15 Instacart Ad Examples You’ll Want to Copy

Instacart has a delivery service for groceries that is easy and convenient, which features all of your favorite brands from multiple stores. Examine these Instacart ad examples your favorite brands use to advertise their products.  


Tostitos is a big advertiser on Instacart. Since the brand is always part of birthday or sports parties, why not be part of a company that’s inclusive to families and can be delivered on a whim? Tostitos appears in sponsored products for snacks, which is a great position for them for suggestive selling. 

Ben and Jerry’s 

Tasty and classic, Ben and Jerry’s needed a larger outlet to sell their ice cream products, and now they’re available for delivery from several stores. After showcasing sales on their products, this brand’s frozen treats  are now at the forefront. 

Red Bull 

Red Bull helped to pay for delivery to offset customer costs on Instacart. This was to entice customers, while creating exposure. By investing in these costs at the beginning, Red Bull invested in their long-term profit. 


Like Red Bull, Doritos followed the same actions to gain exposure and increase sales. Doritos have been consumed by families that grew up with them in our pantries, so it makes sense for the brand to be innovative in their grocery delivery. 


On a mission to cultivate a healthier and happier world by spreading goodness through nourishing foods, honest words and conduct that is considerate and forever kind to the planet. Instacart is a conduit that supplies this magical goodness. Overtime, it has become a partnership that rocks!

General Mills, Nestle, and Pepsi  

All three of these companies have been with Instacart from its startup days, which is why they’re looped together as three of the top fifteen examples. These companies brought in 15% of Instacart’s revenue, six months after Instacart opened for business. To keep customers returning, coupons and other discounts are provided, making the delivery service and its associated brands more desirable to consumers. 


Groceries are not the only item to advertise on Instacart, other household items like toiletries are also available. Colgate bidded to become a recommended product on Instacart from the stores that sell it.  

Advil and Theraflu

Given the year we’re all experiencing and the global pandemic, Advil and Theraflu is in high demand. With so many falling ill, no one wants to leave their homes for fear they may spread COVID-19. 

By advertising these products for delivery, these much-needed brands feature themselves in an obtainable way. 


Makers of the incredible pizza whose belief is that the freshest taste can only come from one place– your oven, has never stopped giving you the pizza you deserve. To continue enjoying the goodness of the pizza, DiGiorno and Instacart has made the delivery a lot easier than ease.


For mothers and growing families, Gerber understands that sometimes food needs to be delivered to infants that need nutrition. By providing food items on Instacart, families can feed their babies without leaving the house.  


With more people staying at home and baking, Pillsbury is taking advantage by advertising their foods through featured products. And since the holidays are also coming, Pillsbury is preparing to advertise their holiday products.  

Bird’s Eye and Kraft Velveeta 

These two brands are taking a page out of the mass marketing book using multiple featured and sponsored lines that fit the features of the brand. If used strategically, these ads have the potential to gain maximum exposure. 

Florida Citrus

Full of essential nutrients –Vitamin C, Potassium and Folate, Florida Citrus is an original wellness drink available to support the immune system and sustain hydration. When cold and flu season comes around, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Thankfully, Instacart is there to bring this uncomplicated choice closer.

Califia Farm

Dedicated to powering wellness transformation by innovating better forms of nourishment with delicious plant-based products. In partnership with Instacart, Califia Farm is bringing good health and healthy living closer to health-conscious people.


Coke was one of the companies to enter “Instacart Deals”, a partnership between brands and  companies that provide discounts for customers. Efforts like these build loyalty to those that already buy their products and services.