Reddit Advertising: How to Use Reddit Ads

Reddit is a social media platform built to create communities. It’s the type of platform where users can vote posts up or down based upon their relevance to a given topic. If there’s more votes in the direction of up, then the post is deemed useful, and exposed to more users.

A lot of information is available on the platform as well, providing a wealth of knowledge for those willing to look, and a good place for advertisers to discuss their brands. We’ll examine the advertising side of Reddit, with information on what it entails and how to use it for your own benefit. 

What is Reddit Advertising? 

Reddit advertising is where brands can connect themselves to over 430 million monthly visitors on the platform. With a high potential for engagement and a variety of target markets that can be reached on the site, all advertisers need to do is sign up and get started. We’ll dig deeper and showcase some of the best practices to get it done right and show results.  

Why Should You Use Reddit Advertising? 

There are a lot of reasons Reddit advertising exists for brands. Consider the following to see how this form of advertising could benefit you and your brand. 

Target Your Audience: In some cases, and on a variety of platforms, there are limited opportunities to target the exact audience we need. Reddit offers an experience where you can target niche markets that have specific interests.

There’s an Engagement Opportunity: Reddit is the world’s largest online forum, so it needs active engagement to stay alive. Fortunately, engagement levels of engagement haven’t diminished on the platform. 

Brands can make their own accounts and create a thread where they specifically ask their customers for feedback. They can share content consistently with Reddit, which helps create opportunities for active engagement.  

The Ads Are Easy to Set Up: Reddit’s advertising program is a self-serve platform, so it grants full control over the ad’s creation. All that’s required is that you upload a photo, add relevant brand messaging,  and provide a link to complete the call-to-action. 

This is How Reddit Advertising is Used 

Now that we know why so many brands are gravitating to the platform for advertising, we can demonstrate how you can take part. Follow these key steps to ensure you have a successful campaign that is ready for engagement. 

Set Up Your Account and Campaign: First, sign up using the Reddit campaign management resource. You’ll need the following for a complete campaign. 

  • An active Reddit account 
  • A headline and relevant brand copy 
  • An image for a thumbnail 
  • An image for mobile card view 

Give your campaign a unique name to keep track of more than one.  

Select Your Target Audience: An important factor in a successful campaign is in figuring out who will see your ads. You can narrow it down using these feature settings: 

  • An advanced version of targeting for a specific time of day
  • Their mobile device type (iOS or Android) 
  • Their platform type (Mobile web or desktop)
  • Subreddits 
  • Locations 
  • Common interests 

Subreddits are useful because they let us tap into those specific audiences found in niche marketing. 

List Your Budget: You can set a daily budget with a maximum total. The price is measured by cost per thousand impressions (CPM), so you’ll have a set dollar amount. 

You can bid how much you want to pay from that set dollar amount to win the ad space. 

Design the Visual Aspect of the Ad: Finally, the fun part! Follow these steps to get a creative look at the overall presentation of your ad. 

  • Select the type of ad 
  • Enter a catchy headline 
  • Upload the desired images 
  • Name the project for personal reference 
  • Submit the final copy for approval 

These Are the Types of Reddit Ads 

These are the types of ads that are available for posting on Reddit. 

Promoted Post: There are two types of promoted posts, link and text ads. They have the same look as a user-submitted post on Reddit, but this is how they differ: 

Link ad- This type of ad is an external link to your website or a product landing page, with a look that often resembles a headline. They’re usually not text-heavy, so most users should be able know what it entails at a glance. 

Text ad- This ad contains an internal link to a different Reddit page, which usually contains a longer text description, external links, or links to more discussion forums on a topic.

Display Ad: This ad  represents the look of a normal website banner advertisement., Advertisers must contact the Reddit sales team to use this ad since it’s not located on the self-serve platform. 

Prices also begin at about $30,000 for display ads. It does come with perks like an account manager and personalized analytics reports, however. 

The Bottom Line 

We find that the creative freedom in Reddit ad makes it a worthy option for those seeking brand exposure. The platform also creates opportunities for targeting specific audiences, a useful tool for anyone in marketing. 

Let us know your personal experiences with Reddit, and whether or not you plan on utilizing the ad platform in the future!