Walmart Advertising Platform Dashboards

Advertisers are likely aware that Walmart offers its own advertising campaigns, but features like the performance dashboards gives the platform a competitive advantage. Campaign performance dashboards are particularly useful to advertisers, as they give on-demand visibility regarding how their campaigns are performing. The information covers Walmart stores and digital properties, provided by access to the Walmart Ad Center Platform. 

For insight about campaign performance dashboards and are incorporated into campaigns, we’ll look into its features to better determine if the platform would work for your business.

Why Walmart is Making These Moves 

Walmart has always been a retail powerhouse, and they’re certainly at the top in e-commerce. In fact, the company is the largest omnichannel retailer in the U.S., with 90%  of Americans shopping with Walmart each year. The company has nearly 5,000 stores across the nation, and its e-commerce presence continues to climb. 

Walmart released its self-serve advertising platform in January. Since then, their online platform has become available for display and sponsored product campaigns. With the addition of performance dashboards, advertisers now have the support needed for campaign success. 

Walmart is also deepening their connection wit suppliers in the marketing industry. To provide full transparency on omnichannel marketing campaigns is a leap for them, meant to grow their partners’ trust. This is one of the main reasons Walmart released these performance dashboards.  

Walmart Advertising Platform 

Advertisers would likely find it difficult to manage campaigns and analyze results without full transparency in the platform. For the best results, there should be a centralized platform to launch, monitor, and manage campaigns, all in one place. Walmart is able to achieve this, as well as provide on-demand insights for in-store and online. 

The company provides much-needed transparency and control with the Walmart Ad Center, which creates positive results in the platform, and provides a solid return on investments for their clients. 

Walmart Campaign Performance Dashboards 

There are two performance dashboards from which to choose in your campaign. One is for displays, the other for sponsored products. Each dashboard is equipped with metrics that are specifically applicable to the campaign, including different visuals for campaign data. 

Advertisers can access live campaigns as needed, allowing them to see how the campaign is performing in real-time, and granting the opportunity to alter the campaign as needed. 

How are the Dashboards Accessed? 

Performance dashboards are available for all display and sponsored product campaigns. Advertisers have the access to these dashboards through the new Walmart Ad Center platform. 

According to Walmart, advertisers will be able to see the Walmart Ad Center on setup, and can begin reporting updates for all campaigns.  

The Platform Invites Innovation 

Since Walmart entered market later than others, they have an opportunity to invest in more data and analytics. They can analyze how other ad platforms have room to improve and incorporate that into their strategies. 

Walmart ran beta tests with other major companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nestlé Purina, Mondelez, and Clorox. These tests allowed the platform to launch performance dashboards successfully, but the innovation doesn’t stop there. Walmart will continue building its platform, so they can fulfill the needs of advertisers and marketers, with the goal of building meaningful connections and growing off the resulting innovation.     

Walmart Vs Amazon 

With the release of this platform, it’s clear Walmart plans to compete with Amazon directly online, as they were already in competition as retailers. Walmart is steadily building its internal advertising business, while Amazon launches its own measurement tool that tracks sales after customers see an ad. 

Jeff Clark, the VP of product and product marketing at Walmart Media Group, said that Walmart’s recent launches are part of a bigger picture, according to Business Insider. They’re the first steps in building an ad manager like the software advertisers use to buy ads on Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instacart, and TikTok

Final Thoughts 

Will Walmart advertising prove to be beneficial for those running campaigns on self-serve online platforms? They’ve been a leading company in retail and e-commerce, so it will likely be no different when it comes to advertising. Despite offering this feature later than other retailers like Amazon, their platform dashboards still entered the market competitively. 

Walmart’s entry is a complete advertising platform for advertisers and marketers that contains two different performance dashboards. Without this feature, ad campaign managers wouldn’t be able to measure outcomes and results fully. 

Have you used Walmart’s self-serve platform for campaigns, or are you planning on using it in the future for other campaigns? Let us know your thoughts and experiences with this service, and if it has been beneficial for your business.