The Complete TikTok Creator Marketplace Guide

The TikTok Creator Marketplace is one of the best platforms to launch campaigns in conjunction with TikTok creators.
TikTok Creator Marketplace

The TikTok Creator Marketplace is one of the best platforms to launch campaigns in conjunction with TikTok creators, which are actually some of the world’s top influencers now. In 60 seconds or less, a creator on TikTok has a viewer hooked with their content and scrolling for more!

Who wouldn’t want to partner with them as a brand and gain mass exposure with their (and your) target market using the TikTok Creator Marketplace? 

Together, let’s look into how to set up your marketing account and outreach to these star creators in an effort to nail your next campaign with them. Collaborations go both ways, and marketers need to make sure their outreaching with no loose strings in their way. 

Take a look at these following actions! 

Let’s Sign Up on the TikTok Creator Marketplace

First things first! It’s time to set up a creator marketplace account which can be done HERE

When you move on over to login/sign up page it’s going to ask for your email and phone number in order to validate yourself and gain access to all of the cool features TikTok creator marketplace has to offer. Think about it like you’re setting up a new social media profile, but social media edition. 

Create your TikTok Creator Marketplace Account

Now It’s Time to Find the Right Creators 

Once creating an account is out of the way, it’s time to find the right creator that relates and compliments your brand and the message you need to convey in the campaign you want to launch. By taking these following steps, you’ll be able to narrow down your search and find someone that truly fits! 

Use the Creator Filter:

  • Country or Region- This is the location where the creator publishes content and/or resides. 
  • Topic- This is used to be able to see what kind of topics they cover such as food, fashion, politics etc. 
  • Reach- Take a look at the creator’s follower count.  
Look at the Creator and His Audience Demographics

Then Use the Audience Filter: 

  • Country or Region – This is the location in which the creator’s primary audience is watching.
  • Gender – You have the option to choose a creator with an audience that may be more male or female 
  • Age – You have the ability to look at the audience age the creators are reaching at the time. 
  • Device – Now you have the option to see what devices they’re watching the videos on. 

Now that you’ve found a few creators that seem to be a match, you can look at their profile further and analyze their videos, audience and engagement with these features. 

Creator Summary: You have the ability to look at the basic information about the individual creator along with their descriptive bio. 

Core Metrics: You have the capability to learn about their average views, likes, comments and shares. This measurement is conducted over the creator’s last 30 videos. 

To calculate the engagement rate, it’s done this way: [likes + comments +shares] / views. 

Sample Videos: You have the option to browse a creator’s most recent and most popular videos. Popularity on TikTok is measured by the highest lifetime views on the video.  

Audience Demographics: TikTok offers a feature where the audience of the creator can be segmented further for analytical purposes. 

Performance Trends: There are predictions for the trajectory of the creator’s audience on the platform, graphs for follower growth and recent engagement rates.  

Go Ahead and Send the Creator a Message 

Once a creator has been found and finally fits your criteria for the brand campaign, now is the time to outreach to them to see if they’ll be interested in moving forward.

This message is essentially a pitch, and so key information needs to be included in order for there to be a response and to ensure there’s efficient communication. These are the main details that need to be included. You may want to hire a TikTok ads agency that specializes in this.

Campaign Name: In order for them to know what you’re outreaching about, make sure to include a campaign name so that they know and understand the purpose of the message. 

Opportunity Description: What’s in it for them? Make sure to give background on the brand, what the campaign will be offering and why you’re ultimately choosing them over other content creators. 

Talent Fee: Make sure to explain that the talent fee that’s included in the message (if any) is open for discussion. If you wish to add the talent fee in the initial pitch, then make sure that this is a base and is not the final decision. Creators may not respond if they don’t feel they can negotiate. 

Contact Information: Make sure to provide your contact information so that the creator can get in touch with you and discuss the details further. 

Set Up Outreach for the Creator

Track Your Outreach 

Now it’s all about the waiting game! However, TikTok allows you to manage and measure if your outreach was successful. The status of all messages sent will appear under the “My Activity” tab of the account. 

If a creator replies and is interested in the project, you can then click “View Contact Info” to learn other resources in order to communicate with them further and ultimately close the deal. Creators are normally given 72 hours to respond, and if they don’t you have the option to pitch again or move onto a creator who is more responsive and timely. 

Our Final Thoughts

TikTok creator marketplace was originally created to connect marketers to creators in a user-friendly way. The process is straight-forward and offers a ton of features that would normally not be so easily accessible. 

By joining the community, you instantly are given a ton of opportunities and are dipped into a pool of so many creators that are within almost instant reach. This is a resource that can only really yield positive results and is there to help you. Why not take this opportunity like a great gift? 

What do you think about using TikTok to reach out to relating creators for your brand? As the TikTok platform continues to grow, beat out its competitors, and have the highest engagement, we’d love to know your thoughts! If you would rather create the content yourself then check out our post on TikTok’s 6 creative tools.


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