15 Reddit Ad Examples You’ll Want to Copy

Since we’ve talked about Reddit advertising and best practices, we think it’s especially important to highlight top brands who have advertised on the platform. These are the top 15 ways some of your favorite brands showcase their products to target markets through Reddit ads.


Budweiser has just started advertising on Reddit, testing paid native ads on a budget. As a bigger brand advertising on a new platform, they’ve been successful at taking advantage of learning opportunities. 


Toyota promoted a video based on race cars. It was posted on a race car subreddit, so it instantly became more influential to a thread with users who related to it.  

Ally Bank 

Ally Bank got creative by making promotional advertisements for PlayStation subreddits. Ally Bank related to gaming consumers with a joke about poorly made game controllers, which is something that all of them can identify with as gamers. 


Playstation grabbed the attention of many video game players, which is partly the reason Ally Bank used the same thread. The target market was already entranced by their ad. With the launch of a new video game controller, many took to the post to comment and share with other users.   


Lemonade is an insurance app that submitted a promoted post targeted on a fast-food subreddit. Their video showcased how insurance payments cost as much as fast food items. The advertisement related in an uncommon way and still created engagement for its consumers. 


Nissan was one of the first companies to experiment with the AMA format Reddit offers, way back in 2015.  The CEO of Nissan created a thread in the subreddit “IAmA”, which engaged the target market by inviting them to ask him questions. 

The Economist 

The Economist, a London-based news publication, has its staff post threads to engage its consumers. This is another way the brand made itself more personal to its target audience. 


Audi used live streaming and celebrities to promote its newest car on a test track. To make it fun, celebrities answered questions on Reddit while they were driven at high speeds in a car. It was a creative advertisement that exemplifies what Reddit is known for as a platform.


CEO Elon Musk hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) to promote the SpaceX BFR rocket. A knowledgeable leader, Musk was able to grasp the attention of many people, and successfully promoted his new product. 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 

Bill Gates grabbed the attention of many people by hosting AMAs. This time he gained a different kind of attention than a software release, however, through the promotion of his non-profit foundation. It informed followers and gained exposure for the foundation’s mission. 


Nordstrom has launched a new community for users who want to talk and post about products that have been sold by the company. This has become widely successful, especially for customers who desire more product knowledge. 

XBox One

After other Redditors started talking about XBox One, Microsoft started hosting AMAs to address any unanswered questions. This created transparency for the brand, which ultimately built loyalty from their consumers. 


To engage with consumers, Spotify used Reddits to ask more than 30 questions about music and the emotions certain songs sparked in listeners. 

Maker’s Mark 

Maker’s Mark is known for its innovative marketing, which it has used successfully since 1954. The brand experimented with Reddit for the first time in 2013m with a campaign called “Let It Snoo”, a play on Reddit’s alien mascot. 

Long-time users who identified with the mascot appreciated the nod to the Reddit community. 

Glamour Magazine 

Glamour magazine promoted Anna Kendrick’s cover issue by having the movie star recite some of her most inspiring “Shower Thoughts”, which came from a popular subreddit.  It became one of the most popular campaign videos on YouTube.