YouTube TrueView for Action Ads Complete Guide

We’ll go into detail and talk about YouTube TrueView for action ads. Together, we’ll define it, see how it works and why you should ultimately take part.

YouTube is a booming business! However, if you’re a YouTube creator, then really is no lucrative business unless creators utilize ads in your favor. That’s where the advertiser steps into play. In fact, besides video sponsorships from other brands, YouTube ad revenue is truly one of the only ways that the platform is able to pay its creators. 

And it’s not just paying every creator either! There are a ton of different protocols to go through on the platform before a creator can truly get to that point. 

Although speaking of ad revenue, we’ll go into detail and talk about TrueView for action ads. Together, we’ll define it, see how it works and why you should ultimately take part in the action if you are an advertiser or creator. Shall we begin? 

Let’s Define YouTube TrueView for Action Ads

TrueView for action ads can technically be defined as video ads that pop up during the streaming process of another video. It allows advertisers to be able to convert potential customers and have them engage in the short visual ad in order for them to continue on to the original content. 

Plus, the success of them can be measured in the following three ways. 

Increase in Purchase Desire: Are people more interested in buying this product after seeing the advertisement? What is the engagement surrounding the views? Ask yourself these questions as an advertiser. 

Visits to the Store: Whether it’s online or in-store, visits are a great demonstration of interest in the product or service offerings. How do the ad clicks affect the amount of store traffic? 

Online Conversions: Now, look at the purchases that have actually been made after watching the advertisement. This truly shows the effectiveness as this is the end goal. 

How Do YouTube TrueView for Action Ads Work?

We’ll demonstrate how these ads work and why so many advertisers are turning to YouTube TrueView as a lucrative option for the brands that they represent. Here’s how! 

  • You are helping to convert the current YouTube viewer into a brand-oriented customer 
  • There’s the ability to educate a new targeted audience 
  • You have the ability to interact and convert an audience even faster 
  • Help your brand reach the audiences it really needs for secure success
  • You now have access to the platform’s targeting options and methods 
  • Reduce any friction associated with field forms previously completed  

How Do We Run TrueView for Action Ads? 

These ads are created with the use of a skippable in-stream format. Any ad created also has the ability to offer a call-to-action in order to get the user truly engaged. 

There’s even the ability to add more optional features such as getting creative with the use of sitelinks and lead forms.  

These Types of Companies Benefit Best Using YouTube TrueView for Action Ads 

Ask yourself if YouTube ads are the right fit for your brand. The platform has been known to best feature these types of companies and services. 

Travel Booking Companies: These types of advertisements create the ability to make an impact on those who are looking to travel. There might be flight or hotel deals in the advertisement that will make the viewer not be able to refuse. 

Retailers: If there’s a retailer showing their ad with a corresponding video, then it will create an even bigger impact for the viewer. For example, fashion brand videos are super popular so a related retailer will have a higher chance of profitable success. 

Other types of companies that can benefit are the following: 

  • Concerts or shows 
  • Finance 
  • Accounting
  • Food delivery 

Our Final Thoughts 

Why not create a YouTube TrueView for action ad campaign? 

There’s a ton of great resources you can utilize to make this advertisement engaging while also targeting the right audience. With all of the different features and the ability to be a part of such a large platform, there’s a lot that can be done and major growth that’s able to happen. 

Have you used YouTube before for advertising? Let us know your thoughts and how you plan on utilizing this feature for your brand. Not sure if it’s actually a good fit? Tell us wh too. We understand that not every advertisement method is truly for every person. And that’s perfectly okay.


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