15 Brands Advertising on Quora in 2021

When it comes to advertising on Quora, there is a wealth of knowledge that is created by the users themselves after others post their questions. Some brands are able to realize and tap into this, and so many of them have partnered with the platform to launch Quora ads.

From shopping help to bringing you the news from a media outlet, take a look to see which brands are happily advertising on Quora.  If you’re interested in hiring a Quora ads agency, we’ve got you covered. 

1. CapitalOne Shopping 

CapitalOne is trying to give Amazon a run for their money as they promote shopping for the holidays. Since both of the major companies have credit cards, it’s a battle to have customers use theirs while they do most of their holiday shopping. After all, it’s most likely the one time of year where shoppers spend the most amount of money. 

2. Eat Goodfish inc. 

Quora is also a good spot for food to pop up for advertising. Eat Goodfish inc. certainly has popped up a number of times. This brand positions itself in a way that makes it seem healthier than the average snack. In fact, it had their food compared to the potato chip with an explanation for why eating fish is healthier for you. 

3. DataCamp

DataCamp is targeting individuals that are looking for a way to improve in their career field. From learning Python and other data science, this is the company that has you secured. This is also a great platform to advertise on, especially since Quora is a platform where so many are striving to learn more answers. 

4. History Daily 

Quora is also a hub for information about history. Whether it’s World War II or ancient Egypt, there’s a lot to be discovered. History Daily is able to tap into this with its own advertisements that blend into the other historical posts that are found on the page. 

5. Bloomberg News

Since Quora is a wealth of news, Bloomberg is advertising that it can do the same with sponsored posts that are promoted on the home page of Quora. The features that are found on that page then have links to take the user back to Bloomberg News. 

6. TruthFinder 

When logging onto Quora, users want to find answers. They want to find the truth. A company that specializes in truth-finding such as TruthFinder realized that this could be the reason they stand out to users on this platform. With a sponsored ad placement, it’s a perfect combination.  

7. Credit Secrets 

Credit Secrets found its place on Quora as well. This is a platform that caters to a ton of life hacks, and giving the best credit score to yourself could very well be one of them. In their text ad, they’re an advertisement that is sandwiched between other user-generated posts. 

8. Galvanize

Similar to other learning centers, Galvanize is attempting to get a piece of the pie by also offering classes. Accompanying a college search on Quora, it’s an online class center that offers classes for data science and software engineering. 

9. Segment 

Manage your own customers with a customer data platform that will help your business keep everything on track. There are businesses that take to Quora in order to retrieve information for their own custom analysis. 

10. BHMD Crepe 

Medical companies such as this one also realize that there is a large opportunity on Quora. They happen to specialize in erasing wrinkles on the body. The company used an ad that was sponsored and appeared discreetly under a search, which didn’t look like an advertisement at first. 

11. Tableau Software 

This is another software company that is aiding users on Quora. Users who have witnessed Tableau Software as a sponsored post will be taken to the website in order to take part in realizing, analyzing, and visualizing the data that you have collected. 

12. Grammarly 

Grammarly has always had a large online advertising presence. With there being a large diverse group of users on Quora, it makes sense for this company to select targets and use display ads for their benefit. 

13. Gundry MD 

For those who are into health and wellness supplements, then this advertisement may have appeared to you. Gundry MD is all about promoting wellness products for your everyday living. This ad shows up as promoted under manual searches.  

14. GradSchools.com 

Under college posts, this website may be one step further than you are as they promote the possibility of grad schools. This is a great way of advertising as it helps to predict your target’s next step. 

15. Hoover 

Hoover is a cleaning company that has also found its niche on the platform. In fact, there are several niche marketing opportunities on Quora, which is why so many diverse businesses like Hoover are able to advertise on this platform.