15 Walmart Ad Examples You’ll Want to Copy

Walmart has many offerings and conveniences, and it can offer most of its products and services to most of the U.S. With its stores only a short drive away from the average home and a large online presence, Walmart is only second  to Amazon in advertising, and Walmart ads have come a long way for brands.

In this article we present 15 Walmart ad examples you’ll want to copy, from Walmart itself to the brands that advertise on its website. 

Let’s Fight Hunger Together 

In Walmart’s iconic advertisement, the companies announced their partnership with a 30-second television spot with all music and no text. There were images of shoppers making food-buying decisions to food banks, which made the ad more compelling. 

Gifting Banner Ads

Gifting season is right around the corner. To represent the brands that everyone will be shopping with this holiday season, Walmart put together select banner ads for potential customers. From home decor to everyday essentials, Walmart has labeled all of them as Gift Eligible. 

Grocery to Go 

To introduce which groceries are available for pickup and delivery, Walmart also created marketing initiatives for themselves. This allowed them to create their own banner ads on the website, as well as television ads on cable during prime spots for maximum reach.

Walmart Partners With thredUP 

Walmart added fashion to its offerings, while making a strategic partnership with thredUP. This is a popular resale market that allows clothes that are resold to also be purchased by the Walmart customer.

Huggies Sponsored Ads 

With Instacart becoming a one-stop shop, this is also true for growing families. Huggies jumped on the opportunity by bidding for sponsored ad spots. While customers shop for formula, they’ll be offered the Huggies brand while they add items to their carts. 

Sponsored App Downloads 

Walmart’s mobile app is a free download that puts a ton of different brands at your fingertips, using sponsored advertisement to get the word out. 


The demand for Clorox has been bigger than ever, so Walmart and Clorox agreed to sell the product in exchange for text on the advertisement that indicates this product can be bought there. This is the type of advertisement inclusion that can be beneficial to both brands. 

Star Wars 

This huge franchise added digital ads to Walmart,  strategically placed to hit a target market to promote new movies and products.  A brand like Star Wars understands the impact Walmart has on the community, and wants to tap into it. 

Black Friday Doorbuster 

To be a part of Walmart’s doorbuster deals is iconic in and of itself. Walmart is known for deals, so Black Friday shoppers will surely stop at Walmart too. This is a big deal to many brands, so it’s important to secure an ad spot in advance.   

Back to School Features 

Like Black Friday, back-to-school ad features are just as iconic. It’s important to secure ad spots on the website through bidding, so families can take the best brands to school with them. 


To promote nostalgia and the new grocery delivery set up by Walmart, Ghostbuster came out with an advertising campaign that featured all types of great movie characters with iconic cars. From the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine to the Ghostbusters car, today’s Walmart shoppers are yesterday’s TV viewers. 

Happy Place Bath and Body  

Since everyone is still at home, Happy Place Bath and Body put a feature on Walmart with a banner ad with an entire page to shop for new products. Since this is a home brand, it works well for people who are still shopping from home. 


Hanes is another brand that secured a spot on Walmart’s home page using banner ads. Hanes considered an essential brand that is capitalizing on the fact customers want to be layered in comfort, especially since many people are working from home. 

Scott Tissue 

At the top of Walmart’s pages and in a feature ad at the bottom page, Scott Tissue wants it known they are available on the website. With a shortage of toiletries earlier in the year, it’s important to showcase a brand like this.  

Betty Crocker 

Betty Crocker took advantage of sponsored ads on Walmart. Since they are a type of brand so many are using during the pandemic, they want to be the featured brands.