How to Set Up Facebook Pixel

set up facebook pixel

Learning how to set up Facebook pixel is paramount to your Facebook advertising success. We all know the old adage, “if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist”. Facebook pixel is what allows you to measure everything that is happening with your Facebook ads.

What is Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook pixel is similar to the Google Analytics code. It’s a small snippet that you install on your website in order to track Facebook advertising traffic.

You can simply install the pixel and leave it. Or you can be creative and track certain events on your website. If you want to track button clicks or add to carts or purchases, you can do so.

How to Get Facebook Pixel

Getting a Facebook pixel is very simple. You can get the Facebook pixel by signing up for a Facebook Business Account and configuring events manager.

The standard Facebook pixel inherently tracks certain events. It tracks what pages users view. It tracks how long they stay on those pages. And most importantly, it matches the user to their Facebook profile. This allows Facebook to get a better understanding of who your users are. As we mentioned in our paid social media strategy post, this is paramount to successful Facebook advertising.

If you’re using WordPress or Shopify, then Facebook has built-in plugins. They also have step-by-step instructions if you want to manually install set up Facebook pixel on a popular CMS.

How to Use Facebook Pixel

There are very few limits on how to use Facebook pixel, and this is where things get interesting and creative. Facebook pixel ultimately allows you to advertise to your most engaged and highest paying customers, through Facebook ads manager.

By tracking what matters most to your company and tying those actions back to the Facebook user profiles. You’re able to not only target those specific users, but also other users just like them through lookalike audiences.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook pixel helper is a chrome plug-in that you can install and your browser to check if your pixel is installed correctly. Of course, you can see traffic from your Facebook pixel in Facebook business manager. But this is important because it will tell you if you have duplicate pixels on your website, what you can’t to see in Facebook business manager.