Walmart Sponsored Products Ads Guide

Walmart Sponsored Products are also called Performance Ads, and they are also known as cost-per-click ads that can appear on the Walmart Marketplace.

What are Walmart Sponsored Products and where do they come into play? Walmart allows advertisers to easily advertise on their platforms with this feature being a really lucrative option for them. We’ll discuss what it entails, how they work and the different ad formats that can be selected for the different types of campaigns you’re choosing to run. 

Let’s begin! 

What are Walmart Sponsored Products? 

Walmart Sponsored Products are also called Performance Ads, and they are also known as cost-per-click ads that can appear on the Walmart Marketplace. They are able to appear within search results, category pages, and product pages on Walmart’s app, mobile site, and desktop site.   

When utilizing these types of ads, they are able to increase your visibility by allowing you to reach and engage shoppers at all stages of their shopping journey. The ads appear on the first page of search results too. 

If anything, you’re not only advertising your products, but you’re also helping consumers find and purchase products in a much easier and convenient manner. Plus, the advertiser will only have to pay when the shopper clicks on the ad. It’s quite the win-win situation!  

How Do Walmart Sponsored Products Work? 

So, how are these sponsored products selected for exposure to your customers? They are actually based on a combination of relevancy and bid. They also rely on the following two factors. 

  • Products being advertised must win the buy box 
  • Products being advertised must be in stock 

These cool ads are designed to help you do the following too. 

  • Boost product sales 
  • Increase share of wallet 
  • Uncover new customers 
  • Grow or protect market share 
  • Maximize profitable SKUs 
  • Improve brand and product visibility 
  • Launch new products or brand extensions 
  • Present your products to a massive audience already ready to purchase 

Which benefit are you to achieve in your advertising campaign? We’d love to know your thoughts and your mission to execute your own products to potential customers. 

Types of Walmart Sponsored Products

With all of the great capabilities this type of advertising has to offer, there are also different formats in the way they can be executed. This is perfect for those who are interested in various campaign ideas and need a mix of how to present their product launches. 

These are all of the following ways Walmart Sponsored Products may be used on the online platform. 

Search In-Grid:  Did you know that one in four online Walmart purchases begin with a search? This type of ad allows for your product to get the premium placement on the first page of search results. 

Brand Amplifier: This type of ad really helps to provide brand recognition and showcase your product portfolio. The logo, custom headline and up to three of the SKUs appear at the top of relevant search results. 

Product Carousel:  The product appears on search, category and item pages as relevant alternate purchase options. This is an ad that appears as more of a disguise and it gives the customer options. 

Buy Box:  This ad will have your products appear at the most relevant alternate purchase option on product detail pages. 

Two Different Campaign Types

When looking at how to set up the overall campaigns, there are two different methods that Walmart offers to advertisers. Look at the following to see what will work best for your current needs in product/brand awareness.  

Automatic: This is a method in the way a campaign runs where the advertiser doesn’t have to monitor as heavily as if it were manual. It’s set to serve all customers searching for products like yours. 

This specific type of campaign is perfect for brands that are new to the advertising field. They hope to widen their existing customer base or are launching a product. 

These are a few of its features that advertisers look for when running their campaign. 

  • Easy setup 
  • No keyword management 
  • High impression volume 

Manual: On the other hand, manual advertising is set to serve to customers based on their select keyword choice. 

This is an ideal situation for brands who have products with a long history on Walmart or brands that already know the successful keywords in their customer use.  

These are a few of its features that advertisers look for when running their campaign.

  • Access to Walmart’s Keyword Analytics tool
  • Select your own keywords 
  • Full campaign control  

Final Thoughts

Do you think that Walmart Sponsored Products are right for you? Contact a Walmart ads agency to talk about launching your ad campaigns.

We find that with the combination of different ways to execute the ads as well as having Walmart being a powerhouse for a variety of products, it’s always going to be desirable to a large number of consumers. 

Plus, with the different bidding keywords and use of CPC, advertisers will have much more financial freedom. They’ll also be able to measure their results. 

Let us know your final thoughts to this method of advertising and if you have or are considering this method for your own campaign.


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