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  • tiktok ads vs. facebook ads

    TikTok Ads vs. Facebook Ads – $50,000 Experiment

    With the recent launch of TikTok ads, you might be wondering how TikTok ads stack up against Facebook and Instagram ads? Here’s a $50,000 experiment to quench your thirst.

  • Walmart Search Advertising 101

    By providing a self-serve advertising platform for brands and agencies, Walmart is now able to cater to the advertising and marketing groups as well as the B2C customer.

  • How Much Do Walmart Ads Cost?

    While Walmart advertising costs will vary per advertiser, it’s good to get an idea of how much to budget with the idea of a base cost.

  • Walmart Advertising Platform Dashboards

    The Walmart ad campaign dashboards provide advertisers with on-demand visibility into how their campaigns are performing on Walmart’s digital properties.

  • How Much Do TikTok Biddable Ads Cost?

    By looking into TikTok’s costs in their biddable ads, we’ll search to find clarity and to find a base for marketers/advertisers to look to for reference.

  • 5 Ways to Improve Walmart Advertising Campaigns

    By utilizing the “set total budget” option on the Walmart advertising platform, it automatically uses the budget without having to monitor it.

  • How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Your Marketing

    91% of U.S. marketers agreed that there is room for growth in creating more diverse images in their marketing campaigns

  • What is Retail Media?

    Well the best way to define retail media is that it’s a form of marketing to consumers at or right near their point of purchase or choice set right between other competing brands or products.

  • Diversity and Inclusion vs. Multicultural Marketing

    In terms of marketing, what many customers and marketing officials seem to always have mixed up is the fact that diversity and inclusion is completely separate from multicultural marketing.

  • multicultural marketing

    Why You Need a Multicultural Advertising Agency in 2020

    When it comes to marketing and advertising, the African-American market is neglected to be targeted in a variety of ways.

  • TikTok Business Center

    TikTok for Business: TikTok Business Center

    TikTok Business Center is essentially a hub that gives organizations or agencies access to manage several TikTok ad accounts in a more effective and secure manner.