LinkedIn Advertising: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

LinkedIn is a major networking website that connects businesses and people trying to find new jobs. With LinkedIn advertising we’ll examine how advertising differs on this platform, and discuss key steps needed to posting a successful advertising campaign. 

Follow along to find out everything you need to know about LinkedIn advertising as we get closer to 2021. 

Advertise in Five Simple Steps

This list shows how you can advertise on the LinkedIn platform in five simple steps:

  1. Set up your ultimate objective for the ad 
  2. Select who you’re going to target 
  3. Position your ad format 
  4. Select your budget and ad schedule 
  5. Measure and optimize your campaign 

When you follow the above steps, your business has an opportunity to begin new careers and create work connections. Also, keep the targeting of your advertising in mind. This is an important step that revolves around finding the right people for your advertising needs. They include the following:

  • Company connections 
  • Company followers 
  • Industries 
  • Names 
  • Size 
  • Demographic 
  • Education 
  • Job experience 
  • Function or skills 
  • Interests 
  • Titles or promotions  

What Are the Ad Types? 

Now that we know how to create a successful LinkedIn advertisement, let’s examine what type of advertisements are available on the platform. The following showcases how advertising can raise exposure and return on investments by adhering to the specific needs of the target audience. 

Sponsored Content: These ads appear native to the platform. They are meant to boost posts from your company’s feed to obtain more reach. All you need to create this post is a headline, image, and link to sponsor all within the ads manager. 

There are also carousel ads, video ads, and lead generation ads.  

Text Ads: These will resemble ads found on Google or Bing. Text ads are designed for pay-per-click or impressions, and on the sidebar of the platform. All that’s needed for this type of advertisement is a text block for a headline and the company logo. 

Sponsored InMail: What often happens is that users will log in to their account and find mail or messages that will most likely be sponsored by advertisers representing a company. Marketers will have the ability to make lists of contacts and then will submit personalized messages. Plus all marketers or advertisers are in control of their own content wording.   

Programmatic Display Ads: This is a type of advertisement for those attempting to advertise from business to business. With itrs programming aspect, you’ll target the largest and most relevant audiences. 

Dynamic Ads: This is the most personalized form of advertising on the platform. Advertisers can do the following with this ad option:

  • Promote job postings 
  • Promote content downloads 
  • Showcase the company page 
  • Drive traffic to the website using spotlight ads 
  • Use template options 
  • Take part in auto-translation 

All these ad options give the unique ability to advertise in a specific way. Let us know which ones you plan on using for your advertising campaigns.  

How Much Do the Ads Cost? 

Now that we’ve gone through the different types of ads, we’ll look into the cost. Most of the costs will vary depending on bids and budgets. This is determined by your business goals. 

The following are daily minimums users must follow on the platform:

  • There is a $10 daily budget per campaign 
  • There is a $10 total budget per campaign (Plus an optional feature for sponsored content)
  • There is a $2 bid for CPC, CPM, and text ad campaigns 

Our Final Thoughts 

While this platform is an important aspect of job industries and networking functions, the advertising behind it only adds to this aspect. In fact, advertising on LinkedIn is a major component in finding new employment and new employees to join an ever-changing market. 

By following the above steps to create a campaign, you can generate success from your advertisements.