TikTok for Business: TikTok Business Center

TikTok Business Center

While you may have heard of TikTok, you may not have heard of TikTok Business Center. It can actually be life-changing for a marketer in terms of managing teams and gaining exposure for their brands. 

TikTok Business Center is essentially a hub that allows organizations or agencies to manage several TikTok ad accounts more effectively and with more security. It is programmed for use in a centralized setting, so marketers can utilize essential functions for their campaigns. Through this platform, advertisers can run, place, and trace several different ads while managing payment information, making it a true one-stop-shop for marketers! 

There’s also a substantial security control for assets cycling through the program, because it attributes ownership and permissions to individuals who work in different areas of the marketing operation. 

Let’s look into more of what TikTok Business Center entails, as well as some of its key features. 

Why Should Marketers Use TikTok Business Center?

tiktok for business

These are some of the key features TikTok agencies need to manage their own campaigns: 

  • Manage multiple ad accounts in one platform. There’s even single sign-in access. 
  • Full control and access to customize different roles for each team member. 
  • Transparent collaborations, to show which roles are working on which parts of a project. 
  • Managing billing and payment methods on multiple accounts in real-time. 
  • Upgrade to business-level insights and reports for performance over several different accounts. 

This is When Marketers Should Use the Platform 

Now that you know some of the best features to get started on TikTok Business, here are some of the best times marketers can gain profit for their brands using teams. 

  • When there is more than one person that manages a TikTok ad account. 
  • Managers want to share ad assets among the different ad accounts. 
  • Marketers that need agencies and vendors to aid them in ad operations and still maintain ownership. 
  • Those who create an account can operate as their own agency, manage multiple clients, and open a credit line. 
  • Marketers can request access to other ad accounts and share with other agencies. 

Let’s Get Started With an Account 

The process of setting up an account is simple, but there are key details to follow for secure success. By following these steps, marketers can set up an account and be ready to manage projects:

  1. Log in or sign up by going to the TikTok Business Center page. If you already have an account, the icon for entry should appear at the top right corner of the dashboard. 
  2. If you don’t have a TikTok ad account already, you can still go to the business center and log in if you signed up as a TikTok ads user. 
  3. After logging in, create a Business Center by clicking ‘create’. 
  4. Name the Business Center and select a time zone. 
  5. Invite members and add assets to the account.

There are Two Roles for Members 

business center roles

The  Admin and Standard roles give control to the business center.

Admin has full control over the business, which includes modifying or deleting the business entirely, as well as adding or removing people from the platform. These are all of the Admin’s capabilities. 

  • View business info 
  • Change business info 
  • Add ad accounts to members 
  • Add/remove members 
  • Manage members permissions
  • Manage access to ad accounts 
  • Manage payment (only for agency BC) 
  • Create new ad account (only for agency BC) 

The ‘Standard’ role can view all of the information in the business setting, and can be assigned roles, but can’t make any changes without permission from the Admin.

You Can Set Ad Account Permissions

ad account roles

For managing multiple ads with other users, marketers can also assign the following roles for a smoother workflow from within the center. 

  • Ad Account Admin: Can control ad account settings, view performance, and manage campaigns. 
  • Ad Account Operator: Can view performance and manage campaigns. 
  • Ad Account Analyst: Can look into the outcomes of the campaigns and see reports. 

Create an Agency Business Center 

This function is primarily available for agencies to complete their work and manage many different clients on one platform. Following this step by step process, an agency can successfully register and manage campaigns. 

  1. Grab the registration link from your Client Service Team or Account Manager to begin the process. 
  2. Log in or sign up as a TikTok Ads user.  
  3. Confirm all business information to ensure everything is secure. 
  4. Click “Business Settings” and fill in the basic info so your team can use it for reference. This can include the agency name, currency, time zone, profile image etc. 
  5. Fill in the “Business License” to showcase all certifications needed to operate your business. 
  6. Fill in the “Primary Contact”. This is important as it gives users contact information to contact the organizer when needed. 
  7. Click “Submit”. The process should be completed within 48 hours after everything has been submitted. 

Manage Payment in Business Center

Here comes the important part: payment! Thankfully, this platform has some of the best features for marketing teams to manage money during their campaigns. 

  • You can view the total account balance of the Agency Business Center in real-time. 
  • You can adjust the balance of different ad accounts.
  • You can check detailed payment information for the ad accounts. 

Are you considering TikTok Business Center, or have an agency that’s looking to get more organized with their clients? Let us know what you think, and how these features can help you and your team!