How Much Do Reddit Ads Cost?

We’ve taken a look to gather insight on how much Reddit ads cost, and if Reddit ads are worth it for your brand.

Reddit ads will help brands communicate their brand messaging effectively and to the right target market. In fact, Reddit is the perfect platform to achieve niche marketing outreach. 

However, all forms of advertising comes at a price. We’ve taken a look to gather insight on how much a Reddit advertisement will set you back and if it’s worth it. From the different ads available to the way you can incorporate key methods into each communication, you’ll be able to see how each investment will work for you. 

There Are Different Ways to Advertise

Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few ways you can advertise on the Reddit platform. All of the below advertising methods can aid in the way you communicate your brand to the right target audience. 

Self-Serve Sponsored Links: Did you know that this type of advertising is the perfect place to start for new Reddit advertisers? It’s not only flexible, but it’s amazingly affordable. They are the main type of promoted post on the Reddit platform. 

When creating the advertisement, you have the option to submit both internal or external links for consumer engagement. Make sure to also be aware of the content, performance data and restrictions when creating the initial campaign. 

Display Ads: These are considered to be banner ads and users happen to be able to vote on them positively or negatively. What’s unique about these display ads is that they are also linked to a unique comment thread, which invites discussion and engagement on the topic. 

However, in order to purchase these ads you’ll need to get into contact with the Reddi sales team directly. They’ll be able help you out as well as assign a dedicated account manager.  

Sponsored Q&As: Since Reddit is known for their popular question page, this can be used as a specific target for subreddits. As an advertiser, you have the unique ability to set out these questions as well as the desired times that match them. 

The key is to work with your target audience in order to ensure that they’ll actively communicate with this type of sponsored advertisement. 

Make Sure to Incorporate These Methods Into the Campaigns 

While there are a ton of great ways to communicate effectively with these campaigns, it’s super important to keep these inclusions in mind. The users of Reddit will take to each of the following information pieces as it sheds a light onto genuine advertising. 

Create Value in Your Advertisements: Give your advertisement a reason for people to engage in your brand. If you’re not contributing in a way that meshes with Reddit, then the advertisement will seem out of place on the platform. Contribute value to the community that you are presenting to with an advertisement. 

Transparency is Key:  Don’t put any tricks into your advertisement. Honesty is key because you are directly telling the consumer key features to the brand. There are no scams or any  clickbait, so it’ll encourage more authentic engagement. Make sure to prevent it in a way that the brand comes across as real and not questionable. 

Advertise With a Sense of Humor:  For those that are contributing onto Reddit, entertainment, socializing and the discovery of new things are exactly what users are looking for on the platform. 

Speak the Language of Your Target Audience:  every social media has a certain aesthetic or a language that they speak. And everyone is different from the other. For Reddit, the common language happens to be threads or memes. 

Be Comfortable With the Content and Platform: Every social media platform needs a little bit of research conducted in order to understand both the consumer  and the way that the actual social media platform works.  Reddit happens to be super specific in its communications,  so it’s super important to relate that same text vibe in the advertisements. 

This is How Much Reddit Ads Cost 

Did you know the minimum to actually advertise on Reddit is only $5 per day? You can actually buy ads on Reddit on a CPM basis. 

There’s an auction style that you can partake in the bid and it’s only $0.20 per bid. The bid cost actually depends on who else is using the same target audience. If more brands are targeting the same audience than the competition and bid will be higher.  

Also to note, if you do happen to work with the Reddit ad sales team, the minimum dollar amount for advertisement placements sold  is $30,000.  

The Bottomline 

Is the cost worth it to you? Out of all the different ways you can advertise on the platform, we find that you can truly tailor the campaign to the budget you have in mind. There is no concrete way to advertise on the platform, so you’re able to really get what you want based out of the investment that you put into the initial campaign. 

Let us know how you plan on advertising on Reddit in the future!      


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