Walmart Algorithm: How It Works & 5 Tips To Beat It

If you’re a seller or advertiser on Walmart, the algorithm is one of the best ways to get a piece of the pie

It’s undeniable that Walmart is not only huge in terms of market share in brick and mortar, but also on the online realm. In fact, Walmart is in second place to Amazon for thrift online presence in market share. 

If you’re a seller or advertiser on Walmart, the algorithm is one of the best ways to get a piece of the pie. We’ll look into not only what the algorithm entails, but also how we can better control it so that our products that are listed achieve better sales and higher profits.  

Let’s grab our notepads and get started!  

What is the Walmart Algorithm?

During every customer search, the Walmart algorithm is always used behind the scenes. This is so that each consumer can have a better experience searching for the products that they need or desire and are relevant to their ultimate request. 

When I look at a series of factors. In fact, there are 11 of them. Take a look at the following to see all that is included. 

  • Products are sold in new condition
  • There’s a right UPC
  • There’s the right kind of categorization
  • Product variations
  • Clear and various images
  • There’s a strong product name
  • Optimized descriptions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Competitive shipping
  • Excellent seller’s performance and operation

Now that we know the 11 factors that are included in the algorithm, Let’s look at how the overall listing quality score is determined by Walmart. In fact, Walmart calls it the optimization triangle. Take a look at the following. 

Content:  Ask yourself how descriptive is your listing? The listing we need to include images, attributes descriptions, title and product category.  

Performance: Now ask yourself how great your customer experience would be. This will include the ODR, customer response time, and overall policy adherence.  

Offer: Finally ask yourself how competitive is my offer? The author quality will include the in-stock rate, shipping price, and speed, and the actual item price. 

This is How You Master the Algorithm 

Now that we know what the Walmart algorithm entails, we can better determine how we can overcome it as a seller and an advertiser. The following five tips and tricks will not only make your listing appear more desirable, but it will also allow you to achieve the sales and profits you need to thrive as a business. 

Take a look below!

Write a Cohesive Product Name: The product name needs to make sense to the actual listing of the product. Its cohesive name will make sure that a consumer will understand what they are potentially purchasing within the first five seconds of reading it. 

Not only that the product name also needs to be cohesive with the product description in order to better describe what the customer will be purchasing in better detail. 

Provide Four Images: Images are key to any product sale, especially online. The consumer needs to know what they’re purchasing before it arrives at their door and any issues are caused. 

By adding 4 images to each product,  the consumer will get a better understanding of what the product looks like within a 360 degree view. There will also be no room for error. The top, sides and bottom can then be accurately represented. 

Use the Right Keywords in the Product Page: Searchable keywords will create relevancy for the actual product that’s being listed. Make sure that these keywords actually represent the product.  If they don’t, then there will be fewer conversions on the page despite the fact that there will be higher traffic. 

To be sure the keywords are relevant to the consumer and the product, conduct extensive research before it hits the listing on Walmart. 

Be Detailed in Your Product Descriptions: The next step is to make sure that all descriptions are extremely detailed and (again) relevant to the product. Without the detail being there, the consumer won’t have the written information that they need in order to make the final purchase. 

The description will be able to explain and determine if the product is truly needed in their life and if it will fulfill their desires. 

Offer Competitive Pricing: Finally, competitive pricing plays such a huge factor in terms of  competitive advantage. Your price needs to be relevant to the market, meaning the supply and demand. Not only that, but your competitor  shouldn’t have a lower price than your listing.  

If they do, you need to determine if your current features actually outweigh the need to change the price. If there are more features or more technological advances in the product, then it makes sense for you to continue to deliver with a higher price.

The Bottomline 

With all being said, Walmart plays a key role for both sellers and consumers. This is a company that is super accessible all over the nation, including various countries. When you’re able to learn everything that the algorithm entails for Walmart, you can then master it by following the above steps and even more.

Is your brand currently selling on the Walmart platform? If so, what are you doing to help better understand the algorithm? What steps are you taking in order to master the algorithm and achieve higher sales numbers?  We’d love to know your thoughts and your ideas for what you see as potential opportunities for your current brand!


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