TikTok eCommerce Advertising Tracking: How it Works

TikTok has taken social media by storm! In the last year alone, millions of people from around the globe have downloaded the platform to watch or create those 60-second videos that are so popular today. 

The platform is engaging, which makes it a gold mine for advertisers, particularly those involved in eCommerce tracking. The main goal with advertising is to raise awareness that leads to buy-ins, so we’ll discuss how to track movement from the app to the website. 

What is TikTok eCommerce Advertising? 

TikTok eCommerce advertising is the same as any eCommerce advertising, only it’s more modern. TikTok’s eCommerce mechanism is essentially a model for influencing paid messages to sell products online.

Advertisers are willing to pay for placement, clicks, and impressions needed for a high return on investment from major social media platforms.  

About TikTok eCommerce Events 

E-commerce events are when advertisers engage in a series of events to aid various user actions for their websites or online businesses. They use these actions to track movement on their websites, to see how far customers get in the shopping process for a given product.  

An e-Commerce ad is defined as an action taken by a user or customer on your website, like adding a product to a wishlist or in the cart for checkout. In TikTok’s case, this action comes from a paid ad or an organic source like word-of-mouth. The goal is to create a series of events that maneuver others to your online business. 

The following events may take place: 

Finished Payment: The user finalizes the purchase. 

Order Placement: The user submits the order for completion. 

Cart Addition: Before completing the purchase, the user can add products to the cart. 

Browsing Products on Page Details: The user is browsing the site for merchandise before making any decisions. 

User Registration: A user may register a log-in page on the website, or sign up for something such as a rewards program.  

How Do You Add TikTok Ads Pixel to Shopify? 

Shopify is a major e-commerce website hosting platform that allows customers to take control of their business, sell products, and make purchases. 

TikTok has Shopify users covered with the TikTok Pixel. Below, we’ll show add it to your own Shopify page:

  1. Select the “Event” tab in Assets. 
  2. Select Website Pixel and click on “Manage”. 
  3. Click “Create Pixel”. 
  4. Name your pixel and select “Manually add pixel code”. 
  5. Select “Next”. 
  6. Copy the pixel code. 

Next, install the pixel code on the Shopify website:

  1. Open your Shopify site. 
  2. Navigate to the Online Store, and select “Themes”. 
  3. Choose the “Actions” drop-down menu on the theme. 
  4. Click “Edit Code”. 
  5. Select “{/} theme.liquid”. 
  6. Save your changes, and move to the Settings page. 
  7. Click “Checkout”. 
  8. Paste the TikTok Pixel code you copied into the “Additional Scripts” text box. 
  9. Select “Save” and run a test to make sure it works.

Our Final Thoughts

How will you choose to track your eCommerce advertising? Advertising is the most effective when it’s measurable. You can track how far customers travel in the shopping process, and if they eventually make a purchase.  

If there aren’t any purchases, the advertiser can still see where the interest stopped and make adjustments. Is it at the initial site of the website, during product research, or from cart abandonment? With this understanding, you can pivot your advertising efforts for better results. 

Let us know your experience with TikTok eCommerce tracking, and if you’ll use it in the future! We’d love to know how you’re using it to benefit your business. Without tracking tools, you may have a hard time seeing the causes behind your advertising results.