Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Guide

Together we’ll focus on Amazon Sponsored Products as the next feature in the advertising realm. We’ll look into what it entails, why so many are using it and how to set up a campaign yourself.

Advertisers, let’s continue the conversation with Amazon and all they have to offer in the realm of marketing and advertising. With the company having such a huge online presence and reaching thousands of people per day, it’s a huge opportunity to have your sponsored products put in front of your demographic and reach a major audience at the same time. 

We’ve talked about Amazon Sponsored Brands, now we’ll focus on Amazon Sponsored Products as the next feature in the advertising realm. We’ll look into what it entails, why so many are using it, and how to set up a campaign yourself. Are you ready to begin?  

What is Amazon Sponsored Products? 

First, let’s define what this service is and how it works to serve you and your future customers. Sponsored Products are cost-per-click (CPC) ads that have the capability to promote individual product listings on the Amazon website. 

In as short as a few minutes, this service allows you to create a campaign even if you’ve never created an advertisement. So rookies and seasoned advertisers alike have an even playing field when it comes to the opportunity for campaign success.

Isn’t that something we all strive for when it comes to an inclusive platform? 

How Do Amazon Sponsored Products Work? 

Now let’s switch gears into how and why so many advertisers use this platform. We’ll showcase the benefits and how Amazon is still able to set themselves apart from the rest when it comes to sponsored products. 

By taking a look at the following, these are all the reasons why a company this large is able to rely on this method and supply major results for themselves and the advertisers they come into contact with. 

You Can Gain Visibility: Ads are able to easily appear to customers on Amazon. For example, this can be achieved with the first page of shopping results and on product pages.To show that it’s more organic, it will also be shown in relation to the searches each customer conducts. 

This will help shoppers discover new products such as the ones you’re advertising.  

Increase Sales With Relevant Ads: With that said, you can grow your sales with Amazon by reaching customers who are searching for other brands like yours. It will then direct them to your product page. 

For example, let’s say you’re selling new dish soap. To rise above your competition such as Dawn and Palmolive, you can set your advertising campaign to appear as other shoppers begin to search for both this related product and brand. 

You then have created the opportunity to take away from their market share and increase your own with new sales. 

Control Costs With CPC Ads: The best part of CPC is that you only pay as shoppers click on your ads. Not only does this control how much you’re spending with a set budget, but it also helps you measure the success of this ad by looking at the amount of people both seeing and purchasing the product. 

To win the keyword, you bid for them. This also shows the level of control you have with each new advertising campaign. 

Measure Your Advertising Success: Now the best part! You can measure all of your hard work by tracking the variety of sales and performance metrics. This will allow you to dig deeper into finding what’s not working and finding the direct impact of advertising on your business. 

After taking these results and analyzing them, make sure to create an action plan to pivot in a way that will drive even better results for next time. This method will continue to grow your business.   

Let’s Look at How Advertisers Can Use Amazon Sponsored Products 

No matter your level of advertising experience, anyone can work with this platform to increase the visibility of the products. Best of all, the level of visibility will also increase, regardless of your level of advertising skills. Otherwise, you can always hire an Amazon advertising agency to manage your advertising campaigns.

Amazon even works to help you out by automatically generating the ads with the use of automatic targeting. With the ability to budget, bid and target, each advertisement is truly your own. You even have the ability to create and launch a campaign within a few minutes! 

By looking at the following, you’ll be able to see who exactly has access to this cool and exciting feature. 

  • Professional sellers 
  • Vendors 
  • Book vendors 
  • Kindle direct publishing (KDP) authors and agencies

This is How to Create a Sponsored Products Campaign 

Now that you know everything about Sponsored Products, let’s get you set up for making your very own campaign. By following these four steps, you’ll be able to easily start and manage your ads. 

Best of all, you’ll even be able to measure results! 

  1. Set up the campaign duration and budget. You can alway set no end date to keep the campaign continuously running for results. 
  2. Choose what keywords or products to target. You can also select automatic targeting to allow Amazon to match your ads relevant to the search terms and products. 
  3. Select the products you want to advertise and set the bid. 
  4. Launch your campaign and let the results roll in. 

What do we think about these four steps? Aren’t they simple? Instead of complicated and drawn out directions, Amazon knows to simplify the process so that you can go about your day delegating and working on other aspects of your business. 

Final Thoughts 

What’s the final consensus? Is Amazon Sponsored Products for you? 

With the easy access and simple features offered in this process, we find that an advertiser can find success in any stage of  their advertising career. Plus the outcomes it delivers and the ability to control the budget gives you more creative freedom to launch these campaigns however you please. From one campaign to ten, all will have the capability to give you the exposure and sales you deserve. 

Have you used Amazon Sponsored Products in your own campaign? If so, we’d love to know your success with this service and how it benefited you and the brand you represent. 


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