TikTok Algorithm: How it Works and 5 Tips to Beat it

As the social media app continues to grow and thrive, it’s becoming more apparent to learn the way the TikTok algorithm works.

TikTok is a major social media app that has only grown in popularity over the last year. In fact, the features from the platform are doing so well it’s being copied by other platforms. Take Instagram for example. Instagram has recently launched Reels, which is equivalent to the way videos function. There are videos in the app that run on repeat within few seconds.  

As the social media app continues to grow and thrive, it’s becoming more apparent to learn the way the algorithm works. We’ll take a deep dive to find out how users are able to thrive on the platform and everything that it entails. 

Grab your TikTok and let’s get started!

What is the TikTok Algorithm? 

The iconic “For You” page on TikTok is how the majority of users and followers find new videos. If we understand the way that it works, then we can better determine how to overcome the flow of a user’s feed. 

From TikTok specifically, they said, “The system recommends content by ranking videos based on a combination of factors — starting from interests you express as a new user and adjusting for things you indicate you’re not interested in, too.” And from this, we can take away these following three factors.

 Look at User Interactions: User interactions will include all of the following.  

  • Videos you like or share 
  • Accounts you follow 
  • Comments you post 
  • Content you create 

Utilize Video Information: Any information on the videos will include the following details. 

  • Captions
  • Sounds 
  • Hashtags

Read Into Device and Account Settings: When you’re reading your device and account settings, these are the following to consider. 

  • Language preference 
  • Country setting 
  • Device type

This is How You Master the Algorithm: 

Now that we know how the TikTok algorithm works, we’ll look to see how we can overcome it. By following these tips and tricks, your videos and advertisements will be more visible to the viewers and gain the engagement it deserves. 

Let’s get started! 

Make Sure to Write an Engaging Caption:  When it comes to writing captions on TikTok, they’ll thrive much better if they’re written in a few words. Like the videos, the more engaging and short, the more users will stop to watch the entire video. 

The goal is to be compelling even if you have a full character count of 150. Do this by creating a call-to-action to give viewers an absolute reason to start watching. Even captions with questions will be able to help out with the overall engagement. 

High Quality and Well Edited Videos Are Key: Quality and edits are what’s going to make your videos stand out from the rest. Think about it! You’re in a competition with millions of other videos being posted daily. 

If the quality of your videos isn’t up to par, meaning they’re grainy, have poor lighting, or muffled sound, then they won’t thrive. Utilize all of TikTok’s editing features. They’ll include filters, effects, stickers, templates and so many other editing options. 

Strive to Post When Your Audience is Most Active: It’s super important to post when your audience is most active and engaged. Without your audience, your videos will be thrown to the side in terms of algorithm. When you go to post during a more active time, then there’s more opportunity for the video to be shared, commented on, and liked. This will result in more viewership and more followers.  

Engage and Connect With Other TikTok Users: Even on social media, networking is super important to take part. Make sure to do so by leaving comments and engaging on other people’s posts. 

Be genuine, and make sure to show that you care. If you aren’t genuine in the way that you interact with others or are not nice to others in your engagements, this will backfire on you. 

When you achieve comments and shares, then you’ll be picked up more in the For You page. 

Use Appropriate Hashtags: Hashtags will equal discoverability. However, they need to be the right ones. They need to be relevant to the videos you’re posting because the people interested in the topic you’re recording will be the ones searching the hashtag. 

 There are also two different types of hashtags on TikTok to follow. 

For Your Page: These will help get your videos on the For You page. They include #fyp #foryou #foryoupage In fact, a ton of brands are utilizing these to get their campaigns known to their target market.  

Trending: If there are trending hashtags, this is perfect for the life of your video. When you’re using these hashtags, they will give a jumpstart to your video and create even more popularity around it.

A lot of the time, there will be hashtag challenges associated with these, so there’s a video well-known that will go with the tag seamlessly.  

The Bottomline  

Do you have a TikTok page and are attempting to be more relevant to your followers and consumers? By understanding the TikTok algorithm fully, you’ll grasp the way your videos should be created and edited. 

Algorithms for any social media platform will need some investigation to better determine how you can become more relevant to your consumers. Play around with it too! While there are set tips and tricks to follow, some may be more well-received than others down the line. 

Let us know which tip you’re most excited to try and reach out to a TikTok ads agency


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