10 Best Small Digital Marketing Agencies of 2020

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Looking to brush up on your brand’s digital marketing? High traffic and heavy engagement are vital checkmarks for any successful business. For those interested in adopting stronger strategies and creating effective campaigns that result in greater ROI, you need the right firm on your side.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best small digital marketing agencies to check out in 2020.

Many of these companies offer an array of effective business services and online marketing strategies, including SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. 

1. JungleTopp Media

A deep appreciation and understanding of social media runs throughout the dedicated team of marketing professionals at JungleTopp Media––and that’s why they are at the top of our list. Using a combination of forward-thinking tools, real-world experience, and results-driven techniques, JungleTopp brings effective marketing solutions to your business. For a relatively new company, they have already amassed a solid industry reputation. And they can manage just about any job––big or small.

Services include: digital marketing game plans and strategy, paid media (with a dedicated manager), SEO, content creation and social media, email marketing

Top clients include: Wealthsimple, Reckitt Benckiser, Clearasil, MediaPRO, HubSpot

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Founded: 2019

2. Barrel

Specializing in wellness brands, New York’s Barrel is an independent creative and digital marketing agency that helps companies attract and convert audiences and turn them into customers. The multi-talented team members work with individual brands to build digital platforms, create content, and amplify marketing via various channels including social, paid media, SEO, and more.

Services include: digital strategy, branding (including brand messaging and guidelines), content creation (multi-platforms), front and back-end development, creative design, social campaigns, paid media, SEO 

Top clients include: KIND Snacks, Barry’s, MOSCOT, Wanderlust, Well + Good

Headquarters: NYC (Soho)

Founded: 2006

3. Hunter

This small digital marketing agency specializes in work for e-commerce retailers, manufacturers, and brands looking to grow their businesses by delivering expert digital marketing, conversion optimization, and digital consulting. Hunter provides exceptional technical and creative work for brands you know, and some you might not know––yet.

Services include: digital marketing, e-commerce, online marketing, internet marketing, web design, advertising, paid search marketing, SEO

Top clients include: American Express, Bench., Ashford, 

Headquarters: NYC 

Founded: 2010

4. Branch & Bramble

Blending the beauty of digital creativity with comprehensive data analytics, this small agency has managed to perfect the formula for making a lasting impact for their clients. They are known for engineering and executing social media programs that bring real value to businesses and their followers. This agency has a team of experts in their respective fields, including social media, advertising, influencer marketing, and beyond.

Services include: digital strategy (B2B, B2C), creative services, influencer marketing, daily management

Top clients include: WeWork, Fodor’s, Hotel 50 Bowery, Simon & Schuster

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Founded: 2016

5. Boston Digital

This agency of tech and marketing fanatics help give clear and powerful voices to their clients’ brands. Whether you are looking for expert website development or meaningful digital campaigns, Boston Digital can help with countless brand identity opportunities and promote them across various digital channels.

Services include: digital marketing and strategy, user experience, web design and development 

Top clients include: ASPCA, Liberty Mutual, Harvard Medical School, Zildjian

Headquarters: Charlestown, MA

Founded: 1999

6. Digitawise

Digitawise is a full-service eCommerce agency made up of talented marketers who work with their clients to elevate the value of their brands. They create uniquely designed online stores, advertising campaigns, and editorial content to drive engagement. The dedicated staff are constantly pushing the envelope and have retained an excellent record of client satisfaction.  

Services include:  e-commerce development, digital strategy, user experience, webs design and development, SEO

Top clients include: Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Woo Commerce

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2016

7. Boucher & Co.

This digital strategy agency creates impactful digital content for brands using analytics, insights, market research, and effective strategies that work. Featuring a diverse team of creative in—house talent, Boucher & Co. can provide expert digital assistance across various multiple channels, whatever the industry.

Services include: social media marketing, SEO, content strategy, e-commerce solutions, web development, and branding, influencer marketing

Top clients include: Headliner, Opening Round, Salinas

Headquarters: NYC

Founded: 2007

8. iFuel 

An independent advertising and digital agency, iFuel bills itself as the meeting place of Madison Avenue creativity and Silicon Valley technology. This agency’s full-service approach allows them to strengthen and reinvent brands from within a diverse range of industries, including beauty, fashion, hospitality––and just about everything in between.

Services include: digital strategy, branding, digital advertising, creative design, development and implementation, e-commerce, digital media, experiential marketing 

Top clients include: VOSS, Unilever, Amazon, Loews, Lennar, Roscato

Headquarters: NYC

Founded: 2005

9. Target Marketing Digital

The mission of Target Marketing Digital is to make marketing and publicity effective and accessible to everyone. This full-service digital marketing agency works for businesses, brands, leaders, and authors to promote ideas that truly matter. With a solid PR approach to marketing, the company’s team works across multiple platforms within various industries and comes from a rich and diverse background of disciplines. Target Marketing uses social media, advertising, and digital marketing to engage and influence.

Services include: digital strategy, market research, creative design, digital advertising, social media, web development, publicity, content creation, influencer marketing, SEO 

Top clients include: Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Cisco, Unicef, Random House, Penguin 

Headquarters: NYC

Founded: 2005

10. Markacy

Markacy is a small digital growth agency with a particular focus on helping brands and start-ups bring their vision to life while also accelerating revenue growth. They are known to deliver comprehensive results via knowledge and expertise, driving engagement value across multiple key pillars such as advertising, strategy, analytics, and marketing. Made up of an experienced team of marketers, strategists artists, and engineers, Markacy can bring big results to your brand. 

Services include: full-stack development, growth strategy, reporting and analytics, email marketing, UX/UI, paid media, content production, SEO 

Top clients include: CVS, Oars + Alps, Ettitude, Hobo, Pet Plate, Barefoot Scientist

Headquarters: NYC (with teams in Boston, San Diego, and Miami)

Founded: 2017