15 Instacart Stats You Need to Know in 2020

To get better acquainted with Instacart, we’ve rounded up the top Instacart stats that have solidified its place in the business world.
instacart stats

Instacart is quite the powerhouse this year, and COVID-19 (believe it or not)  actually really helped it to thrive. Now that’s one good thing to come of this current pandemic. 

If you’re unsure of what Instacart is, it’s actually a large online grocery store that allows customers to order from shops in the neighborhood. These stores could be Costco, Wegmans and so many others. All you have to do is place an order online and then someone shops for those items and delivers them on the same day. They’re often delivered in about two hours or less. 

Within the last few years, Instacart has risen in the ranks of popularity. Plus, with the need for social distancing due to the pandemic, the service is looking much more desirable. To get better acquainted with Instacart, we’ve rounded up the top Instacart stats that have solidified its place in the business world.  

1. There Are 200,000 Shoppers Using Instacart 

With over 200,000 shoppers on the site regularly ordering groceries, stores are benefitting from the great business without the massive crowds that come with it. 

2. Instacart Reaches 30,000 Stores 

No matter the type of retailer (mom and pop to national) over 300,000 retail stores are involved with the Instacart service. This means that over 300,000 stores are now benefiting from extra resources for sales and income.  

3. 500 Million Products Are Listed on Instacart 

In fact, it’s actually the largest online grocery catalog. So there are so many options for shoppers to choose from when ordering online. This is also something no brick and mortar retail store can say for itself. 

4. 5,500 Cities in North America are Served 

And it’s only growing from here. Given the larger demand for this type of service, more cities that need to enact social distancing may move or encourage people to utilize this. 

5. 85% of all US Households Have Access to Instacart 

That number alone is huge for a grocery store rapidly growing and becoming accessible to so many. 85% of people in the US now have the option to grocery shop online with one of the largest retailers. 

6. That’s 40 Million Homes in the US That Have Access 

To put that percentage in perspective, that’s a total of 40 million American homes that have access. That’s huge! For marketers to get their products in front of that number will increase a better chance of sales and profits. 

7. 70% of Canadian Households have Access to Instacart 

Not only does the US have access, but now another country is rising in the ranks to be reaping all the benefits that Instacart has to offer. 

Instacart now plans to grow their shopper network by nearly 250%, which is a huge increase for only beginning as a small startup. 

8. Instacart Operates in all 50 States 

There’s not one state that doesn’t have access to this one service. When it comes to Instacart advertising, this is huge. This means that the location portion of the demographic can always be reached on this particular online service.  

9. There are Over 300 Instacart Retail Partners 

Those 300 retail partners are a large part of why Instacart is able to work so well too. Without them, business won’t be done the same way and not as many customers would find what they’re looking for. 

This statistic also contributes to the fact that Instacart is able to have over 500 million products listed on their site. 

10. 80% of Instacart Workers are Contractors 

This allows for these workers to work for themselves and create their own schedule. As more employees move towards freelancing instead of salaried full time work, more companies have the potential to follow suit.  

11. Instacart is Valued at $13.7 Billion

For a company to move from startup to a household name is an accomplishment in itself. The company has no plan to slow down. If anything, they’ve been given the green light to continue expanding and speeding up. 

12. Instacart has Raised About $1.6 Billion 

To pair with their plans to expand, Instacart has raised money to be able to do just that. With over $1.6 billion raised, this gives Instacart the potential ability to move over to a different country as well as increase their levels of productivity within the US and Canada.  

13. Instacart Delivers Alcohol in 14 States  

Based on the regulations each state has, only a select number of them allow for the delivery of alcohol. This creates a luxury appeal for Instacart. It also gives more customers all the more reason to place an order without the need to leave the house. Bottle of wine anyone? 

14. 8% of All Sold US Online Consumer Goods are Through Instacart

This means that Instacart holds 8% of market share in terms of grocery stores. With so many grocery stores out in the industry this number is a lot, especially when considering the hundreds of thousands in the US alone. 

 15. $1 Million was Invested to Support Internal Teams for Diverse Change 

Instacart is among the companies striving to take action for diverse change. After the death of George Floyd and the political uproar demanding change transpired, they pledged to invest the $1 million to take a more internal look into themselves.

This action creates personal responsibility and accountability among the company as a whole as well as how they hire and train employees for future involvement.  


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