily budget originally set for the campaign.  

Walmart Search Advertising Brand Amplifier 

A premium advertisement, search brand amplifier is what appears to customers who are actively searching Walmart’s site or app. If a customer is searching for a product similar to what’s offered from the brand being represented, then the ad with a custom headline, brand logo, and up to three of the selected SKUs appear at the top of the results. 

By utilizing this method, it’s an efficient way to increase brand awareness. This new exposure will then propel the brand into a rise in sales and the potential for more loyal customers down the line.    

Final Thoughts 

Is it worth advertising on Walmart? Reach out to a Walmart ads agency to find out more.

With so many different platforms to choose from, we find that this is an advertising program that is what an advertiser truly makes it out to be.

From different sponsored ad options to the way that the campaigns can be ultimately run, Walmart has truly been able to offer flexibility. Plus, they’re frontrunner status surely makes them look more appealing since so many millions already search and shop the platform daily. 

Which search advertising platform is your favorite? Do you plan on using Walmart advertising for your future brands and campaigns? Let us know your thoughts and what you think will be the most beneficial. 


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