6 TikTok Creative Tools You Need for Advertising

TikTok Creative Tools

TikTok is one of the highlights of 2020, especially with the heavy advertising campaigns on the platform. Marketers are figuring out that TikTok and TikTok Creative Tools are an advertisement goldmine for their brands, and many of their campaigns have gone viral, increasing sales.

However, successful marketing on TikTok does not happen overnight. There are two major parts to the creation of a successful ad on TikTok:

  1. The marketer’s strategy. 
  2. Using TikTok Creative Tools to make that strategy come to life. 

Let’s explore how these creative tools are beneficial to marketing strategies. 

1. Video Templates

TikTok video templates

TikTok offers a video toolkit that lets marketers create video ads faster and easier than most other platforms. 

The process begins by selecting a template and uploading photo assets, text, and logos to compliment the communication. No special video editing skills are required, so the toolkit offers an easy transition to professional video. 

The benefits of using this feature include:

  • Less time spent on video creation.
  • Money saved from the creation process.
  • Video creation is achieved with the click of a button.
  • Templates are available for any brand that comes to mind. 

You may be unsure of when to start using this method for your brand, so we’ve provided a few reasons that other brands opted to showcase their content: 

  • Promote features on a single product: TikTok recommends uploading different pictures for each segment, to showcase the entire product with the brand story. This is especially useful for products that have multiple uses. 
  • Promote several products:  It is ideal for brands with a lot to offer. These brands will want to upload multiple photos to present each feature with styles, colors, and sizes. 
  • Tell the brand story: Use this feature to dive deeper into the brand story and connect with consumers using multiple photos.  

Produce a demo to show use:  A demo is one of the best ways to show customers how to use a product, app, software, or service. Each uploaded picture can give instructions.

2. Smart video 

TikTok Smart Video

Creating videos is usually time-consuming and takes several steps. To remove that long process, TikTok offers Smart Video to seamlessly communicate the marketing message, all with artificial intelligence. 

With this capability, the platform can yield some of the following benefits: 

  • Easy editing process 
  • Users can analyze and alter any major parts of the video 
  • Look through all the different tracks and rhythm of the music 
  • Generate multiple videos to find the best one

3. Landing Page to Video

TikTok landing page to video

This tool captures high-quality images for your landing page, which are then combined with an extensive copyrighted music library that generates professional content for viewers. 

Marketers can use this tool to create all types of unique content. These are some of the best features:

  • Expanding the video inventory 
  • Creating options for video content at the same time with different styles 
  • Creating videos on a platform that allow them to be produced quickly
  • Mixing video effects with the music 
  • Over 300 copyrighted music tracks from which to choose

4. Smart Video Soundtrack

TikTok Smart Video Soundtrack

Music and rhythm give a video the needed boost to gain the attraction of viewers. To coincide with Smart Video, TikTok Creative Tools also brings marketers Smart Video Soundtrack. This feature also uses artificial intelligence. After uploading the initial video, the platform will automatically add music that compliments the message. Marketers can alter the music if they wish, video volume, and music volume to better fit the desired audience. 

When selecting this option in the video-making process, these are some of the advantages marketers should not miss.

  • 300 copyrighted music choices for free 
  • Customized video volume and music volume 
  • A selection of up to 10 different music styles 

Upon uploading the videos, there is a different recommended file size, ratio, format, resolution, bitrate, and duration to follow to make the final product as high quality as possible. 

5. TikTok Ad Studio

TikTok Ad Studio

You can create professional ads from your phone using TikTok Ad Studio, which is available on iOS and Android. Don’t worry if it seems a bit challenging at first; a free and easy walkthrough is available for newcomers. 

TikTok supplies features for high-quality ad creation, such as:

  • Video effects and filters 
  • Easily edit video speed and set video timers 
  • Add unique video transitions 
  • Save as a draft and edit at any time 
  • Cut out or delete part of the video 
  • Adjust soundtrack volume and video volume 
  • Add text and stickers 
  • Push the video to TikTok Ads Manager

6. Automated Creative Optimization 

creative tools for scale

Automated Creative Optimization helps you manage ads more efficiently and effectively. The tool finds high-performance combinations for creative assets in just a few minutes. 

Upload images, videos, text, and select a call-to-action to complete its building. The system then combines all information input and produces multiple ads for analysis and use. 

With this method, marketers can look forward to these features:

  • No need for AB testing 
  • Save time and effort for other projects 
  • Extend the ad’s life 
  • Create ad traffic that’s more quality than quantity

Our Final Thoughts on TikTok Creative Tools 

The useful features TikTok grants to marketers and content creators is enough to recommend TikTok and TikTok Creative Tools, as it provides them with some of the most engaging videos for advertising. According to most data, the traffic on TikTok shows no signs of slowing down and the influx of users is increasing steadily.