15 YouTube Ad Examples You’ll Want to Copy

YouTube is a great platform to learn and enjoy all while watching some of your favorite videos and YouTubers. Take a look a these 15 great YouTube ad examples and how these brands get their message in front of their target audience. 

1. Nike – Never Too Far Down 

Nike is a sports brand that is able to pull at your heartstrings emotionally, and they were able to achieve that with this campaign. The music and calm, yet bold, voice helped to facilitate the advertisement. All while this was happening, they made it a point to communicate that sports players are never too far down to start over again. 

2. Google – Loretta 

As a way to blend the use of normal Google search and the “Hey, Google” device together, the advertisement features a user remember his wife while utilizing both tools. The music, voice, and corresponding photos all went together to create that feeling of nostalgia. 

3. Hyundai – Smaht Pahk 

Hyundai utilized multiple celebrities to bring a comedic twist to its new car and features involving the car. This key feature they promoted happened to be self-parking. With a demonstration and these celebrity actors taking control of the screen, it’s easily an advertisement raising awareness of the brand and its new offerings. 

4. TurboTax – All People Are Tax People 

During the height of tax season, TurboTax made sure to highlight the glory of doing taxes with their simple features and guaranteed tax refunds. By showcasing people from all backgrounds, they’re able to do so with catchy music to go along with it.

5. Apple – WFH 

Given that we’re in a global pandemic, many brands have had to pivot their marketing positions. Apple included, they were able to do so in a relatable environment while showing how employees from all different backgrounds are able to use their products. 

6. GEICO – Aunt Infestation 

To continue striving with the use of brand awareness, GEICO is able to keep consistency with their advertisements on various platforms. In fact, they were able to highlight talking about bundling in a new way involving relatable family drama and selling home bundling insurance. 

7. GMC – Horsepower 

In a short 15 second clip, GMC is able to hold command with little sound, bold text, and imagery to announce the arrival of their new car. Showing horses and a car bumper, the company is comparing the car to the horsepower of so many horses. 

8. Michelob ULTRA – Jimmy Works it Out   

With television personality Jimmy Fallon taking center stage, he’s learning to work out with what he’s got available to him. The help of a beer like Michelob Ultra is able to help him along, especially the lighter version that is now available for purchase. 

9. Dr. Squatch – Save Your Skin 

With testimonials and proven to be authentic, this brand of soap is meant to be used for men. The different scents and ingredients put it at the top, and the advertisement makes sure to include those in the top features. 

10. Honey – How Much Can You Save

Someone is able to review Honey and use it to save hundreds of dollars in a short span of time. Since they were advertising on YouTube, they positioned the video like a review, which is what so many YouTubers are currently known for doing on a weekly basis. 

11. Sprint – Get the GS10 

This is part of a brand collaboration. By switching to Sprint, a free phone such as the GS10 is free. Plus, the company is able to share all of its key features in a matter of 15 seconds. A promotion like this one is the company action that is able to get companies to engage. 

12. Starz – Outlander 

Another collaboration and promotion, Starz is attempting to have customers/viewers download the app in order to watch their favorite television shows. They’re able to do this by involving Outlander, which is one the more popular television shows that can be found within the platform. 

13. Quibi – The Stranger 

Similar to Starz, Quibi is another streaming service that is using a show to help bring in more viewers. However, The Stranger is a show that is brand new and is enticing that way. On the other hand, Outlander was a recurring hit. Look to see how these YouTube statistics would help this type of advertisement.  

14. Adidas – Together 

Adidas is reminding its consumer that everyone will eventually return to freezing in the stands together and competing and creating. The brand shows no fear and convinces us that this challenge is something everyone can face together. 

15. Heineken – Socialize Responsibly  

Heineken puts a realistic twist on their new YouTube advertising campaign #SocializeResponsibly. In a clever, yet informative way to show consumers interacting on a night out, they show bar-goers and the different way everyone interacts since the pandemic.  

From wearing masks to turning elbow bumps into the modern handshake, Heineken introduced some normalcy back into our altered daily routine.