Walmart Advertising Platform Dashboards

The Walmart ad campaign dashboards provide advertisers with on-demand visibility into how their campaigns are performing on Walmart’s digital properties.

Advertisers may now know Walmart offers their own advertising campaigns, but the features like performance dashboards that are offered are what gives the platform a competitive advantage. 

Let’s look at campaign performance dashboards in particular. The dashboards Walmart offers are able to provide advertisers with on-demand visibility to show them how their campaigns are performing in Walmart stores and on any of Walmart’s digital properties. They’re able to do this by accessing the Walmart Ad Center Platform. 

For a closer insight on what the campaign performance dashboards entail and how they can be incorporated into the different campaigns, we’ll look into its features and the inner workings to better determine how it will prove to be beneficial when used in the future.   

Why Walmart is Making These Moves 

Walmart has always been a powerhouse at the retail level, and they’re definitely in the top ranks when it’s e-commerce site is analyzed. Their company just so happens to be the largest omnichannel retailer in the U.S. with a whopping 90%  of Americans shopping with Walmart each year. They have nearly 5,000 stores across the nation and its e-commerce presence is only continuing to climb. 

However, the company knows that by staying in the lead, they truly need to lead with its competitors. In fact, Walmart was late to the game in terms of releasing a self-serve advertising platform. 

To continue to stay on top, Walmart released its very own self-serve advertising platform in January. Since the release, Walmart is now available for display and sponsored product campaigns. With performance dashboards now being an option, advertisers are given the support needed to ensure the successful run of a campaign. 

Walmart is also deepening the current connections they already have with their suppliers within the marketing and advertising industry. To provide full transparency on the omnichannel marketing campaigns is a large step for them in order to gain and grow with the partners’ trust. This is actually a key main reason for releasing these performance dashboards in the first place.  

Walmart Advertising Platform 

Advertisers aren’t able to work on campaigns and analyze results without full transparency on the platforms used. For the best results, there needs to be a centralized platform to launch, monitor, and manage campaigns all in one set place. Thankfully, Walmart is able to achieve this as well as provide on-demand insights for in-store and online. 

The company is on a journey to establish complete transparency and control when it comes to the Walmart Ad Center. When this is achieved, it creates a positive impact for those involved on the platform and creates the goal to receive profits and a return on investments for their clients. 

Walmart Campaign Performance Dashboards 

For a successful run of campaigns to be achieved, there are two performance dashboards. One is for display and one is for sponsored products. Even though they may be hosted on the same platform, each dashboard is equipped with different metrics that are specifically applicable to the campaign. This includes how advertisers are able to visualize the campaign data. 

Advertisers are also able to access their live campaigns in any way they please This will help them to see how the campaign is performing in live time. This gives them the opportunity to alter as they need for an even more positive campaign. 

How are the Dashboards Accessed? 

Performance dashboards are available for all display and sponsored product campaigns. Advertisers have the easy option to access these dashboards through the new Walmart Ad Center platform. 

According to Walmart, advertisers will start to be able to see the Walmart Ad Center name on setup and reporting updates for new and existing campaigns.  

The Platform Invites Innovation 

Since Walmart did enter this particular market than others, this gives them the opportunity to invest in more data and analytics. They’ll also be able to analyze how other ad platforms may have room to improve. 

To make sure they would land on top with this release, Walmart actually ran beta tests with other major companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nestlé Purina, Mondelez, and Clorox. These tests are what allowed this platform to land on the map as well as make the performance dashboards so successful. 

The innovation that has come from these tests won’t stop there. Walmart plans to continue to build its platform and fill the needs of the advertisers and marketers. Through the platform, they’ll also be able to build meaningful connections and grow with the innovation that comes of it.     

Walmart Vs Amazon 

With the release of Walmart’s platform, the company plans to directly compete with Amazon as they’re already in competition with each other in several ways. In fact, Walmart is steadily building its internal advertising business while Amazon is launching its own measurement tool that tracks sales after someone sees the ad. 

According to Business Insider, Jeff Clark, the VP of product and product marketing at Walmart Media Group said that Walmart’s recent launches are part of a bigger picture. They’re the first steps in building an ad manager similar to the software that advertisers use to currently buy ads on Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instacart, and TikTok

Final Thoughts 

Does Walmart advertising prove to be beneficial for those running campaigns on a self-serve online platform? We find that Walmart has been the frontrunner for retail and e-commerce and find it to be no different when it comes to advertising. Despite offering this feature later after others like Amazon, it does prove to enter the market competitively. 

It’s a complete advertising platform set for advertisers and marketers with two different performance dashboards. Without this feature, those involved in the campaign are not able to fully see the outcome or measure the results. 

Have you used Walmart’s self-serve platform for campaigns or are you planning on using it in the future for other campaigns down the line? Let us know your thoughts and experiences with this particular service and how it’s been beneficial to you.  


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