Walmart SEO Guide: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Rank #1 (2020)

Walmart is the second most popular e-commerce in the world, behind Amazon. Thousands upon thousands of products are available to customers, with countless brick-and-mortar stores a few miles away from most family homes in all 50 states. There’s something to be said about Walmart, Walmart SEO, and the company that it really is to America’s consumers. 

If you’re an advertiser or a seller with Walmart, these SEO guides and tips should provide the leverage you’ll need for successful returns from this powerful platform. 

What is Walmart SEO?

First, let’s talk about what the definition of SEO is to advertisers. SEO increases the amount of visitors to a website organically, by understanding the rules of a search engine, and using this to get customers to the right product page. 

Walmart SEO increases the tally of visitors by ranking the top position in a search result.  There are many factors to get your business ranked first. 

How Does Walmart SEO Work?

Listing a product on Walmart or any other shopping platform might not be enough to get the sale.  Most Walmart customers won’t even see your product unless it uses SEO, because of Walmart’s algorithm

Once you optimize your listings, products are more likely to turn into profits.  SEO plays a huge role in this, and ticketing shoppers to locate your product.  This is often done with the following included in your SEO optimization:

  • Keyword
  • Search term
  • Query
  • Product

These Are Walmart SEO Best Practices

Now that we know what SEO entails and how Walmart uses SEO for your products, we can look at the best practices advertisers can use on this platform. 

Product Title

Make sure that any product title is precise and clear.  Readability is important because the customer must understand the product. 

If they don’t, the product will most likely get overlooked and miss the sale opportunity. 

Product Descriptions (Shelf, Short, Long) Key Features

Make sure these three key features are highlighted in the product description. Also, make sure the following is highlighted:

  • Make sure to list three to five important benefits of the product. 
  • Add a few keywords to strengthen it.  
  • Be specific and understandable. 
  • Keep bullet points precise and simple. 
  • Don’t repeat information. 
  • Don’t “fluff” out the meaning of the product. 
  • Don’t overuse keywords. 
  • Avoid grammar or spelling mistakes. 

Product Images

Images are a key element in making sure a product sells on Walmart or any other platform. If there are no good images, the buyer might not be sure they are buying the right product. 

Make sure to capture the important features of the product visually. If there are details that are worth noting then make sure that it’s also captured in the image. 

Product Attributes

Don’t forget to list all the features of the product. These are selling points that describe the product without a customer representative. 

Being detailed also gains the consumer’s trust because you establish all areas of the product via description. 

Product Price

Prices are very important with Walmart SEO. Engage in research and make sure the price reflects the quality of your product, and that it’s competitive with other brands.  if the price is too high for your brand, then the sale could be lost to a competitor. 

Product Reviews

Product reviews are a great way to get consumers involved, and they display the genuine thoughts of consumers who have actually tried the product. Without reviews, many potential customers might be left in a gray area about the product’s value.

Enable 2-Day Delivery

Make sure your product gets to the consumer in a timely manner. Efficiency is key. If you can ship to a consumer faster than the competition, there is a higher chance that your company makes the sale and earns the consumer’s trust.