15 Brands Advertising on Reddit

There are a ton of brands that advertise on Reddit.  In this article, we take a look at which brands were able to successfully post to Reddit in a creative way, achieving solid returns on their  investments.  

1. Ally Bank 

Ally Bank got creative with promotional advertisements specifically for PlayStation subreddits. The financial company related to  gaming consumers by joking about poorly made game controllers, a problem with which all gamers are familiar. 

2. TransAmerica 

Transamerica successfully engaged Reddit consumers  by launching its first Reddit campaign with the Unitas challenge, a college football competition spearheaded by employees who realized Reddit could be part of an even greater marketing strategy.  

3. Maker’s Mark 

Maker’s Mark has been known for its innovative marketing since 1954. In 2013, the brand experimented with Reddit for the first time with a campaign called “Let It Snoo”, a play on the name of Reddit’s alien mascot. 

Users who identify with Reddit loved it, as it gave a positive ode to the mascot for the Reddit community. 

4. Lenovo 

Lenovo teamed up with Onion Labs,  a satirical newspaper. Together, they created a fantasy making fun of fantasy football.  Lenovo challenged Reddit users to create their own version of the game, and the campaign was quite successful. 

5. Glamour Magazine 

Glamour magazine aimed to promote Anna Kendrick’s cover issue, and used the actress to recite some of her most inspiring “Shower Thoughts”. The idea came from a popular old Subreddit, so long-time users immediately got it, and it became one of the most popular campaign videos on YouTube. 

6. Denny’s

Denny’s is a restaurant franchise known for interacting with its Millennial crowd through humor and trending topics. In 2013, Denny’s used Reddit to post cleverly-worded sponsored headlines. 

The popularity of the posts drove up exposure for both Denny’s and Reddit.

7. Marriott 

Marriott recently launched a new virtual travel experience, and they wanted to engage the Reddit crowd for exposure. To do this, Marriot asked their Reddit community why their specific location is the best. 

Users were intrigued, submitting creative content that showed the Reddit community why their local town is special. 

8. Ikea

Located in Australia,  the furniture brand posted coupons offering free cribs for some customers who had a baby born 9 months after the ad was published on Valentine’s Day in 2013. Over 97% of the post was voted up in favor. 

9. Spotify  

To engage consumers creatively,  Spotify asked over 30 questions on Reddit about music and different emotions certain songs sparked in listeners.  Talk about two brands working together! 

10. New Belgium Brewing

This beer brand used a photoshop battle  that reached more than 49 million impressions and received over 73,000 clicks. New Belgium also collaborated with a Reddit community to release a new beer called Snapshot Wheat. 

11. Toyota 

Toyota promoted a video based on race cars on a race car subreddit. The topic was influential with the subreddit’s audience because they could relate to it.   

12. Lemonade Inc. 

Lemonade is an insurance app that presented a promoted post targeted toward a fast-food subreddit. The video showcases how insurance payments cost as much as fast food. The advertisement related in an uncommon way to create engagement. 

13. Nissan

Nissan was one of the first companies to experiment with the AMA format that Reddit offered back in 2015.  The CEO of Nissan created a thread in the subreddit “IAmA”, where he got personal with the target market by inviting them to ask him questions. 

14. The Economist 

The Economist, a london-based news publication, has its staff post threads to engage with consumers. This is another way to make a brand more personal to the consumers it targets. 

15. Audi 

Audi used live streaming and celebrities to promote its newest car on a test track. To make it fun, celebrities answered questions on Reddit while being driven at high speeds in the car. Creative and fun, the advertisement replicated the energy that made Reddit popular.