15 Brands Advertising on Pinterest in 2021

Pinterest is a bottomless pit of creativity, inspiration, and a way to express yourself or your brand. When the Pinterest advertising platform first launched, several major brands hopped right onto the opportunity. Take a look to see what top brands have already started advertising on Pinterest.  

1. The Container Store 

The Container Store met a platform that is made for them. With their creativity and organization skills, there’s no better advertising platform than Pinterest for this job. This brand succeeds by doing subtle branding by adding a small logo to all of its organizational images. 

Adding logos is one of the easiest to tag your own image and also build brand awareness.  

2. Bustle 

Bustle is a media group that is using social media channels to drive their traffic to the website in order to read and watch their content. Pinterest is no different. They do the same by promoting more feature stories on this feature platform. 

When doing this for your own brand, make sure to be specific in the title to grasp the attention and drive to the website. 

3. Free People 

While Free People is known as a clothing and accessory store, it helps to show followers and potential customers ways to use and style products before they purchase them. Pinterest is able to give them an extra outlet to do just that. 

They’re able to make an eye-catching info-graphic all while supplying a link to help them shop the latest collection in the meantime. 

4. Airbnb 

So many use this platform for travel inspiration, and Airbnb has jumped on Pinterest to help be a part of it. From cozy cabins to in the woods to luxury homes with a view of the beach, this is a company that is verified on the platform and directs their viewers to use them for their next booking as soon as possible. 

It’s one thing to dream and find inspiration for travel and it’s another to make it a reality. 

5. HonestlyWTF 

This is a brand that makes just about everything they post worth the pin and re-pin. They not only share easy pro tips to followers to keep them engaged, but they also do so in such a signature way. For instance, they constantly post an image and use text overlay to make it eye-catching and informative for the viewer. 

6. Chick-fil-A 

This food brand has officially started posting their own recipes to the platform for you to use and enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 

A perfect treat, this adds some personalization to the brand and invites it into the home. If you have a food brand or restaurant you represent, why not bring a few fun and easy recipes to your own followers’ doors?

7. Etsy

Small business owners on Etsy want to be a part of your Pinterest board and personal events. Etsy is able to achieve this in a successful way by utilizing keywords that will most likely resonate with you and what you’re trying to currently achieve. Whether it’s a dream wedding or a living room renovation, Etsy will surely be popping up on your board if you search using relevant keywords.  

8. Fenty Beauty 

If you have a beauty brand, grace the internet with how-tos featuring some of your favorite products. That’s exactly what Rihanna has done with her brand Fenty Beauty. 

However, instead of using pictures, she is doing so with the use of video to be even more engaging with her viewers. This is not only informational, but it also offers more personalization on this type of advertising. 

9. Mejuri 

To demonstrate that this is a brand that is more inclusive, they are advertising in a way that actually brings its customers to the forefront. For instance, when a happy customer posts their Mejuri jewelry styled, then they turn around and use that image of their customer on their brand page for promotion. 

This method keeps the brand not only modern but also more genuine as they put their customers first. 

10. Whole Foods Market 

Even a grocery store has found valuable ways to make a presence on the platform. By showing how-tos, helpful cooking tips, and more, this is a good technique to build brand awareness. It will also help get customers to download the app and visit the store. 

11. Benefit Cosmetics 

Benefit has built its success on consistency. The brand has been able to do this well by using the same imagery, colors, and font style. Even if you don’t use Benefit yourself, you’ll certainly know the brand based on the look it displays over and over again. 

12. Ruggable 

By having a page on Pinterest, Ruggable is able to have a shop feature and be verified by the public in order to have the exposure they need to succeed. A legitimate presence on an extra platform is enough to create brand awareness and convert more sales. 

13. Target 

When it comes to Target, there are so many ways to get creative from shopping at the store. From home living to baking, Target can have a field day with Pinterest in a way that there are so many possibilities to market to so many of the different users

14. Nestle 

Baking season is officially here because it’s winter and a prime time with the holidays. Taking a page out of Chick-fil-a’s book, Nestle can also post different recipes to try all by using their featured ingredients. 

15. Walt Disney Parks

The magic of Disney can also be in your home. Whether it’s also sweet recipes or fun ideas to do with the kids, Walt Disney Parks has the opportunity to bring magic into your home. They can also showcase all of the cool features that reside in their iconic parks.