Walmart Algorithm: How It Works & 5 Tips To Beat It

It’s undeniable that Walmart has a huge market share in brick and mortar retail stores, but now they’re taking this success online. In fact, Walmart is in second place to Amazon for thrift online presence in market share.

If you’re a seller or advertiser on Walmart, understanding their algorithm is a good way to take advantage of the platform. We’ll explain what the algorithm entails, and how to control it so our products receive as much exposure as possible.  

What is the Walmart Algorithm?

During every customer search, the Walmart algorithm is always working behind the scenes. This is so each consumer has a better experience searching for the products they need.  

The algorithm considers 11 factors for listing search results. Take a look at the following to see which factors are included: 

  • Products are sold in new condition
  • There’s a right UPC
  • There’s the right kind of categorization
  • Product variations
  • Clear and various images
  • There’s a strong product name
  • Optimized descriptions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Competitive shipping
  • Excellent seller’s performance and operation

Now that we know the 11 factors included in the algorithm, let’s look at how the overall listing quality score is determined.  Walmart calls it the optimization triangle, which assesses these three factors when determining quality score: 

  • Content:  How descriptive is your listing? Listings should include images, attribute descriptions, titles, and product category.  
  • Performance: Consider the quality of your customers’ experiences. This will include the ODR, customer response time, and overall policy adherence.  
  • Offer: How competitive is your offer? Quality will include the in-stock rate, shipping price, and speed, and the listed item price. 

This is How You Master the Algorithm 

Now that we know what the Walmart algorithm entails, we can better determine how to overcome it as sellers and advertisers. The following five tips and tricks should make your listing more desirable. 

Write a Cohesive Product Name: The product name should make sense to the product listing. A cohesive name will ensure the consumer understands what they’re buying within the first five seconds of reading it. 

The product name should also be cohesive with the product description, to explain what the customer is purchasing in more detail. 

Provide Four Images: Images are a key to any product sale, especially online. Consumers need to know what they’re purchasing before it arrives at their door. 

By adding 4 images to each product,  the consumer will get a better understanding of what the product looks like in a 360 degree view. There will be no room for error. The top, sides, and bottom are represented clearly. 

Use the Right Keywords in the Product Page: Searchable keywords create relevance for products. Make sure these keywords represent the product well, or there could be fewer conversions from the page even with its high traffic. 

To be sure the keywords are relevant to the consumer and the product, conduct extensive research before it hits the listing on Walmart. 

Be Detailed in Your Product Descriptions: The next step is to make sure that all descriptions are detailed and relevant to the product. Without good details, the consumer could miss the vital information they need to make a purchase. 

The description should explain if the product is truly needed for the purpose they intend.

Offer Competitive Pricing: Competitive pricing is a big factor in terms of gaining an advantage. Your pricing should be relevant to the market, meaning its supply and demand, and your competitors shouldn’t have a lower price than your listing.  

If they do, you must decide  if your current features outweigh the need to change your prices. If there are more features or technological advances in the product or service you’re offering, then it makes sense for you to continue to deliver with a higher price.

The Bottom Line 

Walmart plays a key role for sellers and consumers. The company  is accessible across the nation, and in various other countries. When you learn everything that the algorithm does for Walmart, the above can give even more of an edge over competition.

Is your brand currently selling on the Walmart platform? If so, what are you doing to understand the algorithm? What steps are you taking to master the algoritm and achieve higher sales numbers?  We’d love to know your ideas about its potential opportunities for your current brand