TikTok E-Commerce Anchor Feature

Together we’ll look at how an e-Commerce feature will shape TikTok further as well as why advertisers and marketers should turn to this platform for their brand.

Have you ever thought of shopping using e-commerce on TikTok? Let’s think about it for a second. If you see clothes, shoes, or even food on the platform and want it for yourself, the creators of TikTok are now able to make it happen. 

In fact, TikTok has been conducting a test in the United States. This test is allowing users to include a link within their bio or post. Once users click that link, they are then taken to a browser within the app. This allows shoppers to then browse within the app, and they won’t have to leave the initial platform to complete their purchase. 

Pretty cool, right? 

Together we’ll look at how an e-Commerce feature will shape TikTok further as well as why advertisers and marketers should turn to this platform for their brand. 

How Did the TikTok e-Commerce Feature Get Started? 

ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company was already ahead in the game when they incorporated commerce shopping capabilities into the Chinese version of TikTok. They were able to partner with Alibaba and add a shopping cart button with over one million accounts that would allow followers to purchase items. 

As time has gone on, ByteDance has expanded the shopping capabilities. During the month of December in 2018, they announced that the feature alone was producing close to $30 million in sales in only one day.  

The US has shown the great potential for e-Commerce to work well on this platform. For instance, more and more influencers have already switched to TikTok and have risen in popularity during the short time they’ve been active. As more followers are influenced by their growing presence, the opportunity for them to make a purchase on the app has only grown greater. 

Why Advertise on TikTok? 

This tends to be the one million dollar question for those who are intrigued, yet hesitant to advertise or work with those using TikTok. To ease this, these are the following reasons why more have been making the move to not only advertise on the platform, but to also sell their products and services. 

Downloads are growing:  TikTok has no signs of slowing down. They’re growing at an incredible rate! With the capability to be downloaded in 155 countries and in 75 languages, it’s a worldwide social media phenomenon. 

Plus, the average person on the app spends about 52 minutes per day. They’re either creating, sharing or watching videos. And at least 90 percent of people are using it every day. 

There are several ways to advertise: There are so many ways to advertise, and they can be tailored to your brand or company’s needs. These are some of the following different ad formats.

All of these different advertisement formats can be utilized in partnership with influencers too. Make the advertisement your own and then attach the shoppable link as your call-to-action. A favorite among followers is the Hashtag Challenge as it allows them to get involved with it themselves. 

Engage with more people than previously possible: There are so many locations that can be reached at the global level. In fact, many brands that we may know and love in the US have expanded their advertising methods to places such as Europe and Asia. 

With so many countries that take part in TikTok, it becomes much easier and more acceptable to reach and target new markets. This platform allows for this to occur, and it makes this platform a much better resource to gain an increased rate of exposure for your brand. 

Take risks: Since this platform offers so many different resources, why not experiment with how your advertisement and e-Commerce link is run? You’ll have the exclusive opportunity to also measure the results and see how you can pivot for an even better campaign down the line.   

These Are a Few Brands Who’ve Already Utilized the Platform

Curious to see who has already taken the leap to see who is currently or who has previously advertised on the platform? There are more well-known brands than you think who have already made the move to advertising. Take a look to see the following who have made the list.  

  • Chipotle 
  • Spikeball 
  • Guess 
  • Elf Cosmetics 
  • NBA 
  • The Washington Post 
  • NFL
  • Colgate
  • Gymshark 
  • San Diego Zoo 
  • Calvin Klein 
  • Vineyard Vines 
  • ESPN 
  • Gushers 
  • Crocs

Do you see any notable brands that you already utilize or are a fan of currently? Let us know which ones are your favorite and if you’ve seen them appear as ads or e-Commerce features yourselves. 

Also, these brands have already expanded in the way they advertise by targeting other countries. What country would you choose to target if it’s not your current humble abode area?  

Final Thoughts  

As TikTok continues to solidify the e-Commerce function on the platform, it becomes a more reliable resource for advertisers to launch their campaign. Plus, it gives brands another outlet for them to be able to acquire a return on investment. 

e-Commerce and influencers are also a powerful duo shaping and leading the future of retail. As we move forward in this industry, we can expect to see more features and resources tailored to this movement. 

As an owner or advertiser of your own brand, what do you think of this more modern method to win over the current consumer? We find that as markets continue to grow and saturate, this particular feature allows another competitive advantage for those who choose to use it. Let us know your own thoughts! 


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