15 Brands Advertising on SnapChat in 2021

SnapChat has become a huge part of communication and social media over the years. In fact, Instagram has even taken a page out their book with the introduction of “Stories” back in 2016. With several companies now looking and utilizing the advertising sector of the platform, let’s take a look into what top brands are officially using SnapChat as a campaign resource. 

1. Exxon Mobil 

This is a brand that has actually spent the majority of their ad budget on SnapChat. Believe it or not, advertisers for Exxon Mobil actually spent right under $100 million in advertising resources such as national television, digital and print. 

Since the company launched at least ten new products within a year, an abundance of advertising was certainly due. 

2. The Walt Disney Company 

The Walt Disney Company also spent over $100 million in advertising in the span of a year. In general, it was able to heavily invest in both digital and print ads on over 250 different media properties. SnapChat was most certainly included in the mix. They followed in the footsteps of Exxon Mobil. However, instead of launching only ten new products, the company actually released a whopping number of 192. 

3. Lyft 

Lyft is known to be the third largest advertiser on the SnapChat platform. Although this company also spent around $100 million in ad dollars, only three new products were launched and advertised. 

4. Pepsico 

Pepsico finally broke the “under $100 million” habit and spent just slightly over that amount. They are also known to be quite a large advertiser on the SnapChat platform. Within one year, the food and beverage company announced and advertised a total of 22 new products within a year. 

5. State Farm 

Moving on down the line, State Farm is an insurance company that prides itself on comedic marketing and advertising tactics. With a younger demographic on this particular platform, this type of advertising does well on SnapChat. The entire company was able to launch and advertise 64 new products, which is huge for any type of insurance-based company. 

6. McDonald’s Corporation 

America’s fast food go-to is known to be the fourth largest advertiser on the platform. They were able to spend right under $100 million in multiple advertising departments such as digital, print and national television. In only a year, four new products were launched as a result. 

7. Sony Corporation 

After launching and advertising a total of 115 new products in a year, Sony is a company that is slated as number seven in top advertising on SnapChat. The brand aids consumers in products such as professional electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services. 

8. MagiQuiz 

This is a viral quiz service site that features unique quizzes to millions of users every single month. On digital alone, this company spent right under $100 million. No premium ads have been invested. What’s interesting though is that the last new product to launch was actually in February 2016. 

9. Sour Patch Kids 

These popular sour candies are something that many crave upon entering the sweets aisle in the local grocery store. To match the lightheartedness of the SnapChat platform, it’s using advertising to build a buzz in a more comedic way. In one of their viral campaigns, it gained over 120,000 new SnapChat followers. 

10. FeatSocks 

Sock brands can also be advertising wizards and utilize SnapChat. With special promotions and interaction efforts, FeatSocks is not shy when it comes to direct advertising engagement. To measure their success, the company counted the number of screenshots each time they advertised a promotion on the platform. 

11. Taco Bell 

Believe it or not, Taco Bell was one of the first to start utilizing SnapChat. The company always seems to utilize the platform each time they need to launch a new food item such as a crunchy burrito or frozen beverage. 

To keep it interesting, Taco Bell is also known to feature relatable tips and tricks such as picking up a date for Valentine’s Day. It’s not only trying to sell more meals, but also become more playfully immersed in the lives of their customers. 

12. Mashable 

Since SnapChat also allows digital publications on the platform, Mashable is using the unique resource to publish top relatable reports. The information has ranged from following a huge snowstorm in NYC to covering SXSW down in Texas. No matter where you are in the country, Mashable’s positioning on the platform won’t let you miss out so easily.  

13. Amazon 

Amazon is everywhere, and SnapChat is no exception. In fact, during Black Friday users saw the company advertising their online deals in full force. From $1 deals to tech exclusives, this major e-commerce retailer is all about promotional advertising during the holidays season.  

14. Acura 

A division of Honda, this car line was constantly seen on SnapChat teasing its new models for users to get excited. Acura rewarded new SnapChat followers with teaser clips in order to increase exposure and reach of their brand and new product launches. 

15. Birchbox 

This is a makeup brand that set out to showcase real women going from all natural to glam by using their Birchbox subscription. The brand was able to also create informative value by teaching followers on the platform key makeup application tips.