TikTok Ad Guidelines & Review Checklist

We analyzed all the TikTok ad guidelines to ensure your TikTok ad campaigns run seamlessly and meet all requirements. Take a look to see what's required!

This is not an official TikTok ad guidelines and review checklist but we’ve broken the most important information for you.

When it comes to TikTok advertising, it’s often wondered what rules and standards need to be followed in order for everything to be up to code. All advertising and social media platforms have these, but each one can prove to be a bit different than the other. 

Since this is the case, we analyzed all of TikTok’s guidelines and checklist to ensure you have a smooth upload of your ad and meet all the requirements it takes for it to be posted. After all, how upsetting would it be to have an ad finalized and then ultimately blocked for missing out on a few regulations? 

Let’s get started to see exactly what these are!  

TikTok Advertiser Policies

For any brand or TikTok advertising agency, it’s the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that everyone complies with the laws and regulations that apply for ad targeting. It’s super important to be honest and to make sure anything promoted is done so in a clear manner. 

The policies set by TikTok are to make sure that the platform continuously keeps a positive environment. Plus, it’s always updated as the world progresses and new ideas and change come about. 

Make Sure the Format and Functionality is Correct: Think of format and functionality as the surrounding border of the advertisement. This is ultimately how a user will react and view the advertisement. If this portion is not meeting the standards, then the entire user experience and final landing page won’t be made to be correct. These are the following parts of the advertisement that need to be considered in this portion of regulations. 

  • Landing page requirements 
  • Ad consistency 
  • Ad language

When these three are all taken into consideration, the appearance and activation of the ad are all seen as cohesive with the rest of TikTok’s standards all while allowing the brand to take full control of its positioning and overall presented aesthetically. 

Landing pages need to be in relation to the product in discussion and can’t be expired or have a broken link. 

When looking at ad consistency, all messaging and presentation needs to align to make sure that the user doesn’t become confused with what’s being communicated. 

Finally, when it comes to the language, it needs to be set to one that will effectively reach the appropriate target market. These are all of the different languages that are used on the platform based on the country involved. 

  • Australia: English
  • Austria:German and English
  • Brazil: Portuguese
  • Belgium:Dutch, German, French, and English
  • Canada: English
  • Denmark: Danish and English
  • Egypt: Arabic and English
  • Finland: Finnish, Swedish and English
  • France: French and English
  • Germany: German and English
  • Hong Kong: Mandarin(Traditional Chinese), Cantonese and English
  • Indonesia: Indonesian
  • Ireland: Irish and English
  • Israel: Hebrew and English
  • Italy: Italian and English
  • Japan: Japanese
  • Malaysia: Bahasa Melayu and English
  • Netherlands: Dutch and English
  • Norway: Norwegian and English
  • Philippines: Filipino (Tagalog)  and English 
  • Poland: Polish and English
  • Russia: Russian
  • Saudi Arabia: Arabic and English
  • Singapore: Bahasa Melayu, Chinese and English  
  • South Korea: Korean
  • Spain: Spanish and English
  • Sweden: Swedish and English
  • Switzerland: German, French, Romansh, Italian and English
  • Taiwan: Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) 
  • Thailand: Thai
  • Turkey: Turkish and English
  • United Arab Emirates: Arabic and English
  • United Kingdom: English
  • United States: English
  • Vietnam: Vietnamese

Look Closely at the Ad Caption/Text, Image, and Video: It’s super important that all align with each other and that everything is read and seen as appropriate for the user and target audience. This also ensures a level of cohesiveness among the ad itself.  

This is the Following Prohibited Content: There are certain elements that aren’t allowed on the platform whatsoever. These are the following that are prohibited. 

  • Illegal services and activity 
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia 
  • Weapons, ammunition and explosives 
  • Tobacco products and smoking  
  • Political content 
  • Military content 
  • Discriminatory content 
  • Adult sexual content 
  • Copyright infringement 
  • Misleading claims
  • Sensational and shocking content
  • Data collection

Be Aware of Restricted Content: Along with prohibited content, there is also a list of restricted and heavily guided topics of content. 

  • Alcohol 
  • Gambling and lotteries 
  • Religion and culture 
  • Protection of minors 
  • Weight control/management 

Full TikTok Ad Review Checklist to Consider

After finishing preparations for your advertisement, all you have to do is run through this final checklist to ensure that everything meets TikTok’s advertising standards.

The TikTok Ad Review Checklist is below:   

  • Make sure the language chosen complies with your audience 
  • Manage grammar, symbols or tacky forms of spelling in all text 
  • Be aware of copy that doesn’t match or comply with the ad
  • Always strive for high-quality media 
  • Create consistency with creative and display names on the landing page 
  • Make sure products featured align with the landing page 
  • Avoid elements that require additional permission within the landing page 
  • Make sure the background audio is clear and coherent, especially since audio is required for video advertisements 

TikTok Ad Guidelines Final Thoughts 

When it comes to guidelines and regulations for ad use or posting, it is for the safety of the viewers and for the ultimate positive outcome of your advertisement. 

These guidelines are set to be standard and are not on a case by case basis either. By making sure all TikTok ads are under the same guide and regulations, no ad is favored over the other and taken by circumstance. 

What are your thoughts on the copy guidelines and review checklist? Have you run into any issues when running your own ad? Let us know about your process and the final thoughts you have about this type of campaign management. 


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