10 Brands Advertising On Instacart 2020

Instacart has rapidly grown in popularity this year. During the world’s current affairs, when most people don’t leave home as often, the need for delivery services has skyrocketed. As a result, Instacart is growing in a way that is unlikely to slow down any time soon. 

Instacart now hosts a self-serve advertising platform as well, and this article discusses which brands are reaping the benefits of this surge in popularity. We’ve put a list together from different industries that use Instacart to sell their products.


Pepsi was one of the first products to test the advertising platform, and it’s still one of the bigger supporters on Instacart. In fact, when you log in to Instacart, it’s one of the first brands you see affiliated with the service page. 

The partnership is beneficial to both companies. Pepsi lends Instacart credibility since it’s such a large brand, and Instacart gives Pepsi more access to customers’ homes. We expect this partnership will last for quite some time.  


Lindt’s brick-and-mortar store can set up pickup and delivery through Instacart. All stores that carry Lindt are providing easier access to their world-famous chocolate. 

Lindt also partners with Instacart with deals for customers who want to try different selections. One that pops up often on their site is “Buy three, get one free”. 


During cold and flu season, brands like Mucinex are advertising on Instacart for convenient access at the first sign of sickness. The brand is featured in the “related items” and “frequently bought with” sections to inform customers of different wellness options. 

Like food, medicine is a necessity. There are a few stores known to carry it that will appear at the top of a quick search. Mucinex is making itself even more accessible, setting itself apart from the competition. 

Ben & Jerry’s 

Ben & Jerry’s is also known for providing sales on the website to attract consumers and boost brand exposure. Instacart features popular flavors to help with the tough decision of which ice cream to pick.  

This is another way for Ben & Jerry’s to help mobilize itself, which can be a challenge with a brand that sells ice cream. By partnering with a company like Instacart, Ben & Jerry’s can remain competitive in a crowded field.  


Airborne is an immune support supplement provider for people who really need aid on the go. With the mobility of Instacart, now you don’t have to go out of your way to find supplements. 

Airborne is advertising on the platform in a way that competes well against other vitamin brands, appearing under featured and sponsored products, creating exposure to different customers.  

La Croix 

While this brand isn’t the first to appear in search results for sparkling water, it competes with advertised sales. The biggest competitors for La Croix have been Sanpellegrino and Spindrift. To combat their edge in sponsored product, La Croix garnered sales through competitive pricing and promotions, like selling two 6-packs of water for just $5.00. 


Banner ads, deals, and featured products are set up when users search for Clearasil or skincare products. With these elements working together, the brand has created a competitive advantage over other skincare products.

Instacart also carries a ton of different Clearasil products from different stores, making their products even more accessible.  


During the current pandemic, selling products like cold and flu medicine is best done with contactless delivery. Like Mucinex, Delsym needs to facilitate home deliveries during cold and flu season. With so many different products offering the same relief, advertising on a platform like Instacart can provide the exposure needed to gain an edge.  


Next to Scott, Cottonelle toilet paper is featured in the sponsored area of toiletry products. Not only that, but several Cottonelle products are visible on different pages as featured items or on the suggested list. 

Cottonelle has partnered with Instacart to be presented as a featured item on the homepage of different products.   


Instacart is convincing advertisers to pay fees for deliveries, presenting DiGiorno with a unique opportunity. Since so many customers associate pizzas with delivery, DiGiorno can compete with those brands now, with their pizzas delivered to the home instead of just being available in stores. 

DiGiorno has also partnered with Instacart to offer discounts on their products to entice the consumer.