Amazon AMS Advertising: Everything You Need to Know


Amazon is unarguably the world’s largest marketplace. It provides a viable platform for thousands of stores and individuals to sell to customers in most countries. Selling on Amazon can be very rewarding, but you have to beat the competition if you want to record more sales and profits.

Like all big marketplaces, it takes intelligent marketing to succeed in Amazon. The giant online market has its advertising platform, which many users love. Simply called Amazon Marketing Services or AMS for short, the platform has been around for a while. 

What is AMS?

It is important to start by stating that AMS is an old name. The platform has since been rebranded, but since most advertisers and business owners are conversant with the old term, we will use Amazon Advertising and Amazon AMS interchangeably here.

Coming back to what it means, Amazon AMS was a collective term for Amazon’s important marketing services like Sponsored Products, Amazon Sponsored Ads, and Amazon Display Ads. It was the Cost-Per-click marketing platform in Amazon, which is entirely different from the impression-based Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). 

AMS Rebranding and the New Services

Amazon announced in September 2018 that all aspects of its marketing services would be regarded simply as Amazon Advertising. Objectively, this was done to unify the brands, but the individual platforms are still independent in many ways.

At the moment, what was collectively known as Amazon Marketing Services is now referred to as Advertising console. In this console, users and marketers can accept a variety of self-service, click-based solutions that are collectively called Sponsored Ads. These are the services we are concerned with in this post. 

How Amazon Advertising Works

Amazon AMS (now Amazon Ad Console) grants users access to self-service solutions that will take your products to potential buyers on a Pay-Per-Click basis. The services will take your products to as many relevant shoppers as possible by enabling you to target individual product detail pages. It even allows you to change shoppers’ minds by making your products available to them when they are about to buy a competitor’s product.


Amazon AMS


What Are The Ad Options Available To You In Amazon AMS Advertising?

As we have stressed already, Amazon AMS Advertising offers a variety of options for users and advertisers in the console. Here are the most important ones to know about:

Amazon Sponsored Products

This service will promote products to shoppers searching for specific keywords or viewing similar products on Amazon. It will allow brands and marketers to organically promote individual listings on top of and within search results. The ads are generally targeted using keywords to match customer search terms. This will help to drive awareness as shoppers consider options to purchase.

Amazon Sponsored Brands

This is another service that will showcase a collection of products as well as a brand logo to shoppers searching for specific keywords on Amazon. This was formally called Headline Search Ads and helps to drive brand awareness with keyword-targeted ads that feature about three products and a brand logo within a prominent spot at the top of search results. Through this ad option, brands and marketers will be able to drive shoppers to a store. It can always initiate a custom multi-page shopping experience that showcases your brand and a curated selection of your products.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

This is the ad option that will let users and marketers re-engage shoppers on and off Amazon. It is targeted at individuals who have viewed your products or similar product. It can be used to drive such individuals back to your detail page, enhancing the chances of conversion.

What Are The Key Benefits Of AMS Advertising?

Like other marketing endeavors, the goal of using AMS is to reach potential customers. The Amazon advertising console offers a lot more benefits than similar platforms. The most significant primary advantage is that it lets stores and marketers a direct opportunity to get their products and brands in front of in-market shoppers on Amazon. You are mostly promoting your products to people who are genuinely interested in them or similar products you may be selling.

With Amazon Advertising, it is also easier to give the competitors a run for their money. The platform makes it possible for sellers and advertisers to target individual product detail pages, giving them the opportunity to introduce their products alongside that of the competitor even close to the point of conversion.

With Amazon AMS Advertising, it is also possible to build brand awareness in the most effective manner. If you get the basic things right, you will be able to grow your brand to the right audience within the Amazon marketplace.


amazon ams 


How Do You Advertise With AMS?

It is pretty easy to advertise with Amazon. The services are exclusively available to Amazon vendors, but sellers can also access all the advertising options through the campaign manager in Seller Central.

Sponsored ads on Amazon AMS are based on Cost-Per-Click. This means you have to bid the amount you want to pay when someone clicks your ads. The platform will serve the ads according to your bid and the relevance of your ad to the search terms.

The actual cost of your AMS campaigns will depend on a number of factors, including the advertising options you chose. For sponsored products and sponsored brands, for instance, the minimum daily budget is $1. However, sellers and vendors can use a lifetime budget for sponsored ads, unlike in sponsored products. The minimum lifetime budget here is $100. The campaign will stop serving when the budget is used up. There are also different requirements and targeting options for different advertising options. 

What Is The Best Way To Get A Good Result From Amazon AMS Advertising?

The best way to advertise and enjoy a significant return on your investment is to understand what you are doing and handle your advertising budget carefully. It can also be helpful to work with an Amazon Ads Agency to make the right impact. A good agency can help your business/store in different ways, including sponsored brands, review building, sponsored products, inventory reports, listing creation, storefront creation, and many more. The right agency will extend its services to cover Amazon DSP (Demand-side Platform). Services here will cover different areas, including brand halo re-marketing, pixel-based targeting, product re-marketing, banner ads, video ads, and Amazon attribution.

Amazon AMS Advertising is a broad marketing platform that can help boost your brand awareness and sales when it is handled the right. If you are willing to put in the effort and learn the ropes, you will do pretty okay. For faster and efficient Amazon advertising, work with a reliable Amazon Ads Agency.