Snapchat Advertising: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

When it comes to Snapchat, the platform is constantly battling with Instagram for superior features. This also happens to include the ads that come with it. 

However, when we look into Snapchat ads, we’ll take a deeper dive into how the ads function, and what features will most benefit the brand or company that you represent. The platform has come a long way with constant updates and bug fixes. Discover how that’ll best benefit you.  

Let’s take a look! 

How Do Snapchat Ads Work? 

There are actually two main ideas for Snapchat ads to consider when advertising your business. When deciding to use the platform, these are the concepts to utilize. Take a look at a deeper analysis of the two. 

Attachment Ads: These are used for a direct response from consumers and to create overall brand awareness. They all use moving creatives that incorporate videos and GIFs. Attachment ads can be found between user stories. They also only play for up to a total of 10 seconds. 

While they are skippable, they also include internal links that users are able to click and interact with. 

Filter Ads: On the other hand, filter ads are sponsored and used as a form of decoration on photos and videos. Unlike normal filters, the brand or company is responsible for creating branded filters. They are also responsible for paying Snapchat for uploading the filter for use. 

These Are the Different Types of Snapchat Ads 

Now that we’ve looked into the two different ad concepts, let’s look at the other ad types that fit under the umbrella ideations. Follow along! 

Web View: You have the ability to attach the brand’s website to the ad. When the ad does appear, there will be a swipe up on the CTA to visit the website and make purchases without leaving the app. 

Article: Promote the article or blog section of your website by using this ad format. This featured type gives you the ability to include text, autoplay in-line videos, and GIFs within the ad. 

After the ad is live for users to see, it will appear under Snapchat’s Discover section. 

App Install: This will help you generate more app installations for your brand. There will be a CTA while your ad plays to have your brand’s app installed. Best of all, the user doesn’t have to leave Snapchat, so there’s no real interruption. 

Long-Form Video: If you want to promote television ads, movie trailers, or behind-the-scenes footage, then this type of advertisement is for you. This ad will play for 10 seconds and then promote a CTA to finish playing the entire video on your brand’s website. 

Sponsored Geofilters: Have an ad appear at a certain location for a specific demographic. There are several different events you can choose to have this done such as these: 

  • They’ll appear at the location at your event 
  • Shared geo-filters will show up in shared spaces at an airport 
  • Chain geo-filters will be in physical stores 
  • National geo-filters will be in the location of your choice  

Sponsored Lenses:  These fun lenses will alter a user’s face. They’re a great way to engage engagement. 

How Do You Advertise on Snapchat? 

Now that you know the different ad concepts and types available, follow these five easy steps to create a Snapchat ad campaign. 

  1. Choose an objective for your campaign 
  2. Select the audience, budget, and schedule of your ad set 
  3. Choose an ad type in order to upload your creative materials 
  4. Run the campaigns 
  5. Monitor, optimize, and report the outcome 

These Are Advertising Best Practices 

When taking part in the steps mentioned above for Snapchat advertising, the below are the best practices to include along with your campaigns.  

Persuade: Not only are Snapchat ads built to persuade users to purchase your brand’s products, but they’re also meant for you to include persuasive material in the ad itself. 

Draw Attention: Make it known to the user that you are talking about great products. This can be illustrated with the colors, fonts, and overall sound and language used in the video. 

Engage: There’s a huge swipe-up rate associated with this platform’s advertisements. Include CTAs to invite more users to engage with the content. 

Utilize Sound: By using sound on top of visuals, it’s instantly more engaging and helps a user retain more information from the ad. The ad in its entirety is more memorable. 

Our Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve looked into the various features of Snapchat from an advertiser’s perspective, you can better understand the different opportunities to take when it comes to developing the different advertising strategies. 

Let us know how you plan on utilizing the platform, and how you think the different features will benefit your brand or company, unlike other advertising mediums.