Scale TikTok Ads: 5 Customer Acquisition Strategies

Being such a new platform, there is a ripe opportunity to scale TikTok ads and customer acquisition with TikTok advertising, when implemented well.
Scale TikTok Ads

Being such a new platform, there is a ripe opportunity to scale TikTok ads and customer acquisition with TikTok advertising, when implemented well. Since we specialize in social media marketing, including TikTok ads, we recognize that it’s not so easy for some marketers to get a handle on what makes TikTok tick.

We’ll begin by going over the most interesting statistics to show why TikTok is a must-have social channel in 2020 and beyond.

TikTok by the numbers – it’s all about Gen-Z

TikTok’s user statistics speak for themselves. In 2018, the company reported that it had 500 million monthly active users, but today, this figure is now as high as 800 million users – and still growing. That’s no small feat for a nascent social media app.

In total, TikTok has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times over the last decade. Likewise, we’ve stumbled across another interesting stat: TikTok users who downloaded the app in 2019 alone account for more 44 percent of all downloads.

That’s not too shabby for a micro vlogging app. No matter how you look at the numbers, it’s clear that TikTok is here to stay in social media marketing. In 2019, TikTok was the fourth-most installed app in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store combined.

The demographic statistics on TikTok are just as noteworthy, specifically when it comes to marketing to Gen-Z. According to Reuters, about 60 percent of US TikTok users are below the age of 24, so if your business serves this age group, TikTok has to be part of your social media marketing.

TikTok users average 45 minutes per day on the app when you look at all age groups. This translates into a windfall of profitability for TikTok. They reported $176.9 million in revenue in 2019, and that’s not including a substantive part of the Chinese market for TikTok.

TikTok is all about Gen-Z, but we foresee the app growing in popularity with older demographics. Facebook and Instagram followed similar patters of having the most appeal to younger demographics before the platform loses its “cool” and brings on Gen-X users and Baby Boomers.

To prepare your company for the next wave of TikTok’s popularity, we’ve compiled a shortlist of five TikTok advertising strategies for customer acquisition at scale. Here’s what marketers can do to have the most success in TikTok.

1. Invest in Brand Takeover ads to reach millions

TikTok features four main types of ad campaigns, and brand takeover is arguably the most beneficial if you have the budget to accommodate. The catch is that it’s also the most expensive ad placement on TikTok.

Simply put, a Brand Takeover is an ad that pops up as the very first thing a user sees after a user opens the app. This gives marketers a crush of exposure, but it’s the price of admission that may preclude smaller organizations.

Another catch is that only one advertiser can purchase a Brand Takeover per category per day. Key performance indicators during a campaign are impressions, clicks, and unique reach. The unique reach of a Brand Takeover can top several million in just one day with the right ad targeting.

2. Create Hashtag Challenges with clever calls to action

Our experience with TikTok shows that Hashtag Challenges are a huge part of the user experience. That’s a huge part of the reason why the app got so popular in the first place.

Remember the ALS ice-bucket challenge a few years ago? What started as a silly way to get more clicks and shares snowballed into a global charitable cause.

Brands can prominently feature Hashtag Challenges on TikTok’s Discovery page. Sponsored challenges will appear at the top and encourage users to create and share their user-generated content.

Our numbers show that user-generated content can have enormous reach on TikTok. Hashtag Challenges are prime opportunities to perform split testing and see which challenges appeal to which target audiences.

After a company gets the nod on TikTok, sponsored HashTag Challenges are great when combined with a Brand Takeover’s call-to-action. It’s all about leveraging TikTok’s high user engagement.

3. Sponsor a branded filter, effect, or lens

Branded effects, filters, and AR lenses are a bit more tricky. Depending on the complexity of the effect, it may cost you more, but the option is there.

Social media apps, such as Instagram and Snapchat, already feature branded filters, so the idea is viable. But with TikTok, branded effects benefit from the apps native video editing features.

Users can use the branded filters in their videos, ideally combined with a HashTag Challenge, and share the videos with other social media apps.

Now, what about the price of admission? Branded AR content costs less than a Brand Takeover campaign, but if you need a complex filter, you’ll need a bigger budget.

4. Influence the influencers

Like other social networks, especially Instagram, influencers fuel the fire. The best part about TikTok users is that these influencers boast an enormous number of followers and have impressive reach statistics.

As part of their ad platform, TikTok can do custom influencer packages in any category, but for companies on a strict budget, it may be more cost-effective to find the influencers yourself.

The app allows you to search users, hashtags, and trends to see which influencers are moving the needle. TikTok is so popular with Gen-Z that influencer marketing must be part of the advertising mix on TikTok.

Another benefit of using an influencer-based strategy is that even unverified users can have a big following on the app. On the mainstream social media, verified users are typically more useful.

A custom influencer package on TikTok is a good way to get started, but to grow at scale, you may need to get creative with how you find influencers on TikTok.

Any account can go from a modest following to a viral following in a matter of weeks or even days. Data measurement and tracking are key to analyzing which influencers align best with your brand.

5. Leverage Automated Creative Optimization to Scale TikTok Ads

Sure, the first four strategies are the most beneficial, but what about businesses that don’t have a lot of time to spend on managing TikTok ads?

The solution, created by TikTok, is to leverage Automated Creative Optimization. This feature is primarily useful when companies have a lot of rich media content.

TikTok’s success arose from its unique AI algorithm. This allows marketers to benefit as well since the software chooses which video ads perform best.

The trick is to stay as native to the app as possible. Yes, it’s feasible to upload the same video content for Instagram or YouTube, but TikTok is very different. The app seems to work best when you stick with the native features.

At JungleTopp Media, we specialize in social media advertising on Facebook/Instagram, Walmart, Instacart, Google, Amazon, and TikTok.

These five strategies will help you get familiar with TikTok Creative and scale TikTok ads, but to learn more about our services, contact us at any time.


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