15 TikTok Ad Examples You’ll Want to Copy

TikTok ads aren't like any other advertising platform's ads. So let's take a look at some of the best TikTok ad examples to get you started.

Let’s take a look at 15 of the best TikTok ad examples and what makes them special. We may know the power of advertising, but the execution process can be a little difficult. When there’s a ton of competition within your industry too, it’s definitely not easy to set yourself apart either. 

TikTok is extremely important to creators and advertisers alike. With the engagement and return on investment that’s come from the various campaigns coming from diverse industries, we’ve looked at some of the best brands that were able to deliver their communications in a way that could only help them. Take a look to gain inspiration for your own brand!  


A major fashion e-commerce platform in Asia, they offer an expansive collection to shoppers with a ton of their needs met. In an effort to drive awareness of the brand to more potential consumers, they took to TikTok. 

The brand was able to create an online shopping event “ZALORA Fashion Festival” and reflect that in their campaign with a cool challenge idea. This challenge was to help bring awareness and drive new app installs for this event. With the #ZStyleNow participants would flash a “Z” hand signal which created an instant outfit change. Plus, the challenge announced a giveaway of $200, giving people even more of a reason to enter.   

2. Sports Direct X Puma 

To celebrate all the hype of a new PUMA football boot and inspire purchasing on Sportsdirect.com, they also created a hashtag challenge called  #FlashofFuture. All users had to do was to film a skill move of their choice along with their own showcase of a football celebration. The incentive at the end? Users were competing to win a chance to meet a PUMA footballer. 

Hashtag challenges are a great way to bring collaborations together and create equal joint awareness. 

3. KIA 

KIA TiKTok ad example

To continue their top sales in cars, KIA wanted to set out and target millennials who are in the market for a new set of wheels. With an image in mind for how they wanted to present themselves as sophisticated and sporty. 

To do this, there was a brand takeover period of two days that increased exposure with the use of in-feed ads. Top influencers were also invited to take part in a challenge that would prompt clout on the launch of a new car. With these two methods combined, they helped to secure not only awareness but also excitement for the new launch.   

4. Colgate 

Colgate TiKTok ad example

Colgate decided to target Southeast Asia during their version of Black Friday on December 12 of last year. However, they wanted to make it different from their previous TikTok ad campaigns. In fact, they wanted to promote their “Love” toothpaste but wanted to do so in a way that didn’t only rely on heavy discounts known for this type of shopping season. 

So, they launched the hashtag challenge #Colgatekiss as a way to create an aesthetic behind the brand in Thailand. They also created a clickable Branded Effect with a “kissy face” as a way to complement the challenge. This campaign was able to differentiate the brand and make it different from the standard toothpaste. 

5. Amazon Prime Video Italy 

Amazon Prime TiKTok ad example

Did someone say Amazon? This powerhouse of an e-commerce store knows just how beneficial TikTok is for them. To secure awareness in Italy for a new show, they also created a TikTok challenge  #beneVSmale (#goodVSevil) which allowed users to take sides on the show’s divide in the plot created. 

This allowed for creators that loved the show to get super imaginative and creative while also influencing others to begin watching it for themselves.  

6. Too Faced 

Too Faced TiKTok ad example

For this brand to promote their message “own their pretty” (their take on beauty inclusivity), they wanted to promote an increase of sales for ‘Lip Injection Extreme’ lip gloss. 

To receive mass impressions, they created a full-screen five second video that was eye-catching and created a call-to-action in order to boost sales on their website. Curated with bright colors and inclusive text, it was able to achieve the full communicative vibe of the brand. 

7. Clean & Clear 

Clean & Clear TiKTok ad example

What’s this skincare brand’s goal? They wanted to drive brand awareness and ad recall among the Gen Z community with new limited-edition bottles in India. 

Clean & Clear set out to create a #UnbottleApnaSwag challenge. They had girls invited to create a video on the platform in order to identify with a particular picture and personality featured on the bottles. Each bottle had a song to use that matched the personality. Then the viewers could then seek out a bottle for themselves in the store to buy.  

8. Guess 

Guess TiKTok ad example

To lift the brand to new heights, Guess chose to focus on a denim campaign in the US. This is a fashion trend that’s especially huge right now too.

So, they created the #InMyDenim challenge that had women transforming and showing off their look in the brand’s denim with a Bebe Rexh song to accompany the upbeat message with style. 

9. Maybelline 

Maybelline TiKTok ad example

This beauty brand’s goal was to increase market share and brand recognition among the younger generation in Japan. In particular, they wanted to drive awareness to a select mascara that would be friendly to a girl who might just be starting out with makeup. 

To do this, the brand created a video that instilled a metaphor comparing eyelashes to boyfriends. Just like boyfriends, mascaras aren’t always what you want them to be. The brand was able to execute this with catchy music in an in-feed ad.  

10. Glico 

This company wanted to drive mass awareness to their iconic snack, Pocky sticks, on the Pocky and Pretz Day holiday in Japan. 

They were able to invent the #PockyHowManyGymnastics challenge and had influencers showcase a finger dance to demonstrate the happiness they have when the product is in their life. 

11. OPPO 

Among the Malaysian consumers, OPPO wanted to bring attention to a new camera phone with optimized technology. 

To highlight the capabilities of the camera, the brand came up with the #LightUpF11Pro challenge to showcase the key selling point of taking a cool photo. Winners of the challenge received that new phone as well as cash. 

12. Rexona 

Targeted for the younger demographic in Russia, Rexona wanted to drive brand awareness for their line of antiperspirants. 

They wanted to go viral, so they came up with the #RexonaChallenge challenge with an influencer who was able to dance comfortably with the deodorant’s use. This influencer was able to encourage others to do the same and drive awareness. 

13. Universal Pictures 

Universal TiKTok ad example

To promote and drive awareness to an upcoming movie in the U.S., Universal Pictures created the #FindYourMagic, which gave users the opportunity to interpret the theme in their own way and show off their own version of magic. 

14. Mercedes-Benz 

Mercedes-Benz TiKTok ad example

Did you know 40% of current car owners are actually Gen Z and millennials? To capitalize on this in the UK and Germany, this car brand wanted to expand their brand awareness to this target market. 

They were able to do just that by creating the #MBStarChallenge to encourage users to re envision their world famous logo in a new and improved way. To give it an even extra boost, they invited relating influencers to take part and expand the awareness.  

15. Tangle Teezer 

In an attempt to also drive awareness for a brand in the UK, Tangle Teezer created the #Powersintheteeth challenge, which helped to focus on the unique selling point of the hair tool. The brand has the capability to create innovative hair tools, which have become quite popular over time.


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