Facebook Ads Audience Targeting: Everything You Need to Know

Facebook Ads Targeting

Facebook ads audience targeting has become the prime marketing tactic for most businesses. With almost 2.5 billion users worldwide, it is easier for businesses to connect and engage with current and potential customers. With its ever-changing algorithm, however, it is challenging for businesses to connect organically with Facebook users. Facebook advertising, therefore, becomes the best way to do that. 

One of the major reasons Facebook advertising is popular among marketers is audience targeting. Facebook ads audience targeting gives marketers golden opportunities to reach the target market in any instance. When implemented correctly, it will help businesses to reach their ideal customers, and this will yield a positive return on investment.


What is Facebook Ads Audience Targeting? 

As the name clearly suggests, Facebook Ads Audience Targeting is a strategy aimed at getting ad content to the right Facebook audience. The market will need to define the ideal customer, create audiences that match specific criteria, and target Facebook audiences with the right ads that will improve conversion.


How Do You Target A Facebook Ad Audience? 

The first step in Facebook Ads Audience targeting is identifying the ideal customer. Knowing who your customers are will help you create the right ads and also create the perfect audience to target. With more than a billion people using Facebook, it is critical that you spend your marketing budget to display ads to people who are potentially interested in your products or services. It will amount to a waste of advertising budget if your ads are being displayed to audiences that are unlikely to convert. 

Facebook makes it very easy to streamline audiences and specifically target a group of users based on vital parameters. Most users provide adequate information that will help marketers in targeting. Besides the biodata provided by audiences, Facebook, like most platforms, collect data that help them serve ads more efficiently. It is possible to target Facebook users based on age, gender, location, browsing activities, and several other important parameters.

Facebook Ads Targeting

How Do You Create Facebook Audiences?  

Facebook has an Audience Manager tool that makes audience targeting easier. From the Business Manager menu, you can access ‘Audiences’ from the top-right menu options. The Audience page will have all the audiences that have been created previously and saved, as well as the option to create new Facebook Audiences. 

There are three primary audience types on Facebook, including Saved Audiences, Custom Audiences, and Lookalike audiences. According to the nature of your Facebook campaigns, these audience types give you several options to get the right message to the target market, including existing customers and prospective customers. We will briefly discuss the different audience types for better understanding:


  • Facebook Saved Audiences 


These are the audiences that are defined by users’ interests, age, location, used devices, and others. You can create these types of audiences from the Audience Manager menu as well as during campaign setup. Location-based targeting, demographics-based targeting, interest-based targeting, and behavior-based targeting are the major aims of creating Saved Audiences. 


  • Facebook Custom Audiences 


These are probably your best audiences as they allow you to target and retarget people who have been engaged with your brand. Custom audiences require that you have the Facebook pixel correctly installed on your website. You can target users who have visited your website, used your app, or engaged with your content on Facebook. You can also create custom audiences from your existing customer files. In each scenario, you can include conditions that will trim the number of targeted users further. For example, you can target only users who have visited a particular page on your website, users who saved your Facebook Page or posts, or users who have taken specific actions in your app. 


  • Facebook Lookalike Audiences 


Using Facebook Lookalike Audiences is one of the most effective ways to reach out to entirely new audiences that are likely to convert. This type will help you reach out to people who are similar to your existing customer database. You will have to create a Custom Audience first before creating a Lookalike Audience. This allows you to reach more Facebook users who may be interested in your offer.


What Is A Good Audience Size For Facebook Ads? 

On Facebook, you have a wide range of options when it comes to who you can serve ads. The minimum size audience is 1,000 people, and you can serve ads to more than 1,000,000 Facebook users. It is crucial that you choose the right audience size to get your ads to the right persons. So what is the magic number?

Many social media marketers insist that the best audience size for Facebook advertising is around 500,000 to 1,000,000 people. That is a tall order by some people’s standard, but the range enhances your chances of serving ads to the right people. When your audience is below 500,000 people, it may be harder for the Facebook algorithm to find enough people who match your parameters. 

This may lead to your ads being shown to users who are not interested in what you are offering. When you target over 1,000,000 users, it will also be hard for Facebook to find the right audience. Keeping it between 500,000 and 1,000,000 will improve the chances of the campaign being successful. 


Can You Target Ads to Facebook Groups? 

Facebook doesn’t allow targeting of individuals in a Facebook group by marketers. It is impossible, therefore, to target ads to Facebook groups directly. There are possible hacks that may let some people target individuals in Facebook groups, but it is not a standard practice. Creating and targeting audiences is a viable and better approach. 

Can You Target Facebook Ads to Specific Users? 

It is possible to target specific users with Facebook ads. This can be done through Custom Audiences created based on your existing customer files. You can create such targeted campaigns with up to 15 different identifiers, including emails, phone numbers, mobile advertiser ID, and many more.


What Is The Most Important Element Of A Facebook Ad? 

While Facebook Ads Audience Targeting is super-important, there are many other things you need to do to get the result you want. In most instances, the visual appeal is the most important element of your ads. An eye-catching photo or a video that will easily capture the attention of the target audience is super-important. The text has to be straight to the point and convincing. Depending on the objective of your Facebook ads, you should also use the right call-to-action button. 

Facebook has become the most viable platform for business advertising. Audience targeting is one of the factors that have made it so effective. We have discussed all you need to know about the subject and hope this helps you execute more successful Facebook ad campaigns.