Walmart Display Ads 101

We’ll look into what Walmart display ads really are, how they work and benefit advertisers and the different types that can be selected to strengthen a campaign

Last article we talked about Walmart Sponsored Products, now let’s talk about Walmart Display ads.

We’ll look into what Walmart display ads really are, how they work and benefit advertisers, and the different types that can be selected to strengthen a campaign. Each online ad utilized has a way to benefit advertisers and brands in different ways, so it’s important to recognize and differentiate how they can best help for future advertising moments.  

What are Walmart Display Ads? 

When looking at display ads more generally, they can be best defined as a large advertisement that is more commonly seen in a newspaper or a magazine. They also are known to feature eye-catching text or illustrations.

However, with the more rapid move digital advertising, display ads have now taken on a new meaning. Display ads on Walmart are onsite on digital properties or offsite on the web and social channels. They are both measurable online and in store too. 

How Do Walmart Display Ads Work? 

Display ads are meant to bait the customer and provide more awareness for the brand. Since they are made to be so visually compelling, Walmart display ads keep the brand at the top of the consumer’s mind and deliver omnichannel sales. They are also known to work in the following ways. 

Your brand is exposed everywhere: Brands are able to engage and inspire a mass amount of Walmart customers on the digital platform. They can also re-engage them across the web and link them back to the Walmart website in order to make the final purchase. 

You can choose your audience:  Advertisers are also able to pick and choose the ideal Walmart consumer for their particular products. They are able to do with the platform features such as proprietary search, browse and purchase data.   

Sales may be measured accurately: Since the brand is using the Walmart platform, Walmart is able to track the results of your campaign on the website and apps only. This is perfect as all knowledge is able to stream through one service. This is achieved through the closed-loop measurement tool that is able to track campaign-inspired sales in the physical stores. 

 Evolve your business: Evolution and innovation is among all brands who are rapidly striving to adapt to the ever-changing consumer. This is one of the best methods to secure mass exposure all while doing so in a more modern way. When advertisers are set to join Walmart Media Group, the platform is offering partners, expertise and data that will cater to each unique need. 

There Are Two Main Types of Display

The following two main forms of display ads that advertisers have the option to select are both diverse ways to reach different target markets and demographics. They’re great to know for planning out the different campaigns. They also make it easier to tailor the type of engagement or purchase reaction the advertiser and brand may be seeking. 

Onsite Display:  This form of display allows advertisers to effortlessly merge content and advertising on Walmart’s website, pickup, delivery and all Walmart apps. They can then track omnichannel sales with the platform’s feature closed-loop measurement. 

Offsite Display:  A method of display such as this will allow advertisers to reach across the web. It also gives access to social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This is done with relevant ads that are able to retarget and re-engage Walmart audiences that meet the needs of your brand for sales purposes. 

What form of display are you willing to choose for your campaign? We’d love to know your thoughts! 

The Benefits of Using Walmart Advertising

So why use Walmart as an advertising platform? There are so many great features that this store and advertising platform are able to achieve that can’t be said for similar mass companies. These are a few of the following accomplishments Walmart has been able to reach, which will only help an advertiser’s case for choosing to promote their brand on the platform. 

  • Walmart is the largest retailer in the US
  • 90% of Americans shop at Walmart
  • 160 million customers visit Walmart’s store or online every week 
  • 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store 

After looking at the above, it can be concluded that Walmart is a company that reports large traffic volumes each and every day. There is no lull ever in both the physical locations and the online shopping space. Not only that, but this is a company that has made itself readily available physically to the majority of the nation. With these two huge benefits alone, advertisers are able to reach new avenues when partnering with the media side of the company. 

Final Thoughts

Walmart has a way of being so easily accessible to the consumer, but is it enough to want to advertise to a mass audience on this platform? 

With all of the unique features and formats that display ads have to offer, advertisers and brands are able to personalize and tailor how each campaign is executed. Best of all, the campaign results are measured by Walmart, so you’re able to see the strengths and opportunities for future advertising work.  

Are you considering running a campaign with the use of Walmart display ads? Let us know the feature you’re looking forward to most and the benefits you’re looking to achieve as a result.   


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