TikTok Ad Formats: Everything You Need to Know

tiktok ad types

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service which came into existence in 2017. It focuses on creating short dance videos, lip-sync talent videos, and comedy skits.

As of 2020, it is the most downloaded app in the world with over 1.5 billion downloads. It has surpassed the download numbers of Instagram and Snapchat.

TikTok, apart from creating short dance videos also has a database of songs, and visual effects and allows just 15 seconds in length.

So, putting all this together it is easy to see why the main age range of TikTok users is between the ages of 16-25. It is not to say TikTok has boosted the video editing prowess of the folks online. TikTok offers a lot for teens and teenagers.

Advertising has left the shores of pamphlets and flyers to a more sophisticated form which is digital. Companies and organizations are willing to pay huge stacks of money to reach out to the targeted audience.

How it Works and Pricing

There are a few different TikTok ad formats. The most recognizable one is their auction ads. An Ads unit on TikTok’s Biddable Ads cost about $2 per cost-per-thousand-impressions in the United States and it is required of an advertiser to spend a minimum of $25,000.

One major thing to note is that the premium TikTok ad formats are managed by TikTok’s own team of representatives on behalf of media buyers. Because of the value and direct effect of TikTok, buyers tend to look away from the hefty and prices of the ads as they are new and assumed to not be a cheap inventory like Snapchat and Instagram. The six options rolled out by TikTok are:

Hashtag Challenge

The Hashtag Challenge is the TikTok flagship style for advertising. It allows the advertisers to set up outstanding and creative dance or comedy challenges under a hashtag. This gives unrestricted customization access to the advertiser to include official music to be on the challenge, special content protection to avoid videos being restricted from the challenge. Also, the Brand Takeover and One day ads are included in this package, worth $130,000.

Brand Takeover

This format swaps the user post for a three-second image or three-five second video that will take over the screen when the app is opened. The minimum cost of this category is $53,000 per day. This allows only one specific advertiser to take over the category for a day.

In-feed native video (One Day Max & Brand Premium): For One Day Max Native Video, it is 15 seconds long video ads that are going to be shown in-feeds for just a day. It cost $25,000 for 3.6 million impressions. While Brand Premium is a random video placed in the first 130 in-feed videos when users watch videos on the app. It costs $25,000 for this kind of package.

Top View Ads

Top View Ads surfaces whenever the app is opened. It is somewhat like Take over Ads. They, Top View Ads, are videos that last up to 60-seconds with the sound n. It costs $65,000 per day and has an impression of 7.4 million impressions.

Branded Lenses/ Effect

This allows advertisers to add 2D animated lenses that are triggered either by face or hand movement. It is created by TikTok in-house creative team and costs about $45,000.

While all these costs are on the high side, there is one that is not pricey like them. It is “Custom Influencer”.  The TikTok Creator Marketplace has helped with putting this in place. This is regarded as the best way to get viral content on TikTok. The packages include;

  • Mid-Tier package (5 influencers with less than a million followers and cost $12, 000).
  • Top-Tier package (5 influencers too but with one and a half million followers and cost $35,000).
  • Value Hybrid package (a smorgasbord of talent with two top-tier creators and three mid-tiers creators and cost $20,000).
  • Premium Hybrid package (mix of “VIP” influencers with more than 500 followers, two top-tiers creators, and two mid-tier creators and cost $30,000).

Some Top Companies Using TikTok and Their Success Story

TikTok has enjoyed the attention of various big companies and organizations which include Vodafone Ireland, eBay, Balenciaga, Fonter, Sports direct x PUMA, KIA, Mercedes-Benz, Colgate, Moov, Congate, Oppo, Rexona, and Universal Pictures among others.

Vodafone: The company uses Top View format (Impressions 1.7 million; more than 350, 000 clicks and engagement of about 21.64%).

eBay: TikTok Top View ad (impressions 17.8million; 17.3 CTR and 16.9M video views)  

Balenciaga: Top View ad (impressions 23+ million; 18% CTR and 25M+ total video views)

Sports Direct X PUMA: Hashtag challenge (impression 154m; 113K videos created, 19.59% CTR and 1.46m+ challenge page views).

Mercedes-Benz: Hashtag challenge (total participants 73K+, 180M+ total video made, and 30k+ new followers).

Universal Pictures: Hashtag challenge (1.3m likes on influencer videos, 19k+ user-generated videos, and 11k+ followers gained in 6 days).

How to Get Started Advertising on TikTok

Getting started with TikTok branding is quite easy. To place ads on TikTok, logon to their business website and follow the instructions on how to get started.  

There you have it! Above are some things you need to know about TikTok brand takeover. Businesses face a lot of competition these days. Reaching out to target customers may also be an issue for some businesses. With TikTok branding and ads, you can increase your business reach and place marketing ads in front of customers who use your products or services.

Contact us today at JungleTopp Media to know more about our services and TikTok branding options available to you. Our team can help your business get increased awareness, customers, and the online attention it deserves.