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  • amazon brand registry

    Amazon Brand Registry

    Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to tools that enable you to more accurately represent your brand, find and report violations, and share information that can help us proactively prevent infringement.

  • ACOS

    ACoS: What is Advertising Cost of Sales & How to Lower It

    Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is a term used by Amazon for their sponsored ads. It is how much you spend on advertising per dollar of revenue you make.

  • performance-based marketing

    Performance-Based Marketing: What Is It & How Does It Work

    Suggestive of the name, performance marketing is a type of digital marketing where brands pay based on the performance of their campaigns.

  • Anti-Racism and Marketing

    Anti-Racism and Marketing

    Anti-racism is a form of action against racial hatred, bias, systemic racism, and the oppression of marginalized groups.

  • Amazon Sponsored Display

    Amazon DSP vs Sponsored Display

    Amazon regularly adds new ad placement options for advertisers such as Sponsored Display ads and DSP.

  • Roundel Media

    The Complete Guide to Advertising

    Target, in particular, went from a rising marketplace worth testing to a vital part of an eCommerce advertising strategy.

  • Roundel

    Advertising on (by Roundel, Target’s Media Company)

    Roundel Media, being a part of Target media outlet, they specialize in re-imagining the way eCommerce and advertising work today.

  • instacart ads dashboard

    How Much Do Instacart Ads Cost?

    While there is no definite cost attached to advertising on Instacart, paid search is a popular mode of calculating ad cost because it’s the strongest growth area

  • Sponsored Product Ads Sponsored Product Ads Guide

    Target is the second-largest general retailer in the US behind Walmart, with around 1,870 stores nationwide by May 2020. The group sells a broad range of goods including beauty products and household essentials, appliances and home furnishings, apparel, and accessories. Target has a sizeable online operation, but as of 2019 this still generated only 7% of…

  • product-led growth

    Product-Led Growth: What Is It & How to Utilize It

    Product-Led Growth (PLG) is defined as a go-to-market strategy that relies on using your product as the main vehicle to acquire, activate, and retain customers.