10 Brands Advertising On Instacart 2020

We’ve put a list of brands together from different departments that are all using Instacart as a platform to promote their line of products.

Instacart has rapidly grown in popularity this year. During the world’s current affairs, the majority of people haven’t left their homes as frequently, and so the need and desire for delivery have only risen. In fact, Instacart is growing in a way that not many see it slowing down anytime soon. 

And while we know Instacart now hosts a self-serve advertising platform too, which brands are using it and reaping the benefits? We’ve put a list of brands together from different departments that are all using Instacart as a platform to promote and sell their line of products. 

Ready to take a look?  


Pepsi was actually one of the first products to test out the advertising platform. And now it’s still one of the bigger supporters on Instacart. In fact, when you log in to the Instacart page, it’s one of the first brands you see affiliated with the service page. 

Their partnership does well for both of them. Pepsi is able to give Instacart more credibility, especially since it’s such a large brand. Instacart is now able to give Pepsi more mobility and access to the home Since both are able to benefit the other, we see this partnership sticking around for quite some time.  


Chocolate anyone? Lindt’s actual store is able to set up pickup and delivery all through the use of Instacart. Not only that, but all of the stores that carry Lindt are giving easy access to the chocolate. 

All you have to do is find which one is going to satisfy your sweet cravings! Lindt also partners with Instacart to provide sales to customers who may be interested in trying out their chocolate. One that’s been known to pop up on the site is “Buy three, get one free”. 


During cold and flu season, brands like Mucinex are advertising on Instacart for quick and easy access at the first signs of sickness. More of the brand is also featured in the “related items” and “frequently bought with” sections to further entice the customer. 

Like food, cold and flu medicine can be seen as quite a necessity. There are a few stores known to carry it that pop up at the top of a quick search. Mucinex a brand is making itself even more easily accessible, which gives it the capability to set itself apart from other competition. 

Ben & Jerry’s 

Ben & Jerry’s is also known for providing sales on the website in order to attract extra purchases and brand exposure. Instacart also shows featured and popular flavors to help in the decision-making process.  

This is another way for the brand to help mobilize itself, which isn’t necessarily easy with a brand such as ice cream. By partnering with a company such as Instacart, Ben & Jerry’s can enter the competitive market fully.  


On the go? Airborne is perfect for those who really need travel aid in their lives. And with the mobility of Instacart, now you don’t have to go out of your way to find the brand. 

Airborne is advertising on the platform in a way that actively competes with other vitamin brands. This brand has been competitive on Instacart by showing up under featured and sponsored products, creating even more exposure to the different customers.  

La Croix 

While this brand isn’t the first to show up in search results for sparkling water, it’s able to compete with an advertised sale. Some of the biggest competition for La Croix is both Sanpellegrino and Spindrift. To combat their edge over the sponsored products department, this brand is able to tackle sales through competitive pricing and promotions. 

For instance, they’ve been seen running deals such as purchasing two 6-packs for only $5. 


There are banner ads, deals, and featured products all set up when someone searches Clearasil or skincare in the search bar. With all of these working together, this brand is able to rise above the rest and truly create a competitive advantage over other products.

Instacart also carries a ton of different Clearasil products to choose from different stores, so it makes their products even more easily accessible.  


Given the world’s current affairs with viruses, selling cold and flu medicine is best done virtually and contactless. Like Mucinex, Delsym wants the competitive advantage to be easily deliverable to the home during cold and flu season. With so many different products too, advertising done on a platform such as Instacart, they need to gain as much exposure as possible to win the overall sale. 

With the easy access Instacart provides, more and more brands are willing to flock to the platform and sell.  


Next to Scott, Cottonelle toilet paper is featured in the sponsored area of toiletry products. Not only that, but different Cottonelle products are also flooding the page as featured or are in the suggested list. 

Cottonelle is a partner with Instacart and it’s featured on the homepage of different products that can be found on the platform.   


Instacart is actually getting advertisers to pay fees for deliveries, and DiGiorno has a unique opportunity there. Since so many customers associate pizza being available via delivery, DiGiorno can now compete with those brands and be able to also have their pizzas delivered to the home. This is perfect for game nights, family celebrations and so much more! 

DiGiorno has also partnered with Instacart to be able to offer money off of their products to entice the consumer. 


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