10 Black-Owned Digital Marketing Agencies in 2024

Are you in search of a new digital marketing agency that will take your brand to the next level? Look no further, because we have just the list for you! From managing start-up companies to major corporations, we’re sure to have just the right agency you’ve been seeking.   

We’ve gathered 10 of the very best black-owned digital marketing agencies in 2020. Are you ready to have your business represented by an exceptionally skilled team? 

JungleTopp Media 

Appreciation for the work and dedication from the team is what makes JungleTopp Media really shine with every client with which they collaborate. With modern skills and fast-acting strategies, this is a marketing agency that strives to build solutions and drive business for brands that operate in virtually any industry. From the smallest to largest jobs, this team can do it all!   

Services include: Digital marketing strategy, paid media, SEO, content creation and social media, email marketing

Top clients include: Wealthsimple, Reckitt Benckiser, MediaPRO, HubSpot 

Headquarters: Boston, MA 

Founded: 2019


With a dedicated mission to see their clients grow, it is clear that EraBright is an agency that cares about the well-being of each business that seeks their help. The organization was launched to provide quality, affordable SEO services, a rarity to say the least. Since the company’s founding, each of their experienced team members has been following this mission. 

Services include:  Lead generation, SEO marketing, paid advertising and website design 

Top clients include: The Dixon Firm, The Embry Law Firm and The Dental Center of Charlotte

Headquarters: Greensboro, NC  

Founded: 2016

Black Creative Group

In an effort to empower all small businesses they encounter, this team offers a full range of marketing and advertising sales to get the job done right. With a mix of determination and skill, Black Creative Group has a mission to turn every small investment in the company’s skills into substantial profits in the long term. 

Services include: Marketing retainers, branding, website design and development and social media marketing 

Top clients include: Antoine Bethea, Juneteenth NYC Celebration, ELC Annual Recognition Gala 

Headquarters: DC 

Founded: 2019 

Black Girl Digital 

This is a team that focuses on elevation for their clients’ brands, as well as the message it conveys to any target market. Whether it’s partnering through influencers or providing strategy, each brand that works with Black Girl Digital is left more profitable. By catering each action toward an audience, Black Girl Digital transforms the marketing outcomes. 

Services include: Influencer marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing 

Top clients include: MTV, Sephora and VH1 

Headquarters: NYC 

Founded: 2011


After hours upon hours of research and training to perfect the skills needed to thrive in the marketing business, iPullRank can successfully deliver results. From strategic planning and content strategy to promotion and measurement, this team ensures that your marketing strategies equal a fitting return on investment.  

Services include: Marketing automation, optimization, measurement, marketing consulting and earned media

Top clients include: Acuvue, Baileys, Complex and Beats 

Headquarters: NYC 

Founded: 2014


A team full of energetic creatives, 360i dives into the culture of each brand and audience so they can find a way to marry the two. They are meeting experts, with a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the adaptability a brand must possess to keep elevate their market share. When this team commits to a client, they show results that last for years to come. 

Services include:  Creative, media planning and buying, strategy, data and analytics, consumer insights and social /influencer 

Top clients include: Truly Hard Seltzer, Oreo X Game of Thrones and DSW 

Headquarters: NYC

Founded: 1998

Goldiata Agency 

Goldiata has grown a lot in the last three years. What started as a dream turned into a full blown business that can showcase some of the best results. This agency contains a team that works tirelessly to find results for their brands, and their dedication has solidified them among the best companies in their field. 

Services include: Conversion rate optimization, pay per click advertising, social media advertising and website development

Top clients include: Johns Hopkins, Newport Natural Health and Room Theory 

Headquarters: Baltimore, MD 

Founded: 2017


With a history of over 40 years, Burrell has only grown since they began their practice in 1971. The company drives change, and always gives back to their community. Working with a wide range of clients, Burrell finds and engages with different demographics seamlessly to provide the best results for their clients. 

Services include: Digital and social creation, social strategy, social listening, engagement marketing and public relations 

Top clients include: McDonalds, Toyota, Coca Cola and Xfinity 

Headquarters: Chicago, IL 

Founded: 1971

Whitfield Barrett Marketing Communications 

What starts with a thought can be transformed into a well-executed strategy with this agency. Clients are considered partners on the team, where they focus on diverse messaging that can be delivered to different audiences in an array of industries and platforms.  

Services include: Creative Strategy, online advertising and traditional advertising 

Top clients include: St.Luke’s Hospital, Liberty Bank and Louisiana Dairy

Headquarters: San Diego, CA 

Founded: 2014

Foote Communications 

Foote Communications prides themselves on storytelling for the brands they represent to convey their message clearly. Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, this team dedicates itself to tangible results, no matter the client. They provide solutions, so it is unlikely this agency will let anyone down. 

Services include: Public affairs, multicultural marketing and social media strategies

Top clients include: Tom Joyner Foundation, Denny’s and Denton Black Film Festival

Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX 

Founded: 2015