15 Brands Advertising on TikTok in 2020

There has been quite an increase of brands advertising on TikTok. We’ve rounded up the best ones featured all from around the world.

Advertising on TikTok has helped brands from all different walks in miraculous ways this year. With a global pandemic being a key reason for the major shift in the economy, brands have had to pivot their communication and the delivery of their messaging systems. 

With the rise in digital media and the heavy need to consume information and products online, this platform in particular has served as a great way to communicate to their target markets from the comfort of their homes. 

In this case, there has been quite an increase in brands advertising on TikTok. We’ve rounded up some of the best ones featured that range from a slew of different industries around the world. Let’s take a look! 

1. Warner Music Asia 

Asia in particular is a location that TikTok is able to heavily reach. Plus, with music being one of the main components to this platform and the creation of videos, it makes sense for Warner Music to try out their own campaign. Music representation is the company’s main offering. 

The main objective of their TikTok advertising campaigns? They needed to drive awareness and buzz for nearly 30 different artists and their new music. By providing key beats and lyrics, the company reached over 13 million users and obtained nearly 50 million views on the videos created.  

2. Princess Polly 

An online fashion retailer that’s most well-known in Australia, this company delivers clothing and accessories domestically and internationally. This is a modern brand that focuses on body positivity as well as ethical and sustainable fashion practices. 

Since they were looking to continue to boost sales and grow their customer base, Princess Polly enacted a discount code (TIKTOK20)  for viewers that they can measure on the platform. 

The results? The brand was able to drive up to over 9 million impressions and create a 15X return on investment. Not too shabby!  

3. ba&sh 

This is a parisian e-commerce fashion brand looking to receive similar results as Princess Polly. With a little bit of a different demographic, they decided to execute their advertising in another way. 

ba&sh created their campaign through biddable in-feed ads so it could target more of a highly specific audience. By opting to use cost-per-click (CPC), it became the most affordable option as it only charged them when a customer actually clicked on the advertisement. 

Their ad was eye-catching and engaging because it was a dance routine, so it had more people stopping to click on the ad. The end results were over 100,000 clicks and it generated over 9 million impressions.  

4. Rossman

A drug store chain in Germany took to advertising on TikTok too in order for them to launch a new rebrand with the opportunity for mass exposure. Rossman is also known for having its own brand of cosmetics called RdeL Young. 

So the brand could create the large exposure needed in their rebrand launch, they took part in a premium placement video advertisement. This means it’s the first ad users see as soon as they open the app. The video was viewed over 14.2 million times and drove nearly 3 million users to the brand shopping page. Plus, the engagement was at a whopping 19.7%, which is huge for an advertisement!   

5. Silver Swan 

Even sauces and condiments have a place on TikTok. Silver Swan is a brand that serves primarily Filipino households. Although so many families have grown up with the brand as a part of their meals over the last 78 years, they decided to give their brand a refresh by targeting a younger customer base. 

Their idea to branch out to a new target market was quite the success too! They created a catchy challenge with the hashtag #SwanderfulMoves and the jingle “Oh so Swanderful”. Not only was it entertaining, but it was also memorable for users. Over 14,000 users submitted content and it resulted in nearly 5 million views.  

6. BMW Motorsport 

This is a company that has created a ground-breaking race series that’s emission-free. While it’s been known to drive success, BMW has yet to add a car of their own to the race. To combat this opportunity, they finally created and added a car of their own. 

To show it off, they created a branded hashtag challenge called #icelebrate. The challenge demonstrated a ton of ways that users could get creative and celebrate everything that BMW celebrates. Over 3,000 videos were submitted during the week it ran, and the account page raised over 18,000 new followers alone. 

7. KFC Germany 

KFC is a fast-food chain that wanted to also target a younger audience with a hashtag challenge. In doing so, they created the challenge  #DoTheColonel (the brand’s mascot), which allowed users to post videos of doing dance moves that would relate to a colonel. 

Over 53,000 videos were created and there was nearly 13% of engagement created.   

8. Kaufland 

As a way to target a younger generation, this German hypermarket chain created different in-feed ads to be displayed at the top of users’ feeds and on the “For You” pages. Both of the ads had a unique soundtrack. 

It was able to create over 2 million views and impressions. More people were also recorded to watch the video for longer. 

9. My Jolie Candle 

Who doesn’t love a good candle or two? This french company is rooted in well-being and creativity and wants to boost its sales. 

For Mother’s Day, the platform used the auction platform to target users to purchase their products for mothers over a two-week span. As a result they had over 49 million impressions and a landing page with over 1800 new conversions. 

10. Nike 

While Nike arguably has the largest market share in sneakers, they always find a way to solidify it. To celebrate and announce the launch of new football (soccer) shoes, they created the branded hashtag challenge called #MagicBoots. This encouraged new tricks to be shown in their Nike football kicks, and it was huge! 

The brand account acquired over 215,000 new followers in six days and the campaign was viewed over 46 million times. 

11. Converse 

Converse is a shoe brand with a major focus on the UK audience currently. As a way to gain maximum exposure, they’ve targeted Fashion Week as a time to communicate to their target market

They placed a hashtag challenge using #ConverseAllSar and were able to drive nearly 30 million impressions and a 9% engagement rate.  

12. Donettes 

A famous bakery in Spain, they wanted to promote their chocolate covered mini donut and drive awareness to their nationwide competition. 

To do this, they used TopView format for a sound-on experience in full screen. They were able to reach the Spanish community with a 10 second video and over 243,000 users watched the entire video. 

13. eBAY 

To cater to the demographic in the UK, eBay also used TopView ads to promote a full video with sound. It was able to resonate with so many users as the video showcased what it would be like to run a small business. 

In 24 hours alone, the campaign was promoted to over 16 million people and gained almost 18 million impressions. 

14. Balenciaga 

Even luxury fashion brands have a place on TikTok. Balenciaga’s mission was to raise awareness to the younger generation and test out their impact on this specific format. 

Having also used TopView as a way to engage users, they created a shoppable campaign that takes users to their own landing page. As a result, there were over 23 million impressions across the UK, France and Italy. There were also over 4.5 million clicks onto the landing page. 

15. Garnier Fructis by L’Oreal 

Garnier is a beauty brand that realizes the younger generation is much more aware of the knowledge attributed to beauty products. In an attempt to reach them in a new campaign with messaging tailored for them, they ran TopView and in-feed One Day Max Ads. 

By using bold colors and fonts, they were able to drive nearly 4 million impressions and receive 42,000 unique new page views.


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