10 Brands Advertising on Walmart in 2020

We’ve rounded up a list of the top food brands advertising on Walmart. From breakfast to snacks, all are well-known favorites.

While we have talked about some of the greatest ways Walmart is utilizing their advertising resources, we haven’t discussed the key brands that have chosen to advertise on Walmart. Looking at food specifically, we’ve rounded up some of the top brands advertising on Walmart. 

Walmart is a direct competitor to Amazon, and so both of their platforms and competition methods may be aimed at each other as they continue to move forward. Amazon has a total of 35% of all online sales while Walmart has a total of 5%. Both also carry some of the same brands. 

Take a look to see how each brand is standing out in their specific food category, and what methods they’re ultimately selecting to do just that. So sit back, relax and dare to be hungry as we go through some of your favorite brand items.

1. Nestle – Pure Life Fruity Water

Whether it’s in-store or online, Nestle has a nice home at Walmart! An array of its products are displayed all year long. Something to note is that their hot chocolate (a Nestle product staple) can be expected to be at the forefront of stores during the holidays and wintertime. It can also be expected to be placed with the sponsored products when the hot chocolate season officially takes effect.  

2. Oscar Mayer – Center Cut Bacon

This is a product that is specifically only sold in stores, but it still has an online presence for those who are browsing online. This is super important, especially since more Walmart customers browse online first before actually entering the store.

Something else to note is that products listed for in-store only can also be purchased online as long as it’s picked up in the store. The online exposure in ads will help the brick and mortar sales.   

3. Fairlife Milk 52 fl oz – Lactose-Free

Milk anyone? In recent years, the dairy industry and its trending supplements have been saturating the market. To have the shelf space in Walmart is a huge deal for those needing increased exposure for more brand awareness. Something that might not be known is that Fairlife is a part of the Coca Cola Company, and Coca Cola has been definitely known to have more weight to its name. 

Similar to Oscar Mayer, this is a product that is online for exposure. However, it’s also advertised as a company best seller. 

4. Kraft Easy Mac

Kraft is easily a staple macaroni brand carried by Walmart. Affordable and offered in so many different product types, Kraft is a main pasta brand consumers may think of when they think of Walmart. However, as more macaroni substitute brands have hit the market, Kraft has needed to stay relevant to their consumers and carriers such as Walmart. 

5. Tide Pods Original

When searching for laundry pods on Walmart’s online site, Tide is the second brand to appear on the website’s list. It’s also advertised as a bestseller among Walmart consumers. They also instantly appear in carousel advertisements after selecting a laundry competitor such as Persil. 

Also available for Walmart’s next-day delivery, it creates a competitive advantage for brands who are all striving to increase their market share. 

6. Velveeta Shells and Cheese

Kraft foods own Velveeta, and they are often seen with each other when searching and shopping on Walmart. If searching for the brand name itself, the shells and cheese extension of the brand’s offering is instantly at the top.

Not only that, but that particular product appears in a banner ad on top of the screen as one of the top three items to choose. Now that’s competitive advertising! 

7. Wright Brand Thick Sliced Hickory Bacon

Even though Wright Brand is advertising on Walmart, it’s Kraft foods that is appearing in the Walmart search results after looking up this particular product. This shows that their competition in advertising is not resulting in a winning streak. This is simply because the keywords involved were not at a bid that was high enough by Wright Brand. Kraft won instead. 

8. Cheerios Cereal

Out of all the General Mills’ cereals, Cheerios are advertised to be the best seller advertising on Walmart. They’re also among the sponsored products as bar cereal. This is a great form of advertising as it involves and markets two separate products that can easily be purchased together. One may be bought as a breakfast food and the other may be picked up as a late morning or early afternoon snack. 

9. Windex Glass Cleaner Spray Bottle

Windex does an amazing job at advertising on Walmart! Their sponsored product list is filled with an array of products that can be used in separate areas of the household. A lot of the time, when consumers hear about Windex, they may only think about window cleaner instead of the other unique brand offerings. 

When the brand advertises, they not only use sponsored advertisements, but they also place their ads on the top of the search page and on the bottom of a selected product page. 

10. Yoplait Simply Go-Gurt Yogurt

Walmart is a company that sells several products to families every year. While the brand Yoplait is popular among all ages, the go-gurt is more popular among children who need snacks or an extra food item in their lunch for school. 

This is a product that will advertise better seasonally when compared to other Yoplait brand products. For example, go-gurt will have a higher selling rate during the back-to-school season as more kids go back to school and need to bring food items that are packaged to be on the go. 


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