15 Brands Advertising on LinkedIn

Even on LinkedIn brands can advertise for multiple reasons, not only to find new business connections and employees. Here, we’ll see how these top 15 brands are advertising on LinkedIn and why it’s proving to be successful. Take a look! 

1. Mercedes-Benz 

If you recently moved up the career ladder, then Mercedes-Benz is targeting you to purchase a new car and reward yourself for a job well done. The campaign successfully targeted these individuals through display targeted ads that included sponsored InMail promotions. 

2. Kate Spade 

This fashion house wanted to target the working women and be a part of their lifestyle. To do so, they marketed their new fashion watch to be a part of the female professional’s busy life.  They were able to achieve high click-through rates and successfully hit the right target on this platform. 

3. Starbucks 

The working world needs coffee to keep on moving and grooving. To keep the momentum going in their stores around the country, the chain is able to thrive off of seasonal promotions to get new and current customers excited to try out new drinks for a limited time.  

4. KLM

If you’re part of a business that does regular trips, then this is an airline that wants you to use them for your next destination. KLM has utilized creative strategies that have been able to help them stand out. For instance, they released a video ad that was made to display a fashion show on a moving walkway. 

The ad even helped to recruit new employees. 

5. Audi 

Through the right use of targeting, Audi was able to reach a buying audience that happened to be within the Middle East. They were able to introduce one of their new cars for the brand and develop engagement and return on investment through their targeting process. 

6. Callaway 

The best business is done on the golf course. This is something that Callway, a golf brand knows all too well. The company promoted its new interactive app with LinkedIn ads by blending the business and joy of golf with new network connections.

They were able to achieve this with display ads, golf discussion groups, and Sponsored InMails.   

7. Holiday Inn 

In an attempt to adapt to the younger generation and digital age, Holiday Inn took up LinkedIn as a platform to target new markets. Instead of coming across as serious too, they also took note to be more comical in their marketing tactics. These were all executed through sponsored updates and display ads. 

8. Adobe 

Adobe is used by all sorts of businesses already, so it makes sense for it to continue marketing strategies through LinkedIn. They were able to successfully display their campaign with not only statistics but also infographics that can all be made with the software features it’s promoting.

9. CBRE 

This is a commercial real estate company that has been running several campaigns on the LinkedIn platform. They decided to focus on the consumer and host a competition that would hopefully spark brand awareness and engagement. 

With the right targeting and imagery, entries increased by 41% over the last year. 

10. IR 

This is an Australian software company that has run many successful Sponsored Content campaigns. They were able to also update their landing pages to be more user-friendly and therefore attract higher conversions.  

11. HubSpot 

On the other hand, HubSpot is another software company that was able to promote itself utilizing text ads and discovering new audiences. In fact, the company was able to see a 60% increase rate all by running these brief, yet thorough text ads. 

12. CA Technologies 

CA Technologies didn’t find success overnight when it came to their marketing strategies. However, once they pivoted, they turned to LinkedIn to run personalized Dynamic Ad campaigns. This helped them to meet a better fit with their customers. 

13. VistaVu 

This is a software management firm that was able to go in a different direction and cater to a more niche segment. They used written content that drew in the reader as well as appealing imagery and formatting, which contributed to the success. 

14. Clever Zebo 

Even a marketing agency can utilize all of the wonderful advertising features on LinkedIn. They were able to do this by using display ads and they narrowed down the targeting by diving deeper into job function, seniority, and company size. The detail and niche marketing elements are what happened to be so successful. 

15. Aspect 

Aspect is a customer service software platform that decided to use LinkedIn to build credibility and awareness. It was able to succeed in this way by utilizing Sponsored Content to reach a greater audience.