15 Brands Advertising on YouTube

We’ve talked about YouTube advertising, but we haven’t discussed all of the best brands that have used the platform. Take a look at the top 15 brands you know and love using YouTube to their advantage. 


Daily life is different now, so Ikea is showing that all of life’s little moments should be celebrated together. From baking a cake to dancing in the living room, Ikea uses YouTube to show how you can celebrate life with their products in your home. 

Dollar Shave Club 

Dollar Shave Club showed how to advertise without losing authenticity. In 2012, the brand released an ad that shared everything from the brand’s persona to the value proposition. There wasn’t much the brand left out of the picture. 

Old Spice Man

In 2010, Old Spice showcased how to be a part of their brand and interact with their campaigns. Interactive cards made it easy for Old Spice’s ad viewers to to watch or click on a link to their website. 


Buzzfeed partnered with Friskies to bring their “Dear Kitten” campaign to life. By partnering with experienced YouTube creators, Buzzfeed gained the expertise and audience cultivated by another creator.  


Nike knows how to command a room, and take its time while doing it. Their one campaign in particular is more than four minutes long, and has over 115 million views. It’s not about 15 or 30 seconds anymore, if you can keep the viewer engaged while telling a story. 


Cartier is known for selling high-end jewelry. Their campaign “The Proposal” features an iconic proposal to move the audience emotionally. The brand is showing how it can be a part of important life moments. 


Chipotle took a page out of the film notebook when they launched “The Scarecrow”, which created a movement of people who treated the advertisement like a movie. It gave off the dramatic and vibes of a real film. 

Pepsi Max 

Pepsi had some fun with their advertisements, while following the latest trends. When the song and dance to “Harlem Shake” was at its prime, the brand developed into its very own trending advertisement. 


We all love the GEICO gecko. With all of the iconic video campaigns it has hosted over the years, GEICO hasn’t shied away from placing him on YouTube. Why change anything when both the platform and spokesperson work?  


T-Mobile is known for iconic advertisements. They used one to announce their Nationwide 5G LTE service, done using their classic pink neon lights. 


Adidas is reminding its consumer that everyone will eventually return to freezing in the stands together and competing and creating. The brand shows no fear, and convinces us that this challenge is something everyone can face together. 


Budweiser is showing how it can be a part of your daily life, but also a part of its milestone moments. They showcased an old couple rekindling a romance over one of their beers. This is a drink that will move through so many moments in your life as illustrated in its current campaign. 


Hockey season has officially returned, so the National Hockey League partnered with Apple to showcase players taking videos and pictures on their iconic iPhone. It showcases the phone’s cool features such as slow-motion and getting the phone wet while on the ice.


Heineken puts a realistic twist on their new advertising campaign #SocializeResponsibly. In a clever, yet informative way to show consumers interacting on a night out, they show bar-goers and the different way everyone interacts since the pandemic.  

From wearing masks to turning elbow bumps into the modern handshake, Heineken introduced some normalcy back into our altered daily routine. 


In a world that hasn’t been moving as much lately, Honda invited viewers to move again with a new car. Driving through various roads with family, you can now enjoy a unique way to travel in the midst of current affairs.