How to Run Your First TikTok Ads Without Wasting Money

There are a ton of key factors as well as tips and tricks to follow when it comes to representing any type of brand through advertising. In fact, no ad type or platform to advertise will ever completely register the same, especially when we look at new platforms such as TikTok ads

When we look at TikTok in particular, it’s a relatively new platform that many users and advertisers are still attempting to figure out. With the use of a self-ad platform and the rapid growth of its social media presence, we’ll go deeper into discovering the information that needs to be known for ad investment without the loss of money. 

Follow along to see how you can take part in a more profitable way! 

Who Should Advertise On TikTok? 

First things first! For those who want to advertise on TikTok, they need to know what type of marketers and brands would best profit off of the platform and not lose money. The following bullet points are a representation of why this is a top platform to invest your advertising dollars

  • There are 800 million monthly active users 
  • Apple and Google Play users have downloaded TikTok over 1.5 billion times 
  • This is a platform known to be the sixth most popular app downloaded globally 
  • There are TikTok users across all 150 countries worldwide 
  • TikTok was one of the most downloaded apps in countries such as the US, Japan, India, and Korea in 2018 
  • Over 60% of users in the US are under the age of 29
  • Over 50% of users in the US make over $75,000 per year

Take These Ad Options Into Consideration 

Now that you’ve read through some of the biggest statistics that have TikTok leading the top in its category, let‘s look into the different types of ads that are available to utilize. All five of the below will do well for various scenarios. It’s important to determine which ones will have your campaigns performing better than the other options. 

In-Feed Video: These ads will show up in the native news feed section of the platform. This is known as the For You page. 

Brand Takeover: Brand Takeovers are the types of ads that appear once the user opens the app. It will take over the screen and then it will turn into an In-Feed Video ad. 

Hashtag Challenge: Hashtag Challenges are ads that will appear right at the top of the Discovery Page. This is the type of ad that will normally persuade users into participating in content creation challenges. It will create active exposure and engagement as a result. 

Branded AR Content: This is the way a particular ad will appear. It will have branded lenses, stickers, and other 2D/3D/AR type of content for users to involve in their videos. 

Custom Influencer Package: This is an ad that is normally part of sponsored content. It’s created by the TikTok user and will influence the market targeted. 

Know the Costs 

It can be easy to waste money invested if you aren’t prepared for the costs upfront. While the price will vary and be different with every campaign, take a look at some of the base expenses to get a better idea. 

Customer Influencer Package: This cost will vary based on the influencer and the campaign. However, there have been a few reports of anywhere between $600-$1000 per post. 

Branded Lenses: This will range from $80,000 to $120,000 based upon the complexity of the lens design. 

Hashtag Challenge: This will normally cost about $150,000 for six days.  

Brand Takeover: A takeover costs $50,000 per day.   

In-Feed Video: There is a set minimum of $25,000 per day and a $30,000 daily maximum.  

Our Final Thoughts   

By taking note of the above information, advertising, and investing funds for the brand you represent can be achieved more wisely. No matter the brand, it’s vital to know why the platform could be valuable to you, the types of ads that are allowed to be run, and the ultimate costs that can come out of the investment. 

Ask yourself how TikTok ads compare to other social media platforms, and what you plan to achieve when utilizing it. When you answer these important questions, it will be much easier to see how you can benefit the brand.