25 TikTok Stats You Won’t Believe

Did you ever think that TikTok would be as big as it is now? Here are 25 insane TikTok stats that might just be too big to believe.

Did you ever think you’d be a TikTok user? Did you ever think that TikTok would be one of the most successful social media apps to exist? This special app has broken a ton of records and has yielded great triumph in such a short period of time. In fact, here are 25 insane TikTok stats that might just be too big to believe. 

1. TikTok has the Highest Social Media Engagement Rates Per Post 

Out of 100,000 profiles that were surveyed by the Influencer Marketing Hub, TikTok proved to have the highest engagement rating in these follower count categories. 

< 1,000 Followers: TikTok (9.38%) Instagram (7.2%) Twitter (1.4%) 

< 5,000 Followers: TikTok (8.57%) Instagram (5.3%) Twitter (1.2%) 

< 10,000 Followers: TikTok (8.13%) Instagram (3.7%) Twitter (0.6%) 

< 100,000 Followers: TikTok (7.23%) Instagram (2.1%) Twitter (0.4%) 

100,000 + Followers: TikTok (5.3%) Instagram (1.1%) Twitter (0.3%) 

2. About 50% of TikTok’s Global Audience is Under the Age of 34

The majority of TikTok users are within the Millennial or Gen Z age range demographics. 26% of the total 50% are aged between 18-24. 

3. TikTok Announced US Users Open TikTok Eight Times Per Day 

With several users logging onto TikTok multiple times per day, it invites the great idea to advertise to these users and gain the right exposure for brands. According to Digiday, in-feed ads are sold at $10 cost-per-impression with $6,000 minimum campaign spend. 

4. The Most Followed TikTok User is Charli D’Amelio 

With a little over 1,000 uploads, Charli D’Amelio has acquired ove 69 million followers during the year she’s been active on the platform. D’Amelio is also known for creating some of the platform’s most viral dances, which put her on the map for good. 

5. 37% of US TikTok Users Have Reported a Household Income Greater Than 100K

TikTok is most popular in the US, and the income of this percentage of users helps to narrow down the type of demographic that is on the platform and can be reached compared to other users. 

6. Comparatively, 18% of Users Have Also Reported a Household Income of Less Than $25K 

This shows that a large portion of TikTok users may also have a vastly lower income than some of their other peer users. So many users are currently students, which may answer the reasoning for this low of an income. 

7. More Women Use TikTok Than Men in the US 

In fact, it’s well over 2 million more women who use the platform. The majority of these women are also aged between 18-24.

8. The Average User Spends 52 Minutes Per Day on the Platform 

According to Business of Apps, most users spend under an hour on the platform. However, did you know that once a user is on the app for an hour a health-related video curated by TikTok suggests to take a break and go get some food and water? Even TikTok itself knows 60 second videos are addicting. 

9. Branded Hashtag Challenges Help Companies Immensely

One of the first and most successful challenges on TikTok was created by the company Guess with the #InMYDenim. According to TikTok, the hashtag has totaled in nearly 39 million views, which created a ton of exposure for the brand. 

10. Rapper Lil Nas X Thanks TikTok for Song Success

After the famed rapper released “Old Town Road” on TikTok, the song instantly topped #1 on Billboard’s Top 100 in 2019. This secured fame for him, and now other artists are attempting to do the same by releasing new music on the platform. 

11. Other Platforms Have Attempted to Compete with TikTok 

Facebook launched Lasso, which is a similar app meant to directly compete with TikTok in 2018. Since the launch, there have been over 70,000 downloads.

12. TikTok was Downloaded 738 Million Times in 2019 

The platform was already on a major rise in 2019, and this year the platform has blown up even more, especially while people were home quarantining and practicing social distancing.

 13. The App Hit a Peak in Downloads in Q4 of 2019

There were a total of 219 million user downloads in Q4 of 2019, which helped to transfer the large amount of usage in 2020. 

14. TikTok was the Largest Ad Spender on Snapchat 

According to the Wall Street Journal, TikTok ran an app-install campaign that was worth $1 billion in June 2019. This helped them to propel their downloads all while advertising on a rival platform. 

15. There Have Been Over 1.5 Billion Downloads 

Love or hate the platform, it certainly has retained success that’s been able to break records and secure a prosperous future. China alone has over 150 million daily users. 

16. TikTok is the Most Downloaded App on the App Store 

 Other platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and WhatsApp follow closely behind. 

17. India Holds the Fastest Growing TikTok Market 

The location has over 467 million downloads. China is second with 173.2 million downloads and the US is third with 123.8 million downloads. 

18. TikTok is Available in 155 Countries

In order for the platform to be compatible with so many different types of cultures, TikTok has been made to be compatible in over 75 different languages. 

19. 90% of Users Log Onto the App More Than Once Per Day 

With TikTok being a worldwide success, there’s no lull in time for video uploads, making anytime great to log on and see the new content available. 

20. 1 Million Videos Were Viewed Everyday in 2019 

Not only has TikTok been downloaded a number of times, but the views are also able to illustrate the boom the app had in 2019. 

21. Users are Able to Shop on TikTok 

Yes, the app does in fact have e-commerce capabilities, giving brands an opportunity for a boost in sales. 

22. TikTok’s Revenue Exceeded 300% 

In 2018 alone, TikTok acquired over $3.5 million on in-app purchases. Any guesses on what 2020 will yield? 

23. Bytedance is estimated at $78 billion

Bytedance not only owns TikTok, but is also considered the world’s most valuable start-up. 

24. More Than 40 TikTok Stars Have at Least 10 Million Followers

With some of the highest engagement rates, it’s easier to achieve loyal followers on the platform. 

25.64% of Tik Tok Users have Used Face Filters 

Face filters have been one of the main features for videos, and it shows that several have taken a liking to them. 


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