Spotify Ad Studio 101

With the use of Spotify’s Ad Studio, we’ll explain what it entails, why so many are on board and the different ad types that are available.

Are you listening to music right now? Odds are it’s through Spotify! Spotify is a music streaming service that hosts thousands and thousands of artists on their platform. This means that millions of listeners are now flocking to the platform for good music and the option for a versatile playlist. 

And that means great things for advertisers who want to jump on board and target this large pool of listeners! With the use of Spotify’s Ad Studio, we’ll take a dive and explain what it entails, why so many are on board, and the different ad types that are available to choose. 

Now let’s blast some good ‘ole music and let’s begin!  

What is Spotify Ad Studio?

This cool new studio is actually a self-serve platform that allows advertisers to reach out to listeners on Spotify via an ad experience while they’re in the midst of listening to music. After the initial launch of the platform, an array of artist teams, labels, and music marketers have utilized it as a way to promote upcoming and existing music. 

By using this platform, listeners will be prompted to make the switch to new music advertised to them. This is perfect for gaining additional exposure and increasing your audience size.   

These Are Reasons to Advertise on Spotify Ad Studio 

So, why use Spotify Ad Studio? There are three key reasons why so many marketers are turned on to the idea of utilizing this platform. All three of these methods are great for all new and seasoned artists, and there’s no harm to partake no matter the stage of business you currently reside in. 

The Target Audience is Found Here:  Did you know that there are over 170 million monthly active ad-supported listeners on Spotify? Anyone of those listeners can be a part of your new target market, and one alone can make all the difference. 

It Efficiently Aids Your Budget: The budget minimum is only $250 within your country’s local currency, so it’s super affordable for artists who are striving to break out with a new audience. Plus, all it takes is a few minutes to begin You can simply and quickly get these few features started: 

  • Make your ads go live
  • Make edits 
  • View reporting 

Ads Are Delivered at the Perfect Moment:  The perfect timing makes a whirlwind of a difference. And Spotify has got you covered! They pay attention to how other listeners stream their music, and when a screen is in or out of focus. They’ll be able to get your message heard in the right way.

Which feature is your favorite? Better yet, which one will yield the most benefits for you as a marketer? With all of the cool and unique music that’s available on the platform, there’s definitely a crowd of diverse people that can be targeted for your business.  

There Are Two Forms of Advertisement 

Now that we know what Spotify ads entail, let’s take a closer look at the different ads that are available on the platform. Both are made out to be the most relevant for your listener and creates room for engagement. After all, why put a billboard on the screen if you’re not looking at the screen? Take a look at the following two ads. 

Audio Ads: If you’re already listening to music, audio ads are the perfect interference to a potential customer who is currently engaged. In between songs, a relevant audio ad is set to play for a listener’s possible engagement and to inform them. The only imagery will be the logo of the brand to show who is advertising. It can also be selected so the listener can be taken to that relevant page.  

Video Ads: Video ads are similar in the way that advertisements are placed on Spotify’s site and app. The only difference is the screen is larger to cover the moving imagery. When audio and moving pictures collide, it’s one of the most engaging types of advertisements. The best type of video to play on this platform might be a shortened music video, so it teases the listener to engage in its entirety afterward.   

Our Final Thoughts 

What do we think of Spotify Ads Studio? With the unique features and millions of active ad-supported users on the platform, there’s quite a lot of opportunity to take advantage of in the advertising/marketing world. 

Have you used Spotify Ad Studio before? If you have or plan to, tell us about your experience! We’d love to know some of the various reasons you chose to make this one of your platforms to invest in. Each advertisement can be tailored differently, and you get to choose the size and type of target market you’re trying to achieve. This is truly your campaign! Plan and execute it in the way that you please.  


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