15 Brands Advertising on Amazon in 2020

We’ve rounded up some of the top brands advertising on Amazon.

Amazon can easily be deemed king when we look at all of the different products there are to offer to consumers. It’s also known that they have quite the comprehensive advertising platform open to all advertisers. 

But have you ever wondered who is advertising on Amazon? Amazon has a range of different brands coming from various industries all promoting diverse products on the site. We’ve rounded up some of the best brands advertising on Amazon.  

1. Barcel 

Known for the ownership of packaged food products and the snack food Takis, they began selling on Amazon around the holidays in 2018. In order to drive up brand awareness and sales growth, the brand turned to keyword research and then built out new product listings as a result.

By taking a few notes on the research conducted, the brand was able to successfully turn the findings into real results.   

2. Swiss Knife Shop 

By advertising on Amazon alone, Swiss Knife Shop has been able to achieve up to a 100% increase in year-over-year sales. In fact, this is due to the use of sponsored products and sponsored brands

This is a company that started as a small family-owned business and offers custom engravings on their knives to give them personalization. 

3. Buffy 

Buffy is a direct-to-consumer brand that has a mission to drive customer acquisition and business growth with the use of sponsored ads. In fact, they partnered with an Amazon advertising agency to manage their Amazon advertising and put together a more strategic focus. This move ultimately created the right results the business needs to thrive. 

4. Boldify 

Boldify is a brand that is a part of the hair care industry. They work to provide products that will treat and style thinning hair. They took to Amazon advertising so that they can reach new audiences with the partnership Tinuiti. 

The brand lacked in-house advertising experience, so Tinuiti, a software platform, was able to step in to maximize its presence and grow exposure on Amazon. 

5. Adjapparel 

This is a wholesale company that’s been working to design, produce and distribute apparel worldwide since 1976. They’ve been selling their own product lines on Amazon since 2018. 

After nearly a year on the platform, they were able to boost their profitability and sales with a search term isolation strategy. This limits campaigns to specific keywords and match types to allow advertisers to set a secure bid value with each search term.  

6. Mad Dog 

Mad Dog specializes in sleepwear for the whole family. They were able to implement a year-long strategy to double sales on Amazon. In that goal, they also wanted to increase sales for more of their seasonal items. 

To do this, they focused on their sponsored products while also becoming more strategic during their cost-per-click bids. 

7. Simple Wishes 

Operated and owned by four sisters, this is a brand that always strives to produce comfortable, convenient and versatile nursing products for new mothers. Their listings include nursing bras, pumping bras and related accessories. 

To help their business on Amazon, the brand partnered with an agency in order to create an automation platform. This was also all done while maintaining a healthy advertising cost of sales (ACOS). 

8. Samsung 

Samsung is an innovative company that’s been able to find success on Amazon in the three following ways. 

They build their brand story: They reach new audiences by placing new products and helpful landing pages all within the Amazon website. 

They shape the customer experience: The brand uses custom images and video content that will keep the customer engaged throughout the whole customer experience. During the 2017 holiday season, they drove in over 200,000-holiday visitors from this method alone. 

They drive customers to their store: They were able to do this by investing in sponsored products. This is where they could also gain that extra level of exposure for the company. 

9. Vita Coco 

This coconut water brand was able to establish a brand relaunch all while teaming up with Flywheel. They were able to do this by providing high-quality images, optimized product titles, and popular keywords within their campaigns. 

They also utilized sponsored ads to keep up with the new exposure and audiences. 

10. Wilton 

Wilton was able to hire an agency to drive sales in the three following ways. 

  • Generate granular account structure 
  • Avoid negative keyword implementation
  • Optimize a product mix 

11. Infiniti 

This is a car company that was able to deliver a frictionless online to offline experience all by creating a digital campaign and experiential activation. 

Since a car can’t really be purchased online, this is one of the main ways these campaigns would make complete sense. 

12. Wiley 

Wiley is a long-time book publishing company that wanted to see an increase in sales all through the use of advertising. They used the following tools so they could do just that. 

  • Managing scale 
  • Real-time insights 
  • Enhanced organization 
  • Advanced keyword development 
  • Tracking attribution 
  • Monitoring and adjusting 

13. Vauxhall 

Another car company, Vauxhall was able to drive awareness for its new Vivaro commercial van through Amazon advertising. To do this they used an awareness campaign through Amazon DSP. They also utilized high-impact display formats. 

14. Osmo 

Osmo is a brand that produces children’s’ games for sale. They used Amazon to increase brand awareness by implementing a full-funnel advertising strategy that includes the following. 

  • Sponsored display 
  • Sponsored brands 
  • Amazon DSP 
  • OTT (Over-the-top)

15. Urbanista 

In a partnership with Brandvault, Urbanista was able to use sponsored ads to drive up sales. The company was also able to use ACOS and CPC for each keyword to not only manage costs but to also measure results. This allows them to pivot where necessary and achieve the best results. 


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