Reddit Algorithm: How It Works & 5 Tips To Beat It

In this article we discuss how to post on Reddit in a way that reaches more users and creates more engagement. We explain how Reddit’s algorithm affects its users both personal and business use. Reddit is a global resource for those who are posting or looking for insight into any category of interest imaginable. Follow along to gain insight into all aspects of the platform.  

What is the Reddit Algorithm?

Before we begin, let’s define how the algorithm works for Reddit. In the context of a web page or app, an algorithm is a set of commands in the source code that allow higher functionality, such as search engine optimization and tracking. 

Reddit uses a story algorithm, meaning the number of votes and submission time of links have the biggest impact on how stories rank on the platform. Reddit also ranks items by the number of votes they accumulate, as well as the age of the post compared to others. This is what makes the front page always appear fresh to a new user.  Reddit algorithms are written in Python and sorted in Pyrex.  

Five Tips to Overcome the Algorithm 

Now that we know how the Reddit algorithm works, we can now look at ways to overcome it as a user. Follow along to see five tips that will have your posts near the top almost every time! 

Look at the Submission Time: Reddit implemented a logarithm function in its algorithm. This means that after the first few minutes of the post going live, the initial reactions are crucial to its future survival. If the post instantly achieves upvotes right after posting, more users will be likely to see the post. If it happens later, then the relevance of the post is diminished, so reactions hold weight.

If anything, the best way to post and receive feedback on posts is if it happens in a snowball effect. Gradually and from the start so it can continue to gain speed as it moves. 

First Votes Hold Weight: The first few votes will most certainly be enough weight to decide if the post survives or sinks. For instance, the algorithm will process the first five votes with the weight of 50 votes. This is due to how recent the post went live. Reddit takes away points for a vote if it’s older, regardless if it was positive or negative. This is a way to continuously push new content. 

The Comment System is Vital: For comments, the algorithm system is separate from the other system. Reddit uses a confidence sort algorithm, a way for top-rated comments on posts with the most data to rank the highest. This means that no matter which type of vote comment a post receives, it is considered good for the post. 

The reason is because the post is focused on likes and engagement, so a user disliking a comment is irrelevant to its popularity, since a negative vote is still showing interest. 

Engage Instead of Only Posting: Have a plan to engage with a certain audience before you post on Reddit. Ask open questions or answer some yourself by looking at unique information opportunities to keep it interesting. Otherwise, users may move to other profiles. 

Have a Content Approach: After you’ve figured out what users like on the posts, you can form a plan to continue posting and promotion. This is vital for gaining new followers, but also for retaining current followers. 

Content plans have more success when they have data and analytics backing up each choice. 

Our Final Thoughts 

Have you used Reddit for personal or business use? Let us know your thoughts on the platform, and how you plan to tackle the algorithm. Learning the algorithm of any platform is essential to growing your online presence authentically. 

Let us know how you plan to use Reddit ads, and if you understand the algorithm after reading this post. How does using Reddit align with you and your business? We’d love to read about all the diverse ways a global platform can help different types of companies.