15 Top TikTok Advertising Agencies in 2020


TikTok advertising is the real deal now. In case you haven’t noticed, it is the new gold in digital marketing. Big brands are using it massively, just as other serious industry players are trying to take advantage of the platform to reach the teeming Gen Z market.

In case you are new to it, TikTok is not like every other social media platform. It is not even like other video sharing app out there. The uniqueness is one of the reasons it has become a big deal, supposing older platforms like Snapchat and the rest. This uniqueness also makes it a pretty tough ground for marketing. Doing it alone can be pretty difficult. It is best to entrust your TikTok marketing endeavors in the hands of an experienced marketing agency. 

With many digital marketing agencies around, picking the perfect one for your TikTok advertising can be a huge challenge. We are here to make things easier for you. Briefly, we will discuss 15 top TikTok Advertising agency you can work with:

JungleTopp Media

This is one of the hidden golds in TikTok marketing. Jungletopp is actually a full-service digital marketing agency that is involved in all kinds of advertising, including Amazon ads, Facebook ads, Wallmart ads, Instacart ads, and of course, TikTok ads. The company works for all kinds of businesses, and some of its high-profile clients include Clearasil, Hubspot, Wealthsimple, and more.


Los Angeles-based SugarFree occupies a special position in this list because of what they did for TikTok and brands in the early days. It is actually the agency that helped TikTok to launch in the United States and Europe, and also opened the door for influencers to adopt the video-sharing platform for marketing. They have been working with other prominent brands and enterprises, including Gillette, Unilever, and Airbnb.


Fanbyte is unofficially recognized as the world’s largest TikTok influencer network. It is a premium agency that works with some of the biggest brands, including Warner, Atlantic, and Universal. The company has grown significantly in the last few years, attracting investments from the Kamani family, among others. They are confident with their expertise that they offer guarantee results and engagement for every campaign.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation is a digital marketing agency that has done it all. The company has been involved in different verticals, including eCommerce, mobile apps, gaming, CPG, and more. It has also become a reference point for TikTok marketing, working with such privileges brands as Aston Martin, Victoria’s secret, and Twitch.

Upfluence Inc

This is another top TikTok advertising agency that has worked with different brands in different capacities. They also claim to have handled top-level outsourced projects. They are competent in different aspects of marketing – they can help launch new products, increase brand awareness, optimize exposure, and engage the audience in the most efficient manner. 


This is a relatively new company that is committed to helping startups and enterprises with their data-driven growth initiatives. The company has completed a lot of campaigns, always experimenting across a variety of platforms, including TikTok. It is highly regarded for its best practices, strategies, and tactics that bring meaningful results.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

This is one of the agencies that proudly state on its website that it “focuses on TikTok as one of the main core of social media channels with amazing ROI and results.” This is the type of company you want to work with if you consider TikTok the perfect platform for reaching your target audience. You should know that this company is involved in other aspects of digital marketing.


This is another wonderful agency that is playing a significant role in TikTok advertising. It is a Berlin-based agency that works directly with the TikTok team to set up campaigns for their clients. The campaigns are set up in the WeQ platform and are mostly successful.


This is one of the most influential digital marketing agencies in New York and, indeed, the rest of America. It is a full-service influential marketing agency that has more than 400,000 influencers in its database. The company is famous for its deep understanding of social media and how best to use it for their clients.

Socially Powerful

This is a powerful agency when it comes to social strategies. It is a specialist agency when it comes to data-driven growth, and the creative team is powerful enough to transform any business through TikTok influencer marketing and related campaigns. As you can expect, the company works with other social networks to deliver campaigns that align with the business objective of clients.


This is one of the biggest TikTok advertising agencies to work with in the Asian market. The agency is basically a short-video company that is particularly interested in strong growth for brands and enterprises. From influencers to content creators, the company has the right teams to work at different stages of your project and get the desired result.


This is the agency you want to work with if you are in the United Arab Emirates or want a company from Dubai to work on your TikTok advertising campaigns. It is clear that the company understands the place of TikTok in social media marketing and have positioned itself to execute clients request with precision.

Digital Sukoon

This is a highly reliable TikTok advertising agency that predates the platform. Established in 2013, the company has been involved in all sorts of social media marketing. It also has enough influencers on its database, providing the appropriate platform for strong marketing campaigns across industries like fashion and entertainment. Some of its notable clients are Asus, Panorama Studio, and Reliance Entertainment.


This is a relatively new company that has done a lot in two years to deserve a place on this list. It has a unique process that makes it possible for the teams to execute on all marketing platforms and get the right results. With their innovative marketing strategies, brands can achieve different marketing objectives through TikTok and other platforms.

SocialMedia One

This is another German-based digital marketing agency that offers TikTok advertising as one of its core services. As an influencer agency, the company focuses on promoting the talents of young bloggers/vloggers, and leveraging on their platforms to promote clients.

TikTok advertising is in its golden era, and only brands that are smart will take advantage of the opportunity. While your in-house marketing team can do a lot, it is best to leave TikTok advertising, among other digital marketing endeavors, in the hands of digital marketing agencies. The 15 companies featured here are the best options you can work with, currently.