Quora Advertising: How to Use Quora Ads

With Quora being a huge site (200 million unique monthly visitors) let’s investigate its very own Quora advertising platform.

Let’s discuss Quora! This is a public forum that openly showcases questions and answers posted by the community involved on the platform. Similar to Reddit, the questions and answers are voted for being helpful or liked by other users. The more who like these specific questions or answers will have that post showcased more than some of the others. 

With Quora being a huge site (200 million unique monthly visitors) let’s investigate its very own advertising platform. We’ll look to see how it can be used and how its best practices can be achieved. 

Save all of your campaign ideas and let’s get started!  

What Are Quora Ads?

Quora ads are when advertisers choose to advertise on the platform using the self-serve service. You have the ability to create and target those who actively use Quora. 

Unlike other advertising platforms, Quora gives you the needed ability to take your ad copy and place it between other user posts as a way to be relatable and directly target those who are showing interest in the product or service.   

These Are the Benefits of Advertising on Quora

There are four main advantages that will have advertisers keep coming back to the platform. Take a look at the following! 

  • The ads are measurable  
  • There’s a high user intent 
  • Key quality content 
  • The audience is not only large, but it’s also engaged 

Which benefit is your favorite? All are key factors to ensuring that an advertising or marketing campaign runs in a way that delivers profitable results.

What Do Quora Ads Entail? 

  • Business name comprised of 30 characters 
  • Headline sentence comprised of 65 characters 
  • Body text comprised of 105 characters 
  • Display URL comprised of 30 characters 

While it may seem like these characters are extensive, the length and placement are crucial to getting the desired brand messaging communicated efficiently.  

How Do You Advertise on Quora?

Now we can officially look into how advertising is best achieved. By following these key steps, take a look at how you can get the most out of your campaign!   

Create a Quora Account: First it’s important to make a Quora advertising account, which is separate from a personal one. It will ask for the business name for the account and contact information in order to begin.  

Install the Quora Pixel: Quora Pixel is a great measuring tool that can be utilized to measure your advertisement success. For instance, advertisers are able to track conversion events and build target audiences. 

Without the use of campaign measurements, advertisers won’t be able to pivot in the ways that they need in order to obtain a more profitable success.

Design Your First Quora Ads Campaign: When creating a campaign with Quora, it’s similar to the structure of Facebook. This means that at the campaign level there is a boundary that holds ad groups. It’s also the spot where scheduling, budgeting and objectives are controlled. 

Pro Tip: Set conversions as the objective in the ad campaign. This will help to ensure sales and active engagement. 

Now Set Your Targets and Bid: This is where you control what audience is able to see your advertisements. Achieve this by conducting market research and keyword searches. 

You can also bid how much you want to pay for the advertisement in order to win the spot against other brands who are bidding. Do additional research in order to find out what this type of bid is worth in order to set the right value and to ensure you’re not selling yourself short. 

As your targeting, keep the following two methods in mind as well. 

Topic Targeting- The topics will actually function as if they’re keywords. This will allow you to select questions among all of the different answers that prove to be relevant. 

Audience Targeting- Quora Pixel will allow advertisers to select certain segments of website visitors. You can then target and look out for them when they return to Quora.   

The Bottomline  

What’s the final consensus? With millions upon millions of unique monthly visitors, Quora is certainly a platform worth the try. Give it a shot with a few tailored campaigns. The site also has a few unique benefits that will let your brand truly shine in terms of enhanced engagement and exposure. 

Tell us what unique opportunities Quora presents for you and how you plan on using it for future campaigns. There are several brands that are able to take advantage of an advertising platform such as this one. 


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